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  • I Love This Business, Exults Robert Kaynes Jr, Vice President Of Sales And Grandson Of The Founder At Bron Shoe, The Columbus - 1,746 words
    "I love this business," exults Robert Kaynes Jr., vice president of sales (and grandson of the founder) at Bron Shoe, the Columbus, Ohio-based company responsible for putting millions of pairs of bronzed baby shoes on bookshelves in the homes of loving parents across America for the past 75 years. "It may sound schmaltzy" Kaynes concedes, "but it's a schmaltzy business. We're selling sentiment." Still, how do you market a memory? For companies like Hallmark, FTD, Bron Shoe, and others in the "sentiment expression" industry, selling can be a daunting task. After all, its hard enough to describe sentiment, let alone market it. Of course, its not all blue smoke and mirrors; there are products i ...
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  • Is Your Organization Ready To Consider An Hrms - 1,027 words
    Is Your Organization Ready to Consider an HRMS? Before you look at acquiring an HRMS, look inside your organization. How intrinsic to your companys strategic direction is the acquisition of an HRMS? What is the meaning of an HRMS to your executives? Are they convinced of the strategic importance of HR? Or will your executives views be limited to an HRMS with only basic record keeping functions (such as demographics data or payroll information)? Your success in obtaining strong executive sponsorship will dictate where you look and what package you will select. You will need to consider the overall budget. Who needs to be on side to develop a credible business case? What about technology? Is y ...
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  • Kodak - 1,342 words
    ... tography. However, Kodak missed this opportunity in their haste to get into the digital camera market. Issue #2 - Continued revenue losses in the digital imaging division Here, the issue is Kodak's continuing revenue losses in its digital imaging division. Again, one of the chief culprits is Kodak's failure to introduce digitization before digital cameras. As a result, Kodak has to grow two new products, digital cameras and digitization. This is a tremendous burden on Kodak's financial resources. Additionally, Kodak did not effectively target or segment its market. Granted, Kodak and Intel did hundreds of one-on-one interviews and test marketing to develop and fine-tune advertisements. H ...
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  • Mcdonalds And You - 1,962 words
    Mcdonald's and you McDonaldization of Society In today's' complicated and ever changing society, we often try to achieve a sense of stability and familiarity around us. One way our culture has tried to make life a little easier is by implementing a function now know as McDonaldization. McDonaldization is defined as the process by which the principles of the fast food restaurant are coming to dominate more and more sectors of American society as well as the rest of the world. (1) The success of McDonalds, and of McDonaldization as a whole, is due to four basic factors--efficiency, calculability, predictability, and control. One of the first functions of McDonaldization is efficiency. Efficien ...
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  • Phantom Menace - 2,545 words
    Phantom Menace Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace Walkthru v1.4 (C) Copyright 1999 Marilyn J. Caylor Email: This walkthru may be reprinted on other walkthru websites without permission so long as the original content remains unedited and intact, and proper credit is given to the author. If you have this walkthru on your site, please notify the author so she can send you updates when necessary. For any use other than a walkthru site, you must contact her for reprint permission. This walkthru is not public domain. It may not be resold or distributed in any compilation without permission. Any other use is strictly prohibited. -------------------------------------------------- ------------- ...
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  • Third Man - 939 words
    Third Man Henry Graham Greene was born on 2 October 1904 in Berkhamsted in England and was one of six children. At the age of eight he went to the Berkhamsted school. As a teenager he was under so immense pressure that he got psychological problems and suffered a nervous breakdown. In 1922 he was enrolled on the Balliol College, Oxford and in 1926 after graduation he started to work for the London Times as sub-editor and for the Nottingham Journal as journalist, where he met his later wife Vivien Dayrell-Browning. In February 1926 before marring his wife he was received into the Roman Catholic Church, which had influenced him and his writings. In 1929 his first novel The Man Within was publi ...
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