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  • Antisemitism Influence - 2,194 words
    ... od alone operating from within, and not of man working-or rather playing-from without. If these offences be taken away, worse will follow. For they are thus given over by the wrath of God to reprobation, that they may become incorrigible, as Ecclesiastes says, for every one who is incorrigible is rendered worse rather than better by correction. Farewell in the Lord; pardon my words, and pray the Lord for my sinning soul." "Martin Luther's to George Spalatin," from Luthers Correspondence and Other Contemporary, Letters, trans. by P. Smith (1913), Vol. 1, pp. 28-29. So we see he was absolutely determined that the Jews would and should convert to ...
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  • Book Of Galations - 1,070 words
    ... , since it could be viewed that Paul was challenging creation beliefs, internal criticisms most likely also existed. It could have been for these reasons that Paul rethought what he expressed in his writings after Galatians. On a more specific level a certain situation in Corinth could have given rise to Paul reevaluating his stance on the role of women. In Corinth there were some women who were not upholding traditions and instead were wearing their hair unbound. At the time a woman who wore her hair unbound was often seen as type of cult member. Paul most likely understood the dire effects that this could have on the early church. If other people saw this unbound hair that was often co ...
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  • Holden As A Foil Ti Zooey - 690 words
    Holden As A Foil Ti Zooey Although they are the protagonists from two separate books, Franny Glass, a teenage girl in J.D. Salinger's Franny and Zooey, and Holden Caufield, a young man in Salinger's novel Catcher in the Rye, serve as foils to each other. Both suffer unnecessarily due to their interaction with those whom they are close to, due to their relationships with themselves, as well as due to their views on the world. In the end, however Franny and Holden change their values and therefore are able to begin the healing process. Throughout Franny and Zooey, Franny perceives humans to be inherently evil. As a result, she constantly feels frustrated with the egotism and self-centeredness ...
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  • Homosexuality Within The Church: - 1,768 words
    Homosexuality within the Church: An Issue of Religious Liberty The Argument If one were to ask your stance on homosexuality within the Christian church and your reasoning behind your views, how would you answer them? I find that most Christians I have talked with take a rather conservative, traditional view and base their beliefs upon a few key passages in the Bible - I Corinthians 6:9-10; Ephesians 5:3-5; Colossians 3:5-6; Jude 5-7 and about a dozen more. The basic problem with limiting your view to these various scriptures is that homosexuals who claim to be Christians use these same passages in defense. Many claim that these passages have been translated incorrectly from their original te ...
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  • In The Beginning Of Ephesians It Talks About How Gods Plan Was To Send His Only Son To Save Us From Sin I Am So Thankful That - 1,229 words
    In the beginning of Ephesians it talks about how Gods plan was to send his only son to save us from sin. I am so thankful that God loves us and that he sent his only son to earth to suffer and free us from the slavery of sin. Jesus had to become one of us to free us like the training a dog example, we have to become a dog to let the dog understand me, like Jesus had to become man to free us. Ever since Jesus died for us on the cross, we can go to heaven and spend the rest of our lives us God, all we have to do is erase the original sin by being baptized when we are young. Through Jesus we have redemption by his blood that he shed on the cross. Jesus as a man had to go through what a regular ...
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  • Margaret, Prioress And Mystic - 1,429 words
    Margaret, Prioress And Mystic Margaret of Oingt was one of the many women living during the Middle Ages who turned to mysticism to become closer to God. Mysticism, unlike scholasticism, takes a direct approach to God using sensory perception, not reason. For this purpose, it allowed women to identify with God on a very personal and spiritual level. This is significant to Margaret's rationalism for writing her visions in a time when women had such a trivial amount of power in the intellectual community; she did not write her visions for others to learn from, but rather as a personal form of worship to God. In her compositions Margaret describes herself as having almost no importance or author ...
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  • Martin Luther This Essay Is Concerned With Martin Luther 14831546, And His Concept Of Christianity Luther Began His Ecclesias - 1,417 words
    ... r indelebilis as a human fiction" (Tillich 236-237). For Luther to take this position required considerable courage on his part due to the fact he was facing an ecclesiastical force of great strength and authority. Luther did what most kings would fear to do. Thus his reservation over transubstantiation was monumental, besides being a highly York-8 important concern, to say the least. After all, as a Augustinian Monk, who was he to fight the doctrines of the pope or even attempt any reforms? However, this is the task which Luther undertook against all odds. Luther's courage and boldness can be seen in his "Open Letter to Pope Leo X" dated: Wittenberg, September 6, 1520: "I have, to be su ...
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  • Philosophy And Popular Culture - 1,655 words
    Philosophy and Popular Culture Nicole November 7, 2000 Political Thought The piece of popular culture that I chose for this assignment is the book by James and Christopher Collier, My Brother Sam Is Dead. A brief description of the events that took place in the book follows. I took the religious aspects of the book and will relate them to several philosophers, which we have studied. The time period in which this book took place was a time when people's religious values were much more prominent than in today's society. Over time it seems that religious values have gone into hiding and people are much more concerned with material possessions and social life. The Revolutionary War broke up many ...
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  • The Gospel Of Lune - 1,277 words
    The Gospel Of Lune In the Gospel According to Luke and the Acts of the Apostles, repentance and forgiveness are discussed explicitly. These acts serve as our attempt to become better Christians. Only in repenting our sins and working for their forgiveness are we able to embrace the workings of God. Additionally, it is only through the word of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit, and the grace of God, that man is forgiven. But, if one does not repent and change ones ways, receiving Gods forgiveness is impossible. In explaining these aspects of Christian faith, they also help to explain the static relationship between God and his people in the earlier Books of Genesis, Exodus and Job. Conse ...
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  • Theology An Examination Of The Question Of The Impeccability Of Jesus Christ - 2,607 words
    Theology - An examination of the question of the impeccability of Jesus Christ The New Testament authors had no qualms about declaring that Jesus was truly human and telling us that Jesus committed no sin. Bible passages such as 2 Corinthians 5:21, Hebrews 4:15, 1 Peter 2:22 and 1 John 3:5 witness that He [Jesus] did not give in to temptation, nor violate the moral standards of God, nor was He inconsistent with the nature of his character. That is, Jesus was sinless. It is vital to our theology that Jesus was sinless. For only if Jesus was sinless could His death have been a vicarious substitution and fulfil Gods redemptive plan for man. If Jesus had not been sinless, then it would mean that ...
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