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  • Clarence Thomas - 1,295 words
    Clarence Thomas Although I will say that this isnt the most detailed paper it can save you come research time! Clarence Thomas is a Supreme Court Justice, who has been under criticism since the day that he was appointed. Thomas has been chastised for his views on Affirmative Action and his views on African-Americans evolution into the mainstream of our society. Chief Justice Thomas, since his appointment has been marked as a far right conservative. In the beginning of his tenure he was labeled as Chief Justice Scalias, second vote. Since then Thomas has removed himself from this shadow to show insight on his own conservative ideas. Clarence Thomas was born on June 23, 1948 in Pin Point, Geor ...
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  • Effects Of Genetic Engineering On Agriculture - 1,696 words
    Effects Of Genetic Engineering On Agriculture The Effects of Genetic Engineering on Agriculture Agribiotechnology is the study of making altered agricultural products. Agribusiness is trying to alter the genes of already existing products to try to enhance the biocompetitiveness and adaptability of crops by enhancing plant resistance to drought, salinity, disease, pests and herbicides. They are going to try to enhance their growth, productivity, nutrient value, and chemical composition. The old way of doing this was through selective breeding, special fertilizer, and hormones. This seems now somewhat outdated with todays technology. Genetic engineering comes with many downfalls. Increased pr ...
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  • Genetic Engineered Foodss - 1,076 words
    Genetic Engineered Foodss Alex Ruiz Per.6 11/22/00 Genetic Engineered Foods Genetic Engineered Foods are too controversial and unstable to be consumed by the general public. Great deals of scientists have very opposite opinions about Genetic Engineered Foods (GE). Genetically altering foods is the process of modifying crops by using new bio-technological methods. There are two specific types of gene altering techniques. GE foods have many negative effects on the human race. The environment is also being negatively effected by GE foods. American restaurants and groceries are carrying GE foods with most of the customers not knowing. Most Americans are not aware of the Genetic Engineered Foods ...
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  • Science - 489 words
    Science Period 1 Radishes Respond to music Phillip Chiu, Period 1 Introduction The question I will be addressing is "Does music affect radish growth?" This seemed like a good idea to research and experiment on because I wanted to know if a plant could really "hear" or if vibrations through the air, which is sound, really affects the growth of the plant. I will be testing this using different types of music including rock, jazz, and classical music. The radish (raphanus sativus), a root crops which is very easy to grow. Radishes are cold hardy but cannot withstand heat. In the South, they grow in the fall through spring, and in the North, they grow well in the spring or fall. Some interesting ...
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