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  • Bio Lab Report - 691 words
    Bio Lab Report This study was done to determine and compare the suvivorship curves of people who died prior to1945 and after 1945. Many medical advances have been made in this country since 1945. We have developed many new drugs, vaccines, and medical equipment that have aided in prolonging and saving lives of humans. We have also developed many new techniques to test for diesases and this helps people get the proper medical attention before the disease gets to the point where it can no longer be controlled. I would think that the general belief of most people is that the survivorship of mankind would have dramatically increased after 1945 because of how far science has come in that time. Th ...
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  • Ecology Lab Report - 1,232 words
    Ecology Lab Report Introduction An organism has several ways to avoid being prated upon. One way to avoid this is to practice crptis. Crypis is the action of organisms avoiding predation by blending in with their backgrounds and matching the color pattern of a bark, twigs or leaves. Palatable animals often utilize this strategy as well. Another type of defense is aposematism or warning coloratio. Organisms that produce noxious chemicals or accumalate them from food plants, advertise the fact that they are harmful with conspicous color patterns. Mimicry is the resemblence of an organism toward some other organism or an object inthe enviroment, evolved to decieve predators or prey into confudi ...
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  • Ecology Lab Report - 1,282 words
    ... ). In our case we added up 1.1+ .0024 + .99=2.0924. The results for eight, the red larvae deloped was , while the obsereved removed was 19. The expected removed were 75*19/200=7.1. The chi square analysis for the red larvae deployed was (19-7.1)^2/7.1=19.9. For day 8 the blue larvae developed was 70, while the observed removed was 0. The expected removed were 70*19/200=6.7. THe chi-square analysis for the blue larvae was (0-6.7)^2/6.7=6.7. For day 8 of the lime larvae, deployed was 55, while the observed removed was 0. The expected removed were 55*19/200=5.2. THe chi square analyis for the lime was (0-5.2)^2/5.2=5.2. When all of these are added up, the total chi square analysis was 19.9+ ...
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  • Lab Report - 220 words
    Lab Report Morphological Unknown Lab Report Introduction: There are many types of microorganisms in the world that may seem alike but are very different in function and purpose. That is why when one has to find what an unknown organism is he or she sees that its difficult to classify it based on its outer appearance. That is why there are many ways in order to classify microorganisms under microscopes. Two of the ways to identify microorganisms are by looking at the colony and cell morphologies or by conducting a series of stain procedures on the microorganisms. A colony is a mass of microbial cells (Colome, Ex6:28). Morphology is the colonys structure and form. There are six parameters used ...
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  • Lab Report: Beginning Asl 3 4 - 711 words
    Lab Report: Beginning ASL 3 & 4 Sign language is a method of communication of which I am becoming more and more familiar. This is in great part to a series of videos I am currently watching entitled The Bravo Family, Beginning ASL 1-15. I have recently finished watching videos three and four. I have discovered there are many things that I did not know concerning such topics as the culture and grammar of the deaf community. I feel these are two aspects which deserve an abundance of credit and require a large amount of studying. The culture of the deaf community is still thriving and continues to grow in strength. This in spite of the years of suppression that people have enforced on these uni ...
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  • Plant Growth Lab Report - 251 words
    Plant Growth Lab Report Plant Growth Ashton Abernethy Observation: Which Plant will grow better? The one in normal sunlight or the one in artificial sunlight? Hypothesis: The one in normal sunlight will grow better Materials: 4 bean seedlings of equal size 4 pots of equal size Potting soil Water Green Light Red Light Procedure: 1. Gather Materials 2. Pot the bean seedlings 3. Put one seedling in a window, another under a red light, another under a green light, and the other in total darkness 4. Water them each the same amount 5. Measure the seedlings everyday for 5 days Results: See graph on other page Analysis: My analysis of the experiment was that the plant under red light grew the best. ...
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  • Rot Race Lab Report - 334 words
    Rot Race Lab Report To see how fast organisms and materials decay under certain conditions. Procedure: We gathered 4 2-liter plastic pop bottles and cut them to assemble the drawing below. Near the bottom we placed a siv to let juices drain through into the bottom 2-liter. Then we stacked materials and organisms on top of each other until it was about 20 cm tall. We then randomly poked holes into the sides of the pop bottles to let air escape. This is the order we placed the materials, from top to bottom; 2 cups of dirt, 13 pieces of melon, I cup of soil, 3 chunks of wax, 2 cut up bananas, 4 slices of apple, 1 banana peel, many slices of carrot peelings, 1 cinnamon roll, apple sauce, 1 slice ...
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  • Chemistry Lab - 231 words
    Chemistry Lab Lab Report Introduction: The purpose of this lab was determining the molecular weight of an unknown solid organic compound by freezing point depression. In order to do so, one has to first, freeze cyclohxane, by putting it in ice cold water, and see what the constant temperature comes out as. Then, one has to freeze .4 grams of there unknown, and cyclohexane by doing the same process and also see what the constant temperature will come out as. After figuring out your constant temperature, on should then plug their numbers into the equations. Procedure: These equations were given in the lab procedures for experiment number ten Experiments for General Chemistry at Yavapai College ...
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  • Do Plants Need Soil To Grow - 436 words
    Do Plants Need Soil To Grow? [School] DO PLANTS NEED SOIL TO GROW? [Name] [class] Period 0 [Professor] 2/8/00 TABLE OF CONTENTS: Problem Hypothesis Materials Used Diagram Procedure Data Calculation Sources of Error Conclusion PROBLEM: Are plants able to live in an environment without the seemingly essential nutrients of soil? HYPOTHESIS: Seeing as how certain plants can grow only in certain soils, it seems unlikely that any seeds would mature to a full healthy adult. MATERIAL USED: Seeds Plastic cups Ruler Kellogg's topsoil Gravel Paper towels Toothpicks Graduated Cylinder Water DIAGRAM: PROCEDURE: Gathered materials Assembled three cups with the proper soil (none, gravel ...
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  • I Introductionbackgroundpurposehypothesis: - 1,147 words
    I. Introduction/Background/Purpose/Hypothesis: BACKROUND: An enzyme is a protein that controls the chemical reactions that take place in the body. Enzymes help by catalyzing (speeding up) the reaction and intern lowering the activation energy required for the reaction to occur. Molecules called substrates bind with enzymes during reactions. However each enzyme has a very specific purpose. The shape of the active site on the enzymes outer layer determines that purpose, along with deciding which substrates can bind with that specific enzyme. The active site of the enzyme is the spot where the substrate binds in order for the reaction to occur. The bond formed by the enzyme and substrate is a n ...
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  • Is Communication Doomed - 562 words
    Is Communication Doomed? Is Communication Doomed? Essay written by steve mousidis It is essential that everyone is capable of reading, writing, and communicating in an articulate and organized manner. Unfortunately, many American students lack the necessary skills needed for effective communication. It is contradictory that there are so many illiterate students in this current age that many define as 'the age of the information superhighway.' It seems as though many of America's students are unaware of the importance of communication and literacy. Clear and effective language use is a most important and practical utility; it is the vehicle we use to convey information. An 'information superh ...
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  • Techtonic Plates - 446 words
    Techtonic Plates Lab Report The structure of the earth is made up of many layers, but the crust and the upper mantle make up the lithosphere. The lithosphere is divided into individual sections called plates. The rest of the mantle makes up the asthenosphere. Convection in asthenosphere causes the plates to shift and move about. We can tell where the plates are or have been because volcanoes and earthquakes have their own boundaries when the are active. Tectonic plates have three relationships with each other. The have convergent boundaries when they collide, divergent boundaries when they move apart, and transform boundaries when they slide past each other. The friction and heat caused by t ...
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