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  • White Collar Crime - 1,744 words
    ... ess during the past ten years. According to the Los Angeles Times, James Richards has also donated 80,200 to GOPAC, the political action committee spearhearded by Gingrich. Computer Crime Computer technology has introduced new factors concerning the types of perpetrators, the forms of assets threatened, and embezzlement methods. ( Radzinowicz 357) Computer crimes generally fall into five categories: 1) theft of services 2) use of computer data for personal gain 3) unauthorized use of computers employed for various types of financial processing 4) property theft by computer 5) placing viruses to destroy data. (Siegel 353) The terms "computer misuse" and "computer abuse" are also used freq ...
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  • Why Microsoft Is A Monopoly - 2,935 words
    ... move into other markets. With large areas of commercial activity moving onto the Internet, a prime Microsoft goal is to take substantial control of the standards governing financial transactions on the Internet and to use that position to leverage itself into an array of on-line commercial activities. While working to set the software standards for financial transactions on the Internet, Microsoft is rapidly moving from being a software supplier to being a major direct player in Internet commerce unto itself by using its dominance of software and its monopoly position in operating systems to reinforce its other businesses on-line. Microsoft had originally hoped to take a very direct rou ...
    Related: microsoft, monopoly, competitive edge, windows operating system, inherent
  • Why Unions P1 Unions Are Groups Of Working People Who Join To Talk To Employers About Wages And Conditions Of Work Instead Of - 1,236 words
    WHY UNIONS? P.1 "Unions are groups of working people who join to talk to employers about wages and conditions of work instead of workers talking to employers on an individual basis."1 Because they speak for everybody, unions can get a better deal for each worker than one employee could by negotiating with the employer. As seen in the short movie "WHY UNIONS?", non-unionized workers talks about the unfair treatment they experience in the work place. Through collective action, workers formed unions so they could have a voice in deciding wageges, hours, working conditions and dealing with the many problems arises in the workplace. Unions are not just organizations trying to get more dollars and ...
    Related: union members, wages, standard of living, maximum profit, strike
  • Why Unions P1 Unions Are Groups Of Working People Who Join To Talk To Employers About Wages And Conditions Of Work Instead Of - 1,200 words
    ... and training fell by 7.6% in 1990-91 over spending in 1989-90. The portion of the federal budget going to education and training has dropped from 7.3% in 1985-86 to 6.4% in 1990-91."9 The share of federal funds going to provincial and territorial governments for education and training has dropped from 56% in 1984-85 to a low of 41.7% in 1990-91. The budget reflects that Canada is in a tough economic situation. Cutbacks are necessary in order to spend less money. In a sense, the budget is a mirror of the economy. An increase of services or spending indicates a good economic situation. A decrease of services or spending indicates a decline in the economy. One of the solutions 9 Cynthia Wi ...
    Related: economic union, people believe, wages, university press, economic activity
  • Women In The Media - 1,113 words
    Women In The Media What event began the emergence of women as true players in the media? Was it Sherry Lansings appointment to President of 20th Century Fox in 1980, becoming the first woman to head a studio? Was it Cathleen Black in 1979 becoming the first woman publisher of a weekly consumer magazine, New York? Or did the real power for women in the media come later with Geraldine Laybourne reinventing childrens television on Nickelodeon or Judy McGrath sending MTV into 265.8 million households all over the world? Do women in the media, in fact, really have any power today? This paper will examine the power of women in the media through four different women, Sherry Lansing, chair and CEO o ...
    Related: american women, media, women in history, film industry, woman president
  • Womens Place In Advertising - 1,744 words
    Women's Place In Advertising Women in Advertising Stereotypes in America have existed for hundreds of years. They were present before the Internet, television, radio, and even magazines. This is not to say that these newer media devices do not contribute to the overwhelming prevalence of racism, sexism, and stereotyping. Typecasting occurs regularly in society, for men, and especially women. Advertisers are the single largest contributor to the continuation of female degradation and sexual bias in our society. Advertising plays a tremendous role in promoting labels. Direct marketing techniques demand that people be placed in certain specific groups. The more defined a group is the better for ...
    Related: advertising, advertising industry, men and women, work force, gender equality
  • Woodrow Wilson - 527 words
    Woodrow Wilson Woodrow Wilson was the 28th president of the United States. He was clearly an important icon in the action of the United States entering World War I. He also played a major role in the US participating in more world affairs during his presidency. He came to be known as the "prophet of peace" though still today he is a controversial figure in the history of the United States. Wilson had a very strong belief of executive leadership. He carried out a plan called the Federal Reserve Act, which set up a new system to back finance and banking; the Clayton Antitrust Act, which strengthened earlier laws limiting the power of large corporations, and the organization of the Federal Trad ...
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  • Workforce Diversity - 297 words
    Workforce Diversity Indtroduction Workplace diversity is a worldwide concept that continues to evolve as more industries move into the global market. Most people try and hold the belief that all people are of equal stature and deserve all of the same opportunities invariant of their race, age, gender, disability, religion or sexual preference. This concept which is becoming multi-faceted is leading to changes in the American workforce, creating equal privileges and opportunities for every human being. The idea of diversity in the workplace is the businesss reaction to sociological changes and pressure from social rights groups. In creating a diverse work setting their must be an atmosphere w ...
    Related: american workforce, diversity, diversity in the workplace, workforce, workforce diversity
  • World Issues - 1,720 words
    World Issues There are many important world issues. Among these issues, we have studied the rapid growth of the world, which was the topic of critical importance. The extraordinary rapid increase of the world population constitutes a serious problem in which no citizen of the world can remain indifferent. The public has become increasingly aware of the dramatic rise in the rate of the world population growth during the three centuries of the modern era. There is a tendency on the part of many to see rapid rates on population growth as giving rise to a barrier on a road to progress. This may threaten peace and stability in the world because the population growth may make it impossible to meet ...
    Related: after world, world population, world war ii, birth rate, developed countries
  • World War 2 In The Mid90s Drew A Hard Blow And Left A Serious - 1,820 words
    World War 2 in the mid-90's drew a hard blow and left a serious and lasting effect to many Asian countries. This however, did not hamper the growth of countries such as China, Japan and Vietnam as their government were taking serious steps to recover economically. Thus, the global market cannot deny a place for these 'Asian Dragons', because these countries are growing at a tremendous pace to the extent of being capable in emerging as global market leaders. China's capitalism and boom was born when their president, Deng Xiaoping permitted the provinces to dismantle their communes and collective farms. This led China to venture into free-market economics, although they were still under the co ...
    Related: blow, business world, drew, world economic, world war 2
  • Wwf Wrestling - 1,973 words
    WWF Wrestling The company that I researched for this paper is the World Wrestling Federation Entertainment. The company was organized and founded in the early 1940s by Vincent McMahon Sr. The current owner and CEO is McMachons son, Vincent Kennedy McMahon Jr. The World Wrestling Federation (WWF) is headquarters in the Titan Tower, in Stamford Connecticut. The WWF specializes in the area of Pro Wrestling, which are "scripted fights" in which highly trained athletes simulate a fighting experience. The "sport" of Pro Wrestling has been around since the middle of the 19th century. In early times the "fighting" was real (in fact Abe Lincoln was an early wrestling champion) but the fighting turned ...
    Related: professional wrestling, wrestling, community oriented, associates degree, commercial
  • Wwii - 715 words
    Wwii Looking ahead 1) What do you think is meant by practical consumerism compared to impractical or design consumerism? I think that practical consumerism is like for instance buying something for the sake of function like buying a telephone for the sake of talking to someone instead of buying a phone for its color or the way it looks this would be considered impractical consumerism. 2) How does this film demonstrate impractical consumerism? This film demonstrates impractical consumerism by instead of having a good steady wood or steel shelf and or other household things this plexi glass would look lavish and stylish in your somehow emaculant penthouse. Technicolor for industrial films 1) E ...
    Related: wwii, communication methods, cell phone, middle class, compare
  • Xmen Movie - 1,218 words
    X-Men Movie I am critiquing the movie "X-men". This movie is based on a comic book and on an animated series. Both the animated series and the comic book revolve around mutants. These mutants often look human, however many look quite different than any normal human and also their powers are quite extraordinary. This creates one problem when converting to movie form. Make-up gadgets and special effects must be used so that our reality where the film is made may accurately reflect the reality where the film is set. Also, the characters from the animated series and the comic books all have personalities and physical features that the actors in the film must try to match. This is a difficult thi ...
    Related: power over, time line, real life, bigger, rouge
  • Y2k Bug - 760 words
    Y2k Bug David Eggleston Review of Literature 2/24/99 Teri Ferguson Y2K Bug The turn of the century is rapidly approaching. This should be a time of high hopes for the future; the United States has advanced in all sorts of technology. The United States has advanced a great deal with computers, which are able to automate many difficult jobs, calculate extravagant equations, and make life easier for most people. The computer is an amazing tool allowing the United States to excel in the world. But, computers can also be the loadstone of the United States in the year 2000. The computer bug commonly known as Y2K can cause this. Y2K will cause a computers date registry to read 00 in which the compu ...
    Related: point of view, time magazine, contingency plan, calculate
  • Yemen: Developing A Country - 1,161 words
    ... ditional measures. Mismanagement, corruption, and an underdeveloped legal system all discourage private sector investors (1. Yemen Times.) II. Salvaging the Tourism Industry 1. Introduction The importance of tourism for the Yemeni national economy and the process of development cannot be over emphasized. Tourism ostentatiously represents an inexhaustible river that feeds any country with hard currency. It is rightly termed the engine of economic development. This is because it is a principle foreign currency earner which supports the national economy. In Fact, in some countries, especially the third world, tourism compromises the whole and sole source of hard currency. Worldwide statisti ...
    Related: national economy, world bank, private sector, tourist, economy
  • Youth Outdoor Adventures Bus Plan - 643 words
    Youth Outdoor Adventures Bus. Plan MARKETING PLAN OUTLINE Company: Youth Outdoor Adventures: Our mission is to provide educational outdoor experiences for underprivileged youth. Strengths: Unique opportunity Not a lot of competition Free to kids School support Weaknesses: Cliental is not traditionally familiar with product We currently cannot accommodate all who apply Starts up costs are high Large staffing needs Opportunities and Threats: The average child who grows up in a large urban area stays there for most of their life. We feel that this program will be successful because it opens up a city child to a whole new world. This program will start in NYC. We would eventually like for it to ...
    Related: marketing plan, outdoor, promotional strategy, competitive analysis, familiar
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