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  • Mount Adams - 643 words
    Mount Adams Mount Adams is one of the largest volcanoes in the Cascade Range, it is way bigger then any of the surrounding mountains. Mount Adams has been less active during the past few thousand years than its neighboring mountains of St. Helens, Rainier, and Mt. Hood, it will erupt again. In the future the eruptions will probably happen more often from vents on the summit and upper sides of Mount Adams than from vents scattered in the volcanic fields beyond. Large landslides and lahars that dont need to be related to eruptions probably will cause the most destructive, far-reaching hazard of Mount Adams. Volcanoes create a variety of geologic hazards during eruptions and when there isnt any ...
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  • Mt Saint Helans - 1,392 words
    Mt Saint Helans Mount St. Helens Location: Washington, United States Latitude: 46.20 N Longitude: 122.18 W height: 2,549 meters or 8,364 feet - 9,677 feet before May 18, 1980 Type: Stratovolcano Number of eruptions in past 200 years: 2-3 Latest Eruptions: Between 1660-1700, around 1800-1802, 1831, 1835, 1842-1844, 1847-1854, 1857, 1980-? Present thermal activity: strong steaming Nickname: Mount Fuji of the West Remarks: continuous intermittent activity since 1980 with occasional eruptions of steam and ash; occasional pyroclastic flows; intermittent dome forming. MSH is considered a young volcano that developed over the last 40,000 years and is one of the most active volcanoes in the Cascade ...
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  • Physical Geology Notes - 2,645 words
    Physical Geology Notes Chapter Seven Weathering: Chemical alteration and mechanical breakdown of rock and sediment. * depth of air/water penetration * as distance of formation from surface rises, so does susceptibility to weathering * physical weathering: The physical breakup of rocks. * chemical weathering: The decomposition of rocks and minerals caused by stability-increasing chemical reactions. -rate of weathering positively linked to presence or absence of high mountains, and thus to plate tectonics Physical Weathering-Mechanical Processes (water, fire, roots) * development of joints- rock moved upward after erosion, causes fractures -columnar joints in igneous rock * crystal growth- sal ...
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  • Plate Tectonics - 1,520 words
    Plate Tectonics Plate Tectonics Since the beginning of human kind there has been a cloud of wonder regarding the origin of our planet. Scientist interested in this field through out the years have developed many different theories to how our planet came about. Before the Twentieth Century, scientist and geologist alike revolved in the idea that Mountain building was due to the massive contractions of the earth caused by the gradual cooling of molten rocks. In 1900, American scientist Joseph Le Conte, published an article in the Appletons Popular Scientific Monthly. He described that the problem in understanding mountain building was establishing the cause of sideways pressure. The most obvio ...
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  • Volcanoes - 1,172 words
    Volcanoes Volcanoes JACK KNOFF WR 327 Technical Report Spring '99 Introduction In this report I plan to discuss the geological event of volcanic eruptions and the disasters they cause. To me, this is a fascinating topic and timely seeing how the 19th anniversary of the eruption of Mt. St. Helens is upon us. I hope to inform people of the mass destruction that is caused by the eruption of a volcano. The scope of my report will be limited to: 1) describing what comes out of a volcano, 2) explaining the seven different types of volcanoes, 3) explaining the five types of volcanic eruptions, and 4) explaining the disasters they can cause people. The procedure for completing this report first star ...
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  • Volcanoes - 1,131 words
    Volcanoes Introduction Volcanoes get their name from the Greek word Vulcano. "To the ancient Greeks, Vulcano was Hiera Hephaistou ... to the ancient Romans it was the home of the forges of Vulcan; to both Vulcano was the lair of the god of fire" (Bullard 1984). Since then the myths have all gone but the name Vulcano has remained as the symbol for all volcanoes. "A volcano is both the place and opening from which molten rock, solid rock or gas issues from a planetary interior" (Scarth 1994). It is also defined as the mountain or hill built up around the opening at the surface by an accumulation of the ejected materials. Sources of molten rock below the surface of the earth is called a magma r ...
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  • Volcanoes - 1,909 words
    Volcanoes By Tricia Severson 2nd hour Science 4/30/98 A volcano is a vent, or opening, in the surface of the Earth through which magma and associated gases and ash erupt. The word also refers to the form or structure, usually conical, produced by accumulations of erupted material. Volcanoes occur mainly near plate tectonic boundaries and are especially common around the Pacific basin, called the Pacific Ring of Fire (see Plate Tectonics). Humanity has long been awed by this powerful force of nature. The Romans attributed volcanic events to Vulcan, the god of fire and metalworking. In AD 79 the eruption of Mount Vesuvius destroyed the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Polynesians belie ...
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  • Volcanos - 1,224 words
    Volcanos Volcanos occur all over the world.The best know volcano zones occur on the destructive plate margin around the Pacific Ring of Fire.This chain of volcanos that lie along the west coast of central and south America,Japan and the Philippines,across New Zealand and into the Atlantic.Volcanos also occur in mid-ocean along the line of ocean ridges.The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is an example of ocean floor volcanos.When these volcanos erupt lava flows from the cracks building up the ocean floor.Volcanos can also occur away from plate boundaries.These are the Hawaiian Volcanos.As you can see there are lots of places were volcanos occur.Sometimes these volcanos are where humans have settled.To hel ...
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  • Wild Meat And The Bully Burgers - 1,026 words
    ... oom. They get real scared and run home in the middle of the night. Lovey's mother gets mad because now they are both scared of everything. She puts Lovey on a plane to Molokai to live with her grandmother for a while so that she can forget what has happened. Grandmother does her best to pass the time for Lovey, but she doesn't know that Lovey is still scared of her teacher. She doesn't sleep until the sun comes up the next day, that she hears little men laughing. Lovey tells Grandmother one day, and they go to the church to talk to the reverend. They pray for her. Lovey and her father have a new moneymaking idea, to pluck feathers off of dead peacocks and to sell them to the feather lei ...
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