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  • Battle Of Ap Back - 905 words
    Battle Of AP Back On July 7, 1954 Bao Dai, president of Vietnam appointed Ding Diem as Prime Minister. Dai was a pro French president who did not have communist beliefs for Vietnam. Diem was man who refused French rule and favored American ideas. He was a Roman Catholic, thus causing him to be an opponent of communism as well. He also maintained a link to the CIA through Colonel Edward Lansdale, renowned expert on counterinsurgency. In April 1955 Diem launched an offensive against his main rivals in the south (Coa Dai and Hoa Hoa sects well as the powerful Binh Xuyen pirates) and declared himself president. Since the south was a mainly Buddhist and Diem was Catholic, it caused him to be isol ...
    Related: special forces, roman catholic, john f kennedy, prime, viet
  • First Stand - 1,455 words
    First Stand Many issues plague the world today. Questions arrive about how people should live, who should control the most power, and many other questions that Americans have spent all their lives trying to answer. This isnt an essay where I try to answer all those questions, but how I stand on certain issues like war, wealth, social status, education and finally technology. All those issues get even larger where even more questions arise. Those 3 sections are Political, Social, and Economical. War covers many issues of wars being prevented and how wars should be dealt with. Wealth is all about people who earn the money and people who just inherit it while social status is all about how peop ...
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  • Geopolitics - 1,575 words
    ... barrel infected by one rotten one, the corruption of Greece would infect Iran and all to the east. It would also carry infection to Africa through Asia Minor and Egypt, and to Europe through Italy, France, already threatened by the strongest domestic Communist parties in Western Europe (Acheson, 1969). Presenting "apples in a barrel" is a mark of excessive pride in the American intellectuals of statecraft with the Truman administration. Thus when Truman declares in his speech that it is "necessary only to glance at a map," the map he has in his mind is one where states are equivalent to dominoes about to fall. Only physical proximity is seen as geography and nothing else. The geopolitica ...
    Related: geopolitics, third world, soviet military, military technology, rapid
  • Great War - 1,194 words
    Great War The Great War BY Kevin Kilkenny World War I was from 1914 to 1918 it started out as a local European war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia on July 28, 1914, but then became European war when the declaration of war against Russia on August 1, 1914 and eventually became a global war involving 32 nations. 28 of these nations were Allies and the Associated Powers and including Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy, and the United States. The Central Powers consisting of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, and Bulgaria. It would prove to have many great effects. The immediate cause of the war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia was the assassination on June 28, 1914, at Sarajevo in Bosnia ...
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  • Gun - 561 words
    Gun military technology The first small arms Small arms did not exist as a distinct class of gunpowder weapon until the middle of the 15th century. Until then, hand cannon differed from their larger relatives only in size. They looked much the same, consisting of a barrel fastened to a simple wooden stock that was braced beneath the gunner's arm. A second person was required to fire the weapon. About the middle of the 15th century, a series of connected developments established small arms as an important and distinct category of weaponry. The first of these was the development of slow match--or match, as it was commonly called. This was cord or twine soaked in a solution of potassium nitrate ...
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  • History - 772 words
    History And Cultures By Thomas Sowell "History and Cultures" by Thomas Sowell surveys many different cultures and explains why cultures have differences in productivity, income, wealth, education, occupation and industry. A reason for these differences is due primary to geography, rather than to the individual or ethnic group. History has proven that because of geography that no one society has developed equally and that the size of a person's cultural world will influence how far a person or an ethnic group can develop, technologically and culturally. Immigrants can thrive almost everywhere because they must. As outsiders immigrants tend to work harder than natives, starting with most menia ...
    Related: history, american population, preferential treatment, different cultures, culturally
  • Latin History - 1,903 words
    Latin History The Well Planned Surprise On October 13th of 1492, Christopher Columbus made a "discovery" that changed all of mankind. He under the backing of the Spanish government made the pivotal first steps in colonizing a new land. The journey that had long been anticipated by Columbus was not important because it was the first of such expeditions, for it indeed was not. The fact that sets him apart is that his discovery was the last of such magnitude and lasting effects in history. His discovery was made at a time when Europe was in the process of great change. These changes greatly influenced the voyage of Columbus and contributed to curiosity of the monarch and the citizens of Europe. ...
    Related: history, latin, latin america, eastern europe, advanced technology
  • Presidential Election 2000 - 951 words
    ... education. However, McCain feels strongly about directing the surplus toward the uninsured children of America. When asked about the large population of uninsured children, McCain responded, "Weve got to expand the childrens health insurance program. And Ill tell you what: I have the guts to take the money where it shouldnt be spent in Washington, and put it where it should be spent, including 10% of the surplus."8 Another crucial issue in the upcoming election is free trade and immigration, a topic that seems to reveal only minimal differences among the four candidates. Bill Bradley, the most liberal candidate on this topic, strongly supports allowing immigrants to remain in the United ...
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  • The Aviary, The Aquarium, And Eschatology - 3,743 words
    ... s in their psychic "sorties" to locate Soviet submarines. Alexander seems to have an extremely eclectic background -- he received a PhD. in Thanatology (the study of death and near-death experiences) from Georgetown University under the tutelage of the celebrated Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. Apparently, Alexander is a "mind-control" junkie, having studied everything from Silva Mind Control, to a stint in a Buddhist monastery. When the National Research Council issued its findings that there was no evidence of paranormal phenomena, Alexander wrote a critique of the report that was both passionate and eloquent. In this rebuttal, he compared the report's apparent a priori conclusions to the C ...
    Related: eschatology, moral dilemma, practical applications, board of directors, futurist
  • The Hundred Years War Was A Long, Complicated War With - 1,475 words
    The Hundred Years War was a long, complicated war with its roots in political struggles, the want of Kings and the people of their nations to expand territory, and to take territory that they believe is theirs. This war lasted more than a century, from 1337-1453, and was a actually a series of wars broken only temporarily by treaties doomed to fail. The English king controlled much of France, particularly in the fertile South. These lands had come under control of the English when Eleanor of Aquitaine, heiress to the region, married King Henry II of England in the mid-12th century. There was constant bickering along the French-English frontier, and the French kings always had to fear an Engl ...
    Related: complicated, hundred years' war, battle of agincourt, late middle ages, horses
  • The Rise Of The Golden Horde - 1,161 words
    The Rise of The Golden Horde May 4, 1997 HS123h--Liberty Block 3 Thesis: The Mongols rose to power because they were a highly advanced culture as seen through their military technology, their trade and preservation of elaborate art work, and their fair administrative policy. The Mongols were one of the most feared groups in history. The very mention of the name "Genghis Khan" struck terror into every king and every peasant. How did a scattered collection of goat herders, led by the fatherless child of a minor chieftain, build the largest empire in history? How were they able to build an empire that would eventually stretch across Asia, India, the Mid-East and Eastern Europe? The Mongols were ...
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  • The Role Of Technology - 1,065 words
    The Role of Technology in World War I Technology made a huge impact in the fighting of World War I. Blimps dropped bombs, airplanes with propellers in the back radioed gun positions, aces battled in their biplanes, ground troops threw and shot grenades at each other, and heavy machine guns snapped off bullets at each other making a big difference in the course of the war. These tools of war can be divided into two major categories: air advances and ground improvements. Airplanes were first used in 1911 in a war in Libya, and also in the Mexican revolution. There wasnt much air bombardment in these wars; the planes were used for reconnaissance missions.1 By 1914, however, this technology was ...
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  • Tom Clancy - 1,625 words
    Tom Clancy When choosing an author for my paper, I chose international suspense because I am very interested in foreign relations and the technology of modern day war. I have read stories by Edgar Allen Poe, with suspense and vivid imagery, which reminded me of Clancy's work. I decided to choose Tom Clancy because of his talent to weave such realistic tales of international suspense. Clancy creates the scenes in his books with such detail, it makes the reader feel like he/she is there. My first choice for this paper was Dr. Suess, but because he has passed away, I had to keep looking. I knew very little information about my author before writing this paper. I had read two of his books, but h ...
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  • Was The Civil War Worth It - 1,122 words
    ... gest civil disturbance of the nineteenth century. A three-day riot erupted as an out of control mob, mainly Irishmen, burned draft records and the armory, plundered the houses of the rich and looted. Blacks, hated as economic competitors and the cause of the war, became special targets, eventually more than 100 people died.(399) What had been thought to be a quick and decisive war over unionization slowly began to take the shape of a long drawn out war over slavery where thousands would die. In the fall of 1862 Lincoln began a slow shift in the wars purpose linking emancipation with military necessity. In reply to his non-action on slavery Lincoln stated: If I could save the Union withou ...
    Related: civil war, public school, black codes, right to vote, lincoln
  • Women In Combat - 1,892 words
    Women In Combat Women in Combat In the 1970s, the services traditional attitude toward women was challenged; change was forced upon a reluctant establishment (Holm, 198). The decision to end the draft was the catalyst to such change. This decision allowed for womens participation in the armed forces in unprecedented numbers. The United States Armed Forces have more female numbers than any other nation in the world, both in actual numbers and in percentages (Holm, 1982). The drive for an all-volunteer force, along with an aggressive tide of feminism and congressional passage of the equal rights Amendments led to a gradual shift in the role and status of women in the military (Holm, 1982). In ...
    Related: combat, employed women, men and women, women in combat, women in the military
  • World Civilizations 1500 - 1,376 words
    World civilizations 1500 March 17, 1999 1. Essay form (7%) 2. Tenochtitlan case study (10%) 3. Mozambique case study (13%) 4. Comparison of Tenochtitlan and Mozambique cases (15%) 5. Summary of the gun powder arguments in Stearns (35%) 6. Discussion and critique of gun powder arguments in the light of the Tenochtitlan and Mozambique case studies (20%) In the past wars were fought to gain land, wealth, and fame. Two such examples of this are the battle of Tenochtitlan and Mozambique. These are two battles that disprove the gun powder superiority theory. Certain countries look to get an advantage, by incorporating such things as guns, canons, and steel armor. Some countries look to gain an adv ...
    Related: world civilizations, case study, primitive culture, military technology, invasion
  • Wwicomparison Of Germanfrench Soldiers Experiences - 810 words
    WWI-Comparison of German+French Soldiers experiences History WWI-Comparison of German+French Soldiers experiences The first World War was a horrible experience for all sides involved. No one was immune to the effects of this global conflict and each country was affected in various ways. However, one area of relative comparison can be noted in the experiences of the French and German soldiers. In gaining a better understanding of the French experience, Wilfred Owen's Dulce et Decorum Est was particularly useful. Regarding the German soldier's experience, various selections from Erice Maria Remarque's All Quiet on the Western Front proved to be a valuable source of insight. A analysis of the a ...
    Related: german army, world wide, dulce et decorum est, sending, guns
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