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  • Charles Manson: Methods To The Madness - 1,869 words
    Charles Manson: Methods To The Madness On the morning of August 9, 1969, three LAPD officers arrived at 10050 Cielo Drive (Bugliosi 7). The scene that awaited them was horrendous. In the driveway, in a parked car, the body of Steven Parent was found. He was shot four times and stabbed once. Laying about eighteen or twenty feet past the front door of the house, Voytek Frykowski had been shot twice, beaten over the head with a blunt object thirteen times, and stabbed fifty-one times. Also discovered on the lawn was coffee heiress Abigail Folger, stabbed twenty-eight times. Inside the home, in the living room, were the bodies of Jay Sebring and Sharon Tate. Sebring, a hair stylist, had been sta ...
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  • Interview With An Artist Mark Mckee - 461 words
    Interview With An Artist - Mark Mckee Interview with an Artist The artist/illustrator I chose to contact was Mark McKee. Hes an illustrator/designer for World Industries, a skateboard and snowboard company. Some of his work has been very controversial and lawsuits have been filed on several occasions. Specifically for a board with a Winnie the Pooh look-alike and also for a design similar to a L. Ron Hubbard book. But I particularly liked his original work, specifically flame-boy and the smiley devil guy. Contacting him wasnt too hard; I found the number for World Industries in a snowboard magazine. When I called I was given a new number, since they changed offices. The secretary put me righ ...
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  • Scientology - 1,309 words
    Scientology Scientology is a fairly new religion. Founded in the twentieth-century by a man by the name of L. Ron Hubbard. He began his studies long ago and wrote a book in 1950 called Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. He claimed that this book was one of the first tools used to solve the problems of the mind. This book focused on irrational mind, war, crime, and insanity. Mr. Hubbard designed this book so that anyone can use it to improve oneself. He did not stop at Dianetics, however, he felt that there were still some issues that had to be addressed. He was now going to try to figure out the nature of the human being, what makes up our "being." Mr. Hubbard combined religion, ...
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  • Scientology: Religion Or Bizarre Cult - 1,009 words
    ... This $1,200 detoxification program requires the patient to drink vegetable oil, take megadoses of vitamins, and sweat in a sauna for several hours a day (Mallia. Sacred. 2). A series of courses are then required to reach a spiritual stage called Clear, which is described as a state of great freedom (Hubbard. What Is. 24). Once this stage has been reached, the science fiction content of Scientology is revealed to its members (Devlin 2). It is at this level that the story of Xenu is encountered (Mallia. Sacred. 2). It is told that Xenu gathered up the overpopulation of a particular galaxy, brought them to Earth and exterminated them with hydrogen bombs. The souls of these murdered people, ...
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