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  • Atomic Theory - 703 words
    Atomic Theory Chemistry: A Brief History of Atomic Theory February 28, 1999 In the beginning of the 1800s John Dalton, an English scientist did work some work on gases, which lead him to the creation of a complex system of symbols for all known elements at the time. He took all the information he had collected, along with the Laws of Conservation of Mass, Definite Composition and Multiple Proportions and updated Aristotle's theory of matter with the Atomic Theory of Matter, which stated: - All matter is composed of tiny, indivisible particles called atoms. - Atoms of an element have identical properties. - Atoms of different elements have different properties. - Atoms of two or more elements ...
    Related: atomic, atomic number, mathematical theory, quantum theory, visible spectrum
  • Gentic Engineering - 2,224 words
    GENTIC ENGINEERING Abstract This paper sets out to defend human genetic engineering with a new bioethical approach, post-humanism, combined with a radical democratic political framework. Arguments for the restriction of human genetic engineering, and specifically germ-line enhancement, are reviewed. Arguments are divided into those which are fundamental matters of faith, or "bio-Luddite" arguments, and those which can be addressed through public policy, or "gene-angst" arguments. The four bio-Luddite concerns addressed are: Medicine Makes People Sick; There are Sacred Limits of the Natural Order; Technologies Always Serve Ruling Interests; The Genome is Too Complicated to Engineer. I argue t ...
    Related: engineering, genetic engineering, authoritarian state, democratic state, diversification
  • Rotator Cuff - 1,043 words
    Rotator Cuff It is often difficult to tell where concepts actually begin. It is certainly not obvious who first used the term rotator or musculotendinous cuff. Credit for first describing ruptures of this structure is often given to J. G. Smith, who in 1834 described the occurrence of tendon ruptures after shoulder injury in the London Medical Gazette. (Smith, 1834) In 1924 Meyer published his attrition theory of cuff ruptures. (Meyer, 1924) In his 1934 classic monograph, Codman summarized his 25 years of observations on the musculotendinous cuff and its components and discussed ruptures of the supraspinatus tendon. (Codman, 1934b) Beginning 10 years after the publication of Codman's book an ...
    Related: early history, general description, important role, arthritis, apparently
  • Rotator Cuff - 1,023 words
    ... zed that the supraspinatus insertion to the greater tuberosity and the bicipital groove lie anterior to the coracoacromial arch with the shoulder in the neutral position and that with forward flexion of the shoulder these structures must pass beneath the arch, providing the opportunity for abrasion. He suggested a continuum from chronic bursitis and partial tears to complete tears of the supraspinatus tendon, which may extend to involve rupture of other parts of the cuff. He pointed out that the physical examination and plain radiographic findings were not reliable in differentiating chronic bursitis and partial tears from complete tears. Importantly, he emphasized that patients with par ...
    Related: rheumatoid arthritis, different stages, more prone, hammond, diamond
  • The Bundren Family - 3,512 words
    The Bundren Family Addie Bundren - As the matriarch of the Bundren family, Addie is the absent protagonist of the novel. A former schoolteacher, she married Anse Bundren after a brief courtship and bore him four children: Cash, Darl, Dewey Dell and Vardaman. As the result of an affair with Whitfield, Addie is also mother to an illegitimate child, Jewel. At the outset of the novel, Addie is gravely ill, and dies soon thereafter. Her dying wish to be buried with her relatives in Jefferson, the capital of Yoknapatawpha County, provides the impetus for the novel's action. Anse Bundren - Anse, the patriarch of the Bundren family, is a poor farmer who feels duty-bound to honor his late wife's buri ...
    Related: addie bundren, dying patient, doctor who, death comes, streak
  • Tolkien: Historian Of Middleearth - 1,549 words
    Tolkien: Historian Of Middle-Earth John Ronald Reuel Tolkien is remembered for his imaginative writings and the lasting creation of Middle-earth world. However, he was also a great scholar and linguist, holding the position of the Rawlingson and Bosworth Professor of Anglo-Saxon at Oxford University. His writings owe much of its power to his ocean of knowledge about European languages and a deep understanding and appreciation of the art of storytelling and myths. His books have been translated into twenty-four languages and many millions of copies have been sold worldwide (Tolkien, John Ronald Reuel). Tolkien was born in the Orange Free State, in what is now South Africa, on January 3, 1892. ...
    Related: historian, south africa, lord of the rings, anglo saxon, planet
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