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  • Korean Conflict - 419 words
    Korean Conflict North Korea and South Korea was once one country combined. That changed soon after World War II. Since the Soviet Union controlled North Korea it was mainly Communist. North and South Korea were separated on the 38th parallel line. The United States controlled South Korea so it was mainly democratic. The Korean War began on June 25, 1950, when troops from Communist-ruled North Korea invaded South Korea. The Korean War was the first war in which a world organization, the United Nations (UN), played a military role. The UN thought that the invasion was "a violation of international peace," and demanded that the Communists withdraw from South Korea. After North Korea kept fighti ...
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  • United Nations Research Paper What Was The United Nations Role As Peacekeeping Force In The North Korean Conflict - 1,475 words
    United Nations Research Paper. What Was The United Nations Role As Peacekeeping Force In The North Korean Conflict TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION-------------------------------------- -------2 The birth of the United Nations BACKGROUND ----------------------------------------------3 The idea of peacekeeping KOREA -------------------------------------------------- ------4 The Korean War The UN's role in the Korean conflict UNTCOK & UNCOK --------------------------------4 UNKURK ----------------------------------------------4 Military forces in Korea - the final action --------6 Conclusion -------------------------------------------------- -7 Bibliography -------------------------------------- ...
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  • United Nations Research Paper What Was The United Nations Role As Peacekeeping Force In The North Korean Conflict - 1,494 words
    ... still absent, the Security Council put the finishing touch on its collective security initiative by passing a resolution that asked members to provide military forces and other assistance for a unified command under the United States and authorized to use the blue and white United Nations flag. The Secretary General cabled all members asking to extend their commitment of assistance. This resolution and the response to it, was the Council's final action on Korea. The Soviets, at least comprehending the folly of their boycott, returned to block all further action. By then, activity had moved decisively from the diplomatic to the military stage. On September 15, General Macarthur landed at ...
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  • Causes Of The Korean War - 1,355 words
    Causes Of The Korean War Causes of the Korean War Andrew Glass Global Studies Period Seven The Korean War, 1950-1953 After the USSR installed a Communist government in North Korea in September 1948, that government promoted and supported an insurgency in South Korea in an attempt to bring down the recognized government and gain jurisdiction over the entire Korean peninsula. Not quite two years later, after the insurgency showed signs of failing, the northern government undertook a direct attack, sending the North Korea People's Army south across the 38th parallel before daylight on Sunday, June 25, 1950. The invasion, in a narrow sense, marked the beginning of a civil war between peoples of ...
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  • South Korea - 1,392 words
    South Korea South Korea South Korea is officially known as Taehan Minguk (Republic of Korea). This country is in northeastern Asia and occupies the southern part of the Korean Peninsula. South Korea is bounded on the north by North Korea; on the east by the East Sea (Sea of Japan); on the south bye the Korea Strait, which also separates it from Japan; and on the west by the Yellow Sea. It has a total area of 38,328 square miles, including many offshore islands in the south and west, and the largest is Cheju. The state of South Korea was established in 1948 succeeding the post-World War II distribution of the penisula between the occupying forces of the United States in the south and the Unio ...
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  • Us Foreign Policy In Vietnam - 1,777 words
    ... auma of Vietnam. A "No more Vietnams" psychology sprung up all over the country. Lewy commented that American turn to isolationism in hope that such an disaster will never happen again. Lewy stated that the "United States cannot and should not be the worlds policeman." (490) The result for taking up a moral burden such as Vietnam only results in the severe casualties. Despite what the American ideal for democracy, Lewy concluded, we can not support and change the world. "The Statesman cannot be a saint" (491) as the Korean Conflict and Vietnam conflict had shown to the American people. The American idealism changed significantly because of the impact of Vietnam war. Lewy ended his essay ...
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  • Vietnam - 789 words
    Vietnam Vietnam is a country 9000 miles away from the United States. Yet America felt that its national interest to protect the peace in south Asia and stop communist was threatened strongly enough to fight a war there. Therefore, American considered that the establishment of the "Iron Curtain" of Europe must be stopped to happen again in Asia. Meanwhile, the communist take over of China, the Korean War and the communist victory over the French in Vietnam - all led many Americans to fear that The communists were taking over the world and America must dispatch force to stop their expansion. At that time, most American believed in the "Domino Theory", suggesting that if one Asian country fell ...
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