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  • Company Analysis Northwest Airlines - 785 words
    Company Analysis Northwest Airlines Company Analysis: Northwest Airlines Introduction to Business BN-1020 Dr. Randall By, James Academia Introduction Northwest Airlines is one of the pioneers in the airline transportation industry and is ranked at the fourth largest air carrier in the United States today. The success of the carrier depends on the quality and reliability of the service at a reasonable price. Close competitors force Northwest to innovate their services by increasing efficiency. This essay will try to examine different perspectives in the services needed to successfully complete the company's objectives. The analysis will explain historical and financial perspectives that may g ...
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  • Critique Of The Limited Inc - 1,025 words
    ... nctional excellence, known collectively as The Center. The Center provides strategic direction and support to the individual businesses and to the enterprise as a whole. By designing key business processes and leveraging best practices throughout the enterprise, The Center adds value to each of its Brands. Some of these functions include: Distribution Services:The purpose of Limited Distribution is to design and implement operations that will provide the retail businesses with the most effective and efficient delivery operations available. Limited Distribution Services will have achieved its objective if each of its customers believes that it has been an asset in helping them achieve the ...
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  • Product Attributes - 812 words
    Product Attributes The Brand/Product: 1.Attributes: The attributes are the product's primary characteristics, both physical and functional. They are what the consumer might recognize first about the product through the five senses. The physical attributes are what make the product what it is. They are scent, texture, package, contents, variety and price. The functional attributes are shown by how the products work. They include sun protection, moisture for the skin and an attractive promotion. 2. Benefits: Benefits are what the actual product attributes can do for the consumer. It is important to make these benefits different from the competition's. Each physical attribute possesses certain ...
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  • Sony And Marketing - 1,028 words
    ... ants of customers. This was evidenced by the conception of the tape recorder, and the first pocket-sized radio, developed for changing lifestyles. This approach has continued and still practiced today as signified by the recent development of the following products, the Walkman, the Handycam, the Discman, all of which are regarded by millions of customers as products that represent a way of life. The marketing approach was influential in the marketing of the Walkman, such a concept originated from a want of customers for a small, portable, tape/radio player, to replace the large, inconvenient players of the era. Sony identified this customer-want, and the Walkman was introduced, and heav ...
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