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  • Paul And Manasseh - 652 words
    Paul And Manasseh The Comparison and Contrast of the Lives of Paul and Manasseh Saul and Mannaseh are two men who have the same problem, but God brings both men to the same point in his will. Saul, which would soon be Paul, was brought up in a Jewish household and was taught by Gamaliel, Gamaliel was a very important and well-known teacher of the Jewish law. In many older Jewish writings he was called a "learned man". This would cause Saul to be of a higher estate or class because of being taught by Gamaliel. He later became a Pharisee because of his knowledge. His being a Pharisee meant that he believed in angel, demons, and a bodily resurrection from the dead, among other things. Being a P ...
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  • Gideon 2 - 370 words
    Gideon 2 The passage that I am working on is Gideon 2, Jdgs. 7:1-25. When I first read this passage I thought that it was about Gideon and his troops conquering Midian. As I see it, the main concept of the passage is that, but it tells of much more. After reading the passage once, I had many questions about it. I first wondered "Why did Gideon and his troops conquer Midian?" I also thought, "How and why is God going to help Gideon and his soldiers?" I was very curious of how 300 me were to overtake an entire city. Why would God help them take over Midian? I read the passage a few more times, and read a different translation. That helped me enormously in understanding the text. The reason tha ...
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  • The Book Of Joshua Ruth - 2,171 words
    ... bution of what was conquered (v. 7). III. To complete this account, here is a repetition of the distribution Moses had made of the land on the other side Jordan; in general (v. 814), in particular, the lot of Reuben (v. 1523), of Gad (v. 2428), of the half tribe of Manasseh (v. 2933). Chapter 14 Here is, I. The general method that was taken in dividing the land (v. 1-5). II. The demand Caleb made of Hebron, as his by promise, and therefore not to be put into the lot with the rest (v. 612). And Joshuas grant of that demand (v. 1315). This was done at Gilgal, which was as yet their head-quarters. Chapter 15 Though the land was not completely conquered, yet being (as was said in the close o ...
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  • Theology Of Genesis 111 - 2,483 words
    Theology Of Genesis 1-11 (A) Introduction Pentateuch is considered to be the most important part in the Old Testament. It recorded the account of creation, the fall of man, the Law Code as well as the experience of the Ancient Israel. Among them Genesis is the first book recorded incidents happened from the creation of the world to Joseph's time. In chapter one to eleven, the origin of the world and human race are introduced and in chapter twelve onwards are the stories of the Ancestors. In this passage, we will concentrate in discussing the theology of chapter one to eleven which contained much valuable and important message for the readers who were probably Israelites in post-exilic period ...
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