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  • Defoe Moll Flanders - 736 words
    Defoe Moll Flanders J Johnson English Novel to 1832 7/10/00 Moll Flanders: Freedom or Fate In New Hampshire I had a Philosophy teacher that used to say, and I believe he was quoting another, People who believe in freewill are ignorant of the reasons of their actions. This quote, in the context of Defoes Moll Flanders, brings about a multitude of questions and discussion. Was Flanders free or was she predetermined to live a wicked and improper life mired in years of penitence? Was the fact that her mother a whore before her enough to dismiss the question? It is, in fact, these questions that persuaded me to abandon my philosophy major and follow my love of literature, but that is a different ...
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  • Moll Flanders By Daniel Defoe - 1,396 words
    Moll Flanders By Daniel Defoe Moll Flanders is a story about the fall and rise of a beautiful woman who was born in Newgate Prison. Her mother was saved from the gallows because "she pleaded her belly", and soon after Moll was born, her mother was shipped to the clonies to work out her sentence. Left behind, Moll was raised for three years with a band of traveling gypsies. Moll worked her way out of that, disgusted that England didn't have orphanages, and she was allowed to live with a "nurse." At a young age she decided she didn't want to be a servant, but a gentlewoman. Her defination of a gentlewoman was a woman who worked and supported herself, not, in fact, a wealthy woman. Moll's nurse ...
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  • Daniel Defoe - 1,033 words
    Daniel Defoe Daniel Defoe's acclaimed novel, Robinson Crusoe, is not only a great adventurous novel, but an amazing reflection of Defoe's moral beliefs, personal experiences, and political battles with the English monarchy. Throughout the course of this novel, references to defoe's own experiences come up again and again. In addition to these numerous references, the general story line of Robinson Crusoe tells a similar story to that of Defoe's actual life; slightly reminiscent of the prodigal son theme. Daniel Defoe used realism to enhance his novel. While many critics agree with this statement, some think that he should have been more accurate with his realism. Critics also found the book ...
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  • Love And Marriage In 18th Century - 1,544 words
    Love And Marriage In 18th Century Our aim in this paper will be to analyze and discuss the different ways in which love and marriage were dealt with during the eighteenth century and to what extent these two terms were linked together or considered as opposite. To accomplish this matter we are going to focus our attention on several works that are representative from this period and that reflect in an accurate way the social mores and more specifically, marriage conventions and romantic love. Throughout this discussion we will be emphasizing the idea that marriage is represented in these works as an institution completely detached from love and that it pursues more than anything else economi ...
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  • Love And Marriage In 18th Century - 1,555 words
    ... extramarital relations. She Stoops to Conquer sets this example on the figures of Hastings and Neville. The young lovers are truly in love although they are still conditioned by money in a way. They have to hide their love from Mrs. Hardcastle, as she is the proprietor of Nevilles jewels, and to obtain her wealth, Constance must marry whomever Mrs. Hardcastle pleases, unless the man refuses. To keep the money in the family Mrs. Hardcastle wishes for Neville to marry her son Tony. However, the lovers proclaim several times their love disregarding money. During a conversation that both hold, Miss Neville states she would rather marry him once she owns all her jewels so that they can secure ...
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  • Moll - 1,121 words
    Moll Flanders By Daniel Defoe Moll Flanders: A woman in the 17th century who was born in Newgate ( a prison) and spent twelve years as a whore, twelve years as a thief, was married five times, committed incest, was sentenced to death, but given a reprieve, and was transported to Virginia were she finally prospered. As a child Moll was raved upon for her beauty and her ability to carry herself even as a orphan. Even as she got older her great beauty remained as well as her shape. She had the character of a very calm, modest, and virtuous young woman. Moll was a very strong-willed woman. Through out her life, the good times and the bad, she never gave up. She was determined to have all that sh ...
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  • Moll - 1,137 words
    ... oo. The knowledge distresses Moll because she has had two children by this husband who is actually her brother. She does not know if she should tell her husband that he is actually her brother. She decides to confront their mother and they discuss what action would be taken. Moll decides to go back to England. Moll's mother helps her by financing the trip. back to England. Once Moll arrived in England, she traveled to Bath and set up residence there. She met a gentleman with whom she became good friends. He was married to a woman who was mentally ill. They remained good friends for a long time. This man became very ill and Moll provided care for him during the illness. Once he recovered, ...
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