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  • Analysis Of Childrens Fairy Tales - 2,038 words
    ... rtainty, fear p132-Serret's face was bright and shadowy from the candle p134 "...the unborn and the undying, the bright world and the dark one... unborn(still innocent)--bright world undying (evil)----------dark world p156 darkness--terror--desolation -goat hide now tatters and black grease cirle were light p163 "We had left the sunlight of the new day behind him on the open sea. All was dark here. The Shadow-a quest. p180 Light is power -sunlight and starlight are time, and time is light p198 terror through the dark twilight p195 Naming the shadow of his death with his own name -Service of ruin, or pain, or hatred, or dark It was quite obvious the imagery that was being used in this sto ...
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  • Treasure Island - 1,907 words
    Treasure Island Character of Interest My favorite character in Treasure Island is captain Long John Silver. This character really stood out to me. The reason being that he was a very respected and or feared pirate among everyone that knew him. He had a very complex personality, at first he seemed to be the kindest person is the whole book, but later he really reveals what he is capable of and you soon learn it is really a act. Long John Silver is a very hard man to understand. Its very hard to even describe him. He could be very friendly and nice, which he looked like. He had lost his leg above the knee so he hobbled around on a crutch, which he could move around remarkably good, he dressed ...
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  • Treasure Island - 1,923 words
    ... horse back, we hid and watch as they destroyed our inn yelling Not here, and Its gone, someones, got it,. Then Dr.Livesey rode with many other man firing out the group of men. I went with them to town and told them of what have happened, we then all (the doctor and captain smollett, really the town officials) looked at the map and concluded it was a treasure mao and said to be Captain Flints (famous pirate captain) treasure. We were able find a good ship and found a man that seemed to be well connected, and even offered to be the ships cook (he was missing a leg now I learned he was probaly the man the capatin at the inn told me of). He was even able to find entire ship crew that he sai ...
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  • Treasure Island - 1,026 words
    Treasure Island There is an old crippled man knocking at the Admiral Benbow Inn. He calls himself Captain Billy Bones. He lives in fear of a one-legged man, because Billy Bones has a map in his suitcase that the one-legged man wants. But, Billy Bones doesnt know that the one-legged man, Captain Flint, has died. One day a blind beggar named "Blind Pew" comes to see Billy Bones at the Inn and gives him the "Black Spot", a mark of immediate death between pirate crews. Billy Bones gives Jim Hawkins, the owner of the Inns son, a key to the suitcase before he dies. Jim is fourteen years old and in very good shape. Jim takes the suitcase to Dr. Livesey, a smart young man in his mid thirties, and Sq ...
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  • Treasure Island - 768 words
    Treasure Island Treasure Island The title of this book is Treasure Island. It is written by Robert Lewis Stevenson and takes place mainly on Treasure Island. There were many characters in this story but the most substantial were; Jim Hawkins the cabin boy/narrator; Long John Silver the captain; David Livesey the ships doctor; Pew the blind-beggar; and John Trelawney the owner of the ship. After the Captain had died from an overdose of Rum, Dr. Livesey looked through the Captains coat and there he found a book. Later Dr. Livesey, Jim, and the squire looked through the book the doctor had found, the doctor opened the seals with great care, and there fell out the map of an island. It had the la ...
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