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  • A Vogadro Was Born On June 9, 1776 In Turin, Italy He Began His Career In 1796 By Obtaining A Doctorate In Law And Practicing - 596 words
    A vogadro was born on June 9, 1776 in Turin, Italy. He began his career in 1796 by obtaining a doctorate in law and practicing as a lawyer for three years after. In 1800, he began to take private lessons in mathematics and physics and decided to make the natural sciences his profession. He was appointed as a demonstrator at the Academy of Turin in1806 and the Professor of Natural Philosophy at the College of Vercelli in 1809, and in 1820, he was appointed the professor of mathematical physics. He was a physics professor but he also experimented in chemistry using mathematics to base most of his findings. Avogadro is well known for his hypothesis known as Avogadro's Law. His law states that a ...
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  • Andy Warhol Bio - 1,791 words
    ... money. He also got the reputation as a workaholic. Pearlstine said that Andy was "a workaholic who sat at a table and worked all day and often late at night. He would do several versions of each assignment, showing all art dealers loved him for that." (Bekris, 53) These were the golden years for art designers and magazine publishers, which attracted some of the most desirable graphic designers. In 1963 Andy moved into a flat at 231 East 47th street. (Bekris, 141) This location would later be known as the "Factory". Andy did most of his recognized art here. He was said to be like a machine. A quote from the artist. "The reason Im painting this very way is because I want to be a machine." ...
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  • As I Stand Near The Drivers Door, I Begin To Notice The True Beauty Of A - 905 words
    As I stand near the drivers door, I begin to notice the true beauty of a Lambourghini. All of the little features that you never really notice suddenly appear out of the blue and astound me. Every little nook and cranny is noticeable, as if I was looking through a magnifying glass. It is truly beautiful. I am about two to three feet away from the door due to the experience of having one of the doors swing upward and knock me out cold. The window is open. The car is a spotless white pearl color with a black trim. I can see that the single windshield wipers are a little upward from their usual off position, as if it were raining earlier. OK, so I forgot to shut them off. The plush cherry red i ...
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  • Bell Jar By Sylvia Plath Evaluation - 1,967 words
    Bell Jar By Sylvia Plath Evaluation Integrated into the story of The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath is a "case history" of a depression patient, from it's subtle beginnings to it's terrifying consequences to it's shaky resolution. On the subject of this depression, there is an article written by William Styron which, in the course of describing his own dealings with the disease, he compares it to cancer. It is my own firm opinion that this assertion is perfectly valid, and it can be shown through careful analysis of the causes and effects of both depression and cancer that this is so. In addition, using The Bell Jar as an example of a case of depression, we will see how this comparison makes clear ...
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  • Bio Outline - 2,398 words
    Bio Outline BIOLOGY 220 OUTLINE SECTION II Text: Essential Cell Biology I. Opening Comments (Chapter 3) A. Life creates order out of disorder through a never-ending series of chemical reactions B. This is Metabolism and the ability to Metabolize C. Most of the chemical reactions required by the cell would not occur at physiological conditions D. Control of these reactions is achieved by specialized protein, ENZYMES. II. Basic Principles of Energy A. Energy - Basics Principles 1. Define Energy - ability to do work 2. Define Work - the ability to change the way matter is arranged 3. Define Kinetic Energy 4. Define Potential energy - energy of position 5. FIRST LAW of THERMODYNAMICS Energy can ...
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  • Bio Outline - 2,483 words
    ... lecule of glucose requires (1) 18 ATP 7.3 kcal/mole x 18 = 131.4 kcal (2) 12 NADPH 53 kcal/mole x 12 = 636 kcal (a) Note 53 kcal/mole - ref: Campbell pg. 178 for NADH to O2 H2 O (3) Takes 767.4 kcal to make 1 molecule of glucose (686 kcal) (a) 686/767.4 = 89% efficiency. F. PHOTORESPIRATION (Use Study Sheet) 1. Rubisco prefers O2 to CO2 2. If rubisco binds O2 a. Process uses 6 additional ATP b. Regenerates RuBP c. Produces a 2-C compound (instead of 3-C) d. This compound is sent to peroxisome and mitochondrion (1) converted to Glycerate (3C) (2) transported back to chloroplast (3) Uses ATP to convert to 3-PGAL 3. NET LOSS OF ENERGY 4. Some plants waste as much as 50% of the energy they ...
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  • Chemistry Notes - 1,462 words
    Related: chemistry, notes, carbon dioxide, acid, sodium
  • Combustion Carbon Dioxide - 1,146 words
    COMBUSTIOn & carbon Dioxide Research By Rabon Hutcherson II. Combustion and carbon dioxide, what are they? When people think of combustion they probably think of simple just bursting into flames; and for carbon dioxide you probably think of what we breath out and what plants take from the air and turn to oxygen. Even though these thoughts are true there is much more to combustion and carbon dioxide. Things you might not think of about combustion are, mathematical equations, models, solutions and chemical reactions, and for carbon dioxide dry ice, combustion and it being a solid. All of these factors you may not have known are now here for you to see. One of the things that has lead the way f ...
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  • Even Elephants Are Afraid Of Mice A Creative Essay - 786 words
    Even Elephants are Afraid of Mice - A Creative Essay Ping! The sonar continued its never ending beat. Waves of powerful but invisible sound pounded the black ocean waters in a futile attempt to hear the enemy. A propeller, a turbine or even a cough were all that they needed to catch the mouse. A whisper of sound and the chase would begin. The mouse was no fool. It would not let out so much as a squeak to give the cat the thrill of the hunt. It would bide its time in the shadows of the deep blue grotto until the cat succumbed to boredom and left it well enough alone. "They're still out there, aren't they?" said the man quietly. His voice was deep and ominous, but he dared not allow the fear g ...
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  • Exergonic - 386 words
    Exergonic Reactions Explain what is meant by "coupled reactions" and describe how exergonic reactions can be used to push or pull endergonic reactions in order to get them to proceed. Glycolysis is the breakdown of glucose to pyruvic acid, and there are nine intermeddaite products formed, and each one catalyzed by an enzyme.Glycolysis has two key functions: It generate some ATP from the free energy available from the rearrangement of the atoms in monosacharides (particularly glucose). It also partially breaks down glucose and provides a starting point for the complete oxidation of glucose by another pathway to carbon dioxide and water with the generation of much ATP. Glycolysis is a perfect ...
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  • Hamlets Hamartia - 848 words
    Hamlet's Hamartia Hamlet's Hamartia Hamlet is the most written about tragedy in the history of man. But, why is it a tragedy? Is it because Hamlet has a tragic flaw that creates his downfall? Or is it that all the cards are stacked against him since the beginning of the play and there is no way he can prevail? I believe that it is a tragedy because of Hamlet's tragic flaw. Hamlet's tragic flaw is that he cannot act on impulse for things that require quick, decisive behavior, and that he acts on impulse for things that require more contemplation than is given by him. Hamlet speaks of his father's tragic flaw that ultimately led him to his death, but it applies equally well to himself: So, oft ...
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  • Heart Of The Wood - 943 words
    Heart Of The Wood The mole reached his porch by late afternoon. The door was neatly built into the hollow of an old tree, with double steps fitted into the thick roots, upon which new fallen leaves lay in all shades of green. He swept them away with his foot and turned the key. The entrance hall was round and wide, rising twenty feet to a second hollow. Warm sunlight shone through this window, dusky rays of soft gold. For a moment he saw her there, gliding in, downy wings of purest white. He sighed and turned to a wide stairwell, spiraling into the earth. Down he stepped, down and round, lighting lamps with a taper as he went. Flame by flame the underground mansion slowly emerged from the da ...
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  • Heat Of Fusion - 423 words
    Heat Of Fusion Jason Jarrell Chemistry II 12-8-99 Heat of Fusion Objective: The objective of this experiment is to find the heat of fusion of water by using a calorimeter. The calorimeter will be used to melt ice in water to find the heat of fusion. Theory: Heat of fusion is known to be the amount of heat that it takes to allow one mole of a substance to turn from solid to liquid. The heat of fusion of water is known to be 80 cal/mol. This experiment will use a calorimeter with distilled water and ice to find an experimental value of heat of fusion of water. Equations used in this experiment will be LFM1 = M2CT where LF is the heat of fusion, M1 is the mass of the substance being mel ...
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  • Hepatitis - 1,730 words
    Hepatitis Hepatitis In modern society when a person gets sick with the flu or a cold they will usually go about their normal routine with the exception of a sneeze or a cough throughout the day. Sometimes things can be more than what they appear to be. The symptoms start out like the flu with coughing, fever, aches, and vomiting. However, the disease gradually worsens with symptoms of extreme weakness and excruciating abdominal pain. By then it is usually too late when the person finds out that their liver is failing and that there disease is caused by one of the most contagious, dangerous and deadliest of viruses. These viruses that were initially concealed by flu like symptoms are now know ...
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  • Hepatitis - 541 words
    Hepatitis Bibliography Fackelmann, Kathleen. The Hepatitis G Enigma. Science News Apr 13, 1996: 238-239. UMI Company. CD-ROM. Unknown Author. Hepatitis C. MAYO Summer 1993: 7-8. New York State Dept. of Health. Hepatitis A. [Online] Available gopher: hepa.txt at, 11-13-96 New York State Dept. of Health. Hepatitis C. [Online] Available gopher: hepa.txt at, 11-13-96 Rossi, Lisa. Hepatitis. [Online] Available usenet: Schlepphorst, Richard. October 6,1996. Doctor of Blessing Hospital. [Unpublished Interview]. Quincy, Il. Appendix A Schlepphorst, Richard. October 6, 1996. Doctor of Blessing Hospital. [Unpublished ...
    Related: hepatitis, hepatitis a, hepatitis b, hepatitis c, viral hepatitis
  • Hess Law - 320 words
    Hess Law Hess Law:Work to be done:Find enthalpy change by measuring temperature change of a reaction. Chemicals and apparatus: Thermometer Scale Isolator NaOH, solid NaOH, 0.50M solution Acetic acid, 0.50M and 0.25M Lab: Reaction 1) The temperature of 200ml water that I poured into the isolator was 23.0C. To that I added 1.97g solid NaOH and let the reaction take place. After a while I measured the temperature to 24.9C rT = 1.9C. The number of mole NaOH is 1.97 / 40 = 0.049 mol. Reaction 2) In this experiment I used 100ml 0.50M acetic acid, and to that I added 100ml 0.50M liquid NaOH. The temperature of the acetic acid was 23C and the temperature of the NaOH was 22C. So the average, and the ...
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  • In The Neverending Search For Energy Sources, The Invention Of The Steam Engine Changed The Face Of The Earth Siegel, Preface - 1,055 words
    "In the never-ending search for energy sources, the invention of the steam engine changed the face of the earth." (Siegel, Preface) The steam engine was the principal power source during the British Industrial Revolution in the 18th century. The steam engine opened a whole new world to everyone. The steam engine maximized production, efficiency, reliability, minimized time, the amount of labor, and the usage of animals. The steam engine in all revolutionized the Eastern Hemisphere, mainly European society. What does revolutionize actually mean? It means that something such as the steam engine brought about a radical change in something, and this something is the European Society. The steam e ...
    Related: engine, invention, preface, steam, steam engine
  • Lessons Of Life - 1,041 words
    Lessons of Life Steve sat at the dinner table eating breakfast with Steves little sister, Jessy, sat across from him. "Steve", she said, "wheres skipper?" "Hes gone now" I said. "Is he up in heaven? I want him back." "Me too," Steve said. "I miss him a lot," she said. "I know," Steve said, "so do I." Death is a hard concept for a small child to grasp. Its difficult to explain how someone can be here one day and gone the next. Children sometimes do not fully understand it, but when a loved one such as a parent dies a child can be devastated. Loss is something that everyone has to deal with at some point in his or her life. Fairy tales help children deal with lifes difficulties such as death a ...
    Related: real life, sleeping beauty, wild animals, help children, snow
  • Martin The Warrior - 740 words
    Martin The Warrior Martin In a time of danger A time of hunger The mouse was a stranger The mouse was strong He showed the cats With help from some bats How to behave He showed his pain, anger, and strife The creatures were thankful As a matter of fact He was honored for not only a life But for many years to come The novel, Martin the Warrior by Brian Jacques, is a book about a young mouse warrior named Martin, son of Luke the Warrior, a mouse that fought sea rats, One day, after the murder of most of his tribe (including his wife), Luke set sail to have his revenge against Vilu Daskar, the stoat pirate responsible for the massacre. Before he left, he gave Martin his sword, which had been ha ...
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  • Millay Hughes Young - 833 words
    Millay Hughes Young While reading the poems of Millay, Hughes, and Young two similarities jumped out of the text. Between "Gods World," "As I grew Older," and "For Poets" the theme of enjoying life became very evident. The other theme that jumps out falls along the lines of looking to nature for happiness and inspiration. Many lines in these poems support their themes so people find it easier to understand the message of what the poems mean. Enjoying life and experiencing different aspects of it becomes evident as people read through Langston Hughess poem "As I Grew Older." In lines one and two, it reads, "It was a long time ago. / I have almost forgotten my dream." A feeling of forgetting a ...
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