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  • Our Guys By Bernard Lefkowitz - 1,394 words
    Our Guys By Bernard Lefkowitz The novel Our Guys, written by Bernard Lefkowitz, is a very dynamic story about the heinous actions of a dozen middle-class athletes, from a small New York suburb, against a defenseless mentally handicapped girl. Lefkowitz describes a brutal gang rape involving a baseball bat and broomhandle, which took place in this unsuspecting town, by these upstanding young group of boys, as the town would describe them. Lefkowitz looks at the incident which took place and then examines the jock clique sub-culture that allowed such atrocities to happen, and spawned the scandal to cover it up. The town of Glenridge is at the surface not any different than any other surburban ...
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  • Life In A Highschool - 1,107 words
    Life In A Highschool Life in a High School Bart Hayes Eng102sec.065 4/27/00 Cliques are small groups of between two and twelve individuals. Cliques are small enough that the members feel that they know each other better than do people outside the clique. Members of a clique share common activities and friendships. They are social settings in which adolescents hang out, talk to each other, and form closer friendships. Groups of friends, called cliques can be important for social upgrading, but in most cases the enormous power and effects of these cliques can create alienation, exclusion , and destructive results. In my high school , as well as every other high school in America there are soci ...
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  • The Women Og Greece: A Transition From Ancient Power To Classical Subservient Weakness - 1,623 words
    ... ere given much freedom and power in Archaic Greece. The Classical period in Greece was a time of an amazing amount of growth and change, but along with it much hardship and war. In the beginning of this era, Greece fought in the Peloponnesian War in 431 B.C.. Following this war came the Sparta vs. Athens War, which lasted until 404 B.C. and left Athens exhausted (Greece 373). While these wars took place, a plague hit Athens in 430 B.C. that killed a third of the people. After all of the fighting and death, another war broke out between Sparta and Thebes. Thebes won and control went to them (Greece 373). In 334 B.C., Alexander the Great took office and in 10 years conquered the entire Per ...
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  • Women In The Hellenistic World - 1,537 words
    Women In The Hellenistic World Women's lives were improved and expanded in the Hellenistic age more so than at any other time prior Greek history. Papyri from Egypt and Coele-Syria have led to the discovery of documents on marriage contracts, inscriptions of philanthropy, and the daily lives of the women in that period. The Hellenistic woman changed in many ways. She became more educated, more cultured, and she received domestic freedom and her new legal and occupational advancements and a whole other myriad of news liberations. The ideal of the Classical obedient Greek wife was turned upside down. She no longer had to be escorted to places outside her home and to issue legal documents. She ...
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