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  • Analysis Of Isaav Asimovs The Machine That Won The War - 468 words
    Analysis Of Isaav Asimov's The Machine That Won The War "The Machine That Won the War," by Isaac Asimov, is a story that teaches a valuable lesson about humanity and also has an ironic twist at the end. The setting is the future of Earth, and a great war had just been won against an enemy race. Two men, Swift and Henderson, are debating over who really won the war for Earth: the giant strategy computer known as Multivac, or the men in charge of making the maneuvers and programming the computer. John Henderson is an excitable man, while Lamar Swift, the military captain, is calm but rational. While the people hailed the computer, the two really knew who the heroes were. Henderson explained th ...
    Related: isaac asimov, machine, difficult decisions, internal conflict, ironic
  • Analysis Of The Time Machine - 1,239 words
    Analysis Of The Time Machine The Time Machine by H.G. Wells is considered a "classic" in today's literary community. I also believe that this novel is a good book. It was an interesting story the first time I studied it, and I have found new ideas each time I have read it since. It is amazing that such a simple narrative could have so many complex ideas. Unfortunately, some do not take the same position that I do. They cast it off as a silly little novel that deserves no merit. Obviously I disagree with these critics. The Time Machine follows the criteria that I believe a good novel should have. A good novel should include an element of fantasy and should stimulate ideas in the audience that ...
    Related: machine, time machine, good book, modern society, progressive
  • Earth As Living Machine - 1,002 words
    Earth As Living Machine We live in an extraordinary era of exploration. We are now able to reach far out into space and deep down into the ocean. We have the advantage with technology such as computers and satellites. We can now simply understand the dynamic forces that shape our Earth. Our Earth is constantly destructing and recreating. It balances through a continuous rebirth cycle. The Earths dynamic shape can be summed up very simply-Transfer Of Energy. This "Big Idea" helps to explain many things such as plate tectonics, ocean floor spreading, continental drift, volcanoes, earthquakes, just about everything that happens naturally on earth. Plate Tectonics links together Alfred Wegeners ...
    Related: machine, continental drift, south america, north american, tough
  • In 1851, Isaac Singer Borrowed 4000 To Make A Working Sewing Machine That Would Become The Leader In The Sewing Machine Indus - 1,847 words
    In 1851, Isaac Singer borrowed $40.00 to make a working sewing machine that would become the leader in the sewing machine industry and famous around the world. Isaac Merritt Singer was born on October 27, 1811 in Troy, New York to a large family of German immigrants. When he was twelve he left home and went to Rochester and worked all kinds of unskilled labor jobs until he was 19 years old. He found a job as an apprentice machinist in a machine shop. He didn't like this job, so after four months he left and for the next nine years moved from state to state and made a good living because of his natural mechanical ability. He got a lot of experience from doing this because he worked on anythin ...
    Related: borrowed, indus, isaac, machine, sewing, singer
  • In Ancient Greece, The Most Feared Named Was Sparta It Was A Total War Machine Willing To Take On All Comers They Rose Above - 261 words
    In ancient Greece, the most feared named was Sparta. It was a total war machine willing to take on all comers. They rose above the rest by being well disciplined and educated. The man who brought them this glory was Lycergus. Like any great leader he was very idealistic. His main goal was to change Sparta into a complete city state. It is believed that he was born between the eighth and tenth century. "Most historians don't believe he existed at all". He was from the Eurypontid house which was one of two houses of Royality. "It is thought by many that he may have been King". Unquestionably he was one of the great thinkers. Among his many accomplishments, Lycergus was responsible for the Spar ...
    Related: ancient greece, machine, sparta, city state, healthier
  • Machine Roles In Future - 531 words
    Machine Roles In Future Whether we like it or not, machines will play an important part in the future. They already play such a large role in our life, its almost inevitable. Over the past 20 years, the use of computers has skyrocketed. Now there is almost one in every home. Children of this generation are being taught to use computers at a very young age. Computers are used in most every office, also. Jobs that used to be done by men can now be done by machines. Technology is growing each day. Jobs are being replaced by machines, and there is more need for people familiar with computers or technology. In a lot of cases as far as jobs etc go, its something you need to know or something that ...
    Related: machine, artificial intelligence, more work, replaced, pick
  • Mind And Machine - 1,208 words
    Mind And Machine Mind and Machine: The Essay Technology has traditionally evolved as the result of human needs. Invention, when prized and rewarded, will invariably rise-up to meet the free market demands of society. It is in this realm that Artificial Intelligence research and the resultant expert systems have been forged. Much of the material that relates to the field of Artificial Intelligence deals with human psychology and the nature of consciousness. Exhaustive debate on consciousness and the possibilities of consciousnessness in machines has adequately, in my opinion, revealed that it is most unlikely that we will ever converse or interract with a machine of artificial consciousness. ...
    Related: human mind, machine, science fiction, free market, processes
  • Mind And Machine - 1,208 words
    ... emanding the application of fuzzy logic come in. Using fuzzy algorithms on sets of data, such as differing intensities of illumination over time, we can infer a comfortable lighting level based upon an analysis of the data. Taking fuzzy logic one step further, we can incorporate them into fuzzy expert systems. This systems takes collections of data in fuzzy rule format. According to Dr. Lotfi, the rules in a fuzzy logic expert system will usually follow the following simple rule: if x is low and y is high, then z is medium. Under this rule, x is the low value of a set of data (the light is off) and y is the high value of the same set of data (the light is fully on). z is the output of th ...
    Related: machine, operating system, over time, technological innovation, distribution
  • Neuromancer And Time Machine - 993 words
    Neuromancer And Time Machine A common tool of science fiction writers is the use of a character, to whom the reader can relate, placed in an alien setting. This character will represent the reader in this new alien world or society, allowing the reader to form a link between his or her own world and this new one. Because these characters are placed in unfamiliar settings, a way is presented to defamiliarize our own society and perhaps even look at it in a new way, or from a new angle. These characters play a role in the novel that usually involves some interaction with this alien society that changes their perception of the alien world. It causes the characters to see the society or world in ...
    Related: machine, neuromancer, time machine, science fiction, artificial intelligence
  • Neuromancer And Time Machine - 1,008 words
    ... gs are in a state of disrepair, with broken windows, and a general dilapidated look. He also notices that there are no businesses, or any type of machinery above ground. At this point, he begins to see the Eloi as not an evolution of man, but kind of a step back. They seem to have the mental age of four- or five-year old children. And he wonders how they manage to care for themselves, being as frail as they are. When he discovers the Morlocks, he suddenly realizes the mistake of his previous assumption... the Eloi are not the culmination of mankind, but one of two paths that human evolution has taken. As he soon comes to realize, the Morlocks are the stronger of the two races, and during ...
    Related: machine, neuromancer, time machine, broken windows, real world
  • The Civilizing Machine - 328 words
    THE CIVILIZING MACHINE Gertrude Bonin's "The Civilizing Machine" deals with the issues that arise in the authors life as a young Native American leaving her family and way of life to be educated at a Quaker school in the 1800's. Being a Native American and then being immersed into an European education system that existed to "civilize" her in the ways of the white culture caused much confusion in the author's struggle as a teen to develop a since of who she was, "Even nature seemed to have no place for me. I was neither a wee girl nor a tall one; neither a wild nor a tame one." Other conflicts arise in Gertrudes life that deals with her mother's ability to relate to her daughter's feelings o ...
    Related: machine, native american, education system, native americans, authors
  • The Time Machine - 1,441 words
    The Time Machine Time traveling, a concept known to modern man as inconceivable, but in The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells, this fathom of human fantasy has come to life. Wells entangles a unique blend of contrasting characters, conflicts of capitalist verses laborer divisions, and foreshadowing of the destruction of humanity to seem together this novel of visionary proportions. "The Time Machine is a bleak and sober vision of man's place in the Universe."(McConnell Pg.1581) Well's use of characters in The Time Machine brings a heavy sense of contrast and diversity into the story. There are five main characters around which the story revolves. Beginning with the Eloi and the Morlocks, which are ...
    Related: machine, time machine, ocean life, h. g. wells, nameless
  • The Time Machine - 1,132 words
    The Time Machine The Time Machine Let me start off this essay by saying that I believe H.G.(Herbert George) Wells is one of the most intelligent writers of his time: a true futurist. Obviously, I read The Time Machine by H.G. Wells and I would like to say that it was extremely well written and sounds as though it was written fairly recently. It may just sound this way because the human race has not really tried Time Traveling. The theme of The Time Traveler is, as I see it: Think about what you are doing before doing it. The Time Traveler should have thought his journey through and taken precautions for everything that could possibly go wrong, or right for that matter. If he had done this, I ...
    Related: machine, time machine, human race, great fear, missing
  • The Time Machine By H G Wells 1866 1946 - 1,589 words
    The Time Machine by H. G. Wells (1866 - 1946) The Time Machine by H. G. Wells (1866 - 1946) Type of Work: Fantasy / science fiction novel Setting England; late nineteenth century, and hundreds of thousands of years in the future Principal Characters The Time Traveler, an inquisitive, scientific man Weena, a future woman Story Overveiw One Thursday evening, four or five men assembled for dinner at a friend's home near London. But as the evening passed, their host failed to appear. Finally, at half past seven the guests agreed it was a pity to spoil a good dinner and seated themselves to a delicious meal. The main topic of their conversation was time travel, a subject their host had seriously ...
    Related: h. g. wells, last time, machine, time machine, time travel
  • The United States Of America Is A Machine It Needs Fuel To Start, Yet Once It Does, It Can Support The People Of The United S - 619 words
    The United States of America is a machine. It needs fuel to start, yet once it does, it can support the people of the United States and people all over the world. The United States supports its territories by using the land as food supply and military outposts. In turn U.S. territories receive money to support their nearly independent governments and military protection provided by the U.S. The U.S. has been an immense help in all of its territories. The Northern Mariana Islands, Virgin Islands, Corregidor, Line Islands, Midway Islands, Rawaki and Wake Islands have benefited greatly from U.S. presence. On most of these islands, military bases were set up to protect the islanders and provide ...
    Related: america, fuel, machine, united states of america, spanish-american war
  • Time Machine - 335 words
    Time Machine In The Time Machine, H.G Wells depicts the workings of a Capitalist society very well. His representations of the classes might be subtle, but the Morlock is an obvious attempt at representing the lower class on several levels. The upper classes in history have been very scarred of the size and capabilities that the lower classes hold over them. The very notion that the Morlocks are underground not only puts them physically under the Elois but also represents to me, a ghetto like existence, that we see in our society today. They are depicted as a dark, aggressive people. Much like how the upper class may look at the lower classes today. The Morlocks come up and snatch an Eloi fr ...
    Related: machine, time machine, american revolution, york city, representation
  • Time Machine By Herbert Wells - 691 words
    Time Machine by Herbert Wells Time travel. An idea that has fascinated mankind for all eternity. The shear idea of voyaging through the fabric of time is both an intriguing and exhilarating thought. Throughout time, many author's have closely predicted the future through their novels, and who's to say H.G. Wells wont follow the proverbial footsteps of these authors with The Time Machine? Is the idea to far fetched? The time traveler in the story didn't think so, all though others didn't agree. But who can predict the future? Maybe we have already been visited by people from the future and don't even know it. This book is a wonderful look at the questions time travel raises, and I will elabo ...
    Related: h. g. wells, herbert, machine, time machine, time travel
  • Time Machine By Wells - 1,626 words
    ... nd extinct. He only had 19th century knowledge so he was probably not aware of this or he didn't care because most people were probably not aware of the study of genetics. They didn't show much interest in learning they would run around and play with toys and lose interest in a never ending cycle like a child. He didn't know there language but it was obviously derived from the English because one of the Eli's asked him if he had come from the sun and he understood but some of the other things that the Eli were saying didn't make sense to the time traveler. He saw the white sphinx and describe it as having a silver tree at its shoulder and the sphinx was made of marble and the wings of it ...
    Related: h. g. wells, machine, time machine, main character, human race
  • Wells, Hg: The Time Machine - 1,581 words
    Wells, H.G.: The Time Machine The Time Machine Herbert George Wells was born in 1866 in Bromley, Kent, a few miles from London, the son of a house-maid and gardener. Wells died in 1946, a wealthy and famous author, having seen science fiction become a recognized literary form and having seen the world realize some of science fiction's fondest dreams and worst fears. Wells mother attempted to find him a safe occupation as a draper or chemist. Wells had a quick mind and a good memory that enabled him to pass subjects by examination and win a scholarship to the Normal School of Science, where he stayed for three years and, most importantly, was exposed to biology under the famous Thomas H. Huxl ...
    Related: machine, time machine, time travel, social justice, political theory
  • Wells, Hg: The Time Machine - 1,628 words
    ... ome sterile and extinct. He only had 19th century knowledge so he was probably not aware of this or he didn't care because most people were probably not aware of the study of genetics. They didn't show much interest in learning they would run around and play with toys and lose interest in a never ending cycle like a child. He didn't know there language but it was obviously derived from the English because one of the Eli's asked him if he had come from the sun and he understood but some of the other things that the Eli were saying didn't make sense to the time traveler. He saw the white sphinx and describe it as having a silver tree at its shoulder and the sphinx was made of marble and th ...
    Related: machine, time machine, h. g. wells, medical doctor, flash
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