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  • The Four Arts Of Freedom - 897 words
    The Four Arts Of Freedom The Four Arts of Freedom In Wayne C. Booths essay Whats Supposed to Be Going on Here? he directly challenges what we consider to be a liberal education and proposes a solution based on revamping the three rs. This long-winded look at the mental ignorance of people today offers several interesting insights, as well as Booths critique of his own proposed solution. Although he admits to having a flawed solution, he does not believe any of the flaws would overthrow his general argument. Booth begins by stating that what we term as liberal education is actually quite the opposite. He implies that while we are being educated to eradicate ignorance, we are in fact becoming ...
    Related: arts, liberal education, more harm, middle class, fairly
  • The Low Down On Caffiene - 1,442 words
    ... out that caffeine maybe a potential drug of abuse. Drug abuse is, in general terms, the use of an illicit substance. Its when one craves for something so bad that they will do anything to get. They are hooked on something for the effects. The reason that they want more is because they receive withdrawal symptoms (Kids Walmer). Abrupt withdrawal of caffeine may cause headaches, drowsiness, irritability, nausea, vomiting, and other symptoms. Reduce caffeine intake will gradually to prevent any symptoms of withdrawal (Kids Walmar). In pioneering a study about withdrawal symptoms, Dreisbach and Pfeiffer (1943) observed that caffeine relieved headache withdrawal. People started relieving hea ...
    Related: health care, special cases, drug abuse, hypotheses, investigation
  • The Point Of Pornography On The - 1,488 words
    ... The Point of Pornography on the Internet Why is the Internet so enticing for pedophiles? " Its created easily accessible stimulation for child molesters. Anybody can download pictures in complete anonymity. They do not have to make any kind of human contact" (Trebilcock 102). There may be definitions to describe pornography, but they do not truly examine the destruction, degradation, and the pathetic nature of the concept. The word pornography is more destructive than one might believe. It would fit perfectly into Sonia Maasik and Jack Solomons essay entitles "Cheap Thrills". The essay talks about the influencing images of music, video and television. The computer is becoming more and m ...
    Related: child pornography, internet pornography, pornography, york harper, sexual abuse
  • The Shocking Fall Of Communism In Eastern And Central Europe In - 1,731 words
    The shocking fall of communism in Eastern and Central Europe in the late eighties was remarkable for both its rapidity and its scope. The specifics of communism's demise varied among nations, but similarities in both the causes and the effects of these revolutions were quite similar. As well, all of the nations involved shared the common goals of implementing democratic systems of government and moving to market economies. In each of these nations, the communist regimes in power were forced to transfer that power to radically different institutions than they were accustomed to. Democracy had been spreading throughout the world for the preceding two decades, but with a very important differen ...
    Related: central europe, communism, eastern, eastern europe, eastern european, shocking
  • Title Of Paper : The Cages Of Maya Angelou - 937 words
    Title of Paper : The Cages Of Maya Angelou Grade Received on Report : 85 The Cages Of Maya Angelou Maya Angelou wrote an amazing and entertaining autobiography titled I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, about her hard life growing up as a black girl from the South. Among the hardships are things known as "cages" as stated as a metaphor from Paul Dunbars poem "Sympathy." "Cages" are things that keep people from succeeding in life and being everything they want to be. Some of Maya Angelous cages include being black in the 1940s and her overbearing grandmother. For me a my major "cage" is my young age, this causes problems with adults. A major "cage" from Maya Angelous youth was that she was black ...
    Related: angelou, angelou maya, maya, caged bird sings, black girl
  • Welfare War - 1,413 words
    Welfare War The United States of America... the land of the free and the home of the tax-stricken. The country that is known as "the last superpower in the world" that developed the deadliest weapon on earth, sent the first person to the moon, and was the birthplace of the most powerful man in the world, Bill Gates, has forty million people (which include ten million children) without basic healthcare coverage. (Packet, pg.58) Although this "supernation" boasts of the "American dream," where the poor become rich overnight, the typical American citizen does not have a "super" lifestyle. Based on the average income of Americans, "one in every five U.S. nonelderly households are poor, one in fo ...
    Related: social welfare, welfare, welfare programs, welfare reform, welfare state, welfare system
  • Wilderness Ethics - 418 words
    Wilderness Ethics Lavar McCullough February 11, 2000 Essay #2 Wilderness Ethics Wildlife can be found all over the world. Animals come in all shapes and sizes and some still havent even been accounted for. Animals were on this planet long before man, but they may not be here when man leaves. The animals downfall results from the extensive studying, exploitation, and the destruction of their habitats, which should be against the law. There is a lot of information that can still be learned about certain species of animals. This information is good, only if it furthers human knowledge and the animals well being. Studies done on animals involve clinical research. Taking an animal out of the wild ...
    Related: ethics, wilderness, more harm, human knowledge, altering
  • Wrong Medicine For Asia - 1,288 words
    Wrong Medicine For Asia The Wrong Medicine for Asia By JEFFREY D. SACHS CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- In a matter of just a few months, the Asian economies went from being the darlings of the investment community to being virtual pariahs. There was a touch of the absurd in the unfolding drama, as international money managers harshly castigated the very same Asian governments they were praising just months before. The International Monetary Fund has just announced a second bailout package for the region, about $20 billion for Indonesia. That should, in principal, boost confidence. But if it is tied to orthodox financial conditions, including budget cuts and sharply higher interest rates, the package co ...
    Related: asia, medicine, southeast asia, asian countries, long term growth
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