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  • Dueling In 18th Century - 1,760 words
    Dueling In 18th Century Throughout time, the image of the duel has transcended into our collective consciousness, so that there is hardly a person today who does not understand what the word means, even though there are practically no modern day duels. Anyone asked to define the word would be able to conjure up the image of two men standing face to face, for the purpose of settling a dispute and very likely leaving one of the men dead. The portrait of the duel has remained a constant in literature through centuries and even in the modern day can be found in the mediums of television and cinema. These fictional duels are usually pretty clear cut, with good and evil coming together for a final ...
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  • Dueling In 18th Century - 1,700 words
    ... ss was not honorable, but a man had to consider all aspects carefully before he refused. As Kiernan states "A man of good standing challenged by one of dubious status might hesitate to decline, for fear of being suspended of a discreditable motive" (103). This situation is found in Tobias Smollett's novel The Expedition of Humphry Clinker. Smollett creates a contrasting pair of situations. The first occurs when a Jery Melford discovers that his sister is receiving letters from an actor, Wilson, a man definitely below her in status. Jery has words with Wilson and offends him, causing Wilson to challenge Jery to a duel. Jery writes a friend about this stating "Though his rank in life (whic ...
    Related: century society, eighteenth century, catch 22, family member, realm
  • Jews In Argentina - 1,192 words
    ... on the Russian front and with killing Jews while commanding an extermination group. In 1992, a reporter from the local Clarin newspaper photographed the Dutchman at his home in suburban Buenos Aires. Anti-Semitic Activities Neo-Nazi individuals and groups continued to operate openly in Argentina, supported by a wide circle of sympathizers. The well-known neo-Nazi Alejandro Biondini, who has been active since the 1980s, leads one of the two main nationalistic right-wing parties, Partido Nuevo Triunfo (New Triumph Party -- PNT). He served a jail term in 1996, under Anti-Discrimination Law No. 25.592, for displaying a swastika on the cover of his publication Libertad de Opinin. In 1998 Bion ...
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  • Jurassic Park And Tech - 1,297 words
    ... entually clone or study them. Unfortunately attempts to isolate ancient bacteria have been inconclusive. The chief concern in isolating ancient bacteria is the contamination of the sample by modern bacteria through fractures in the amber. Despite the extensive sterilization techniques, scientists cannot be sure whether the bacteria isolated are truly ancient bacteria (Poinar, 1994). For instance, Bacillus subtilis bacteria were cultured from an amber from an amber specimen of a stingless bee from the Dominican Republic, but these bacteria are commonly found in both the alimentary canal of the modern-day stingless bee and in the soil. Also problems arise in extracting the DNA from the sin ...
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  • Social Control Of Cyber Space - 1,115 words
    ... s that someone from a remote terminal using telephone lines had attempted to enter the vast campus computer facility system to destroy the volume table of contents of all the data that was stored in that facility" (Nycum, 4). Luckily, an alert operator forestalled the attack and they were not damaged, but if they had been, $50,000 in 1970 U.S. dollars would have been necessary for the repairs towards the system and recovery of modified or lost data. Since then, institutions around the United States have scattered for solutions to protect themselves from unlawful intrusions and the borderless threats from cyber space. In 1991, the Computer Emergency Response Team at Carnegie Mellon Univer ...
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  • Video Transmission Via Satellite - 1,960 words
    ... ide a complete software platform for the new service through the company's TV Navigator software. Strategic Partnership Example AOL TV/DirecTV plan to market the AOL TV/DirecTV service to a combined base of 24 million subscribers. The service will provide AOL content in addition to satellite TV programming in one platform. The deal also boosts the broadband ambitions of both companies. Hughes' planned $1.4 billion Spaceway geostationary broadband satellite system will benefit by being able to tap into this customer base well before the satellites built. AOL also said to be considering additional investment in Spaceway. Interactivity EchoStar appeared to have the jump on DirecTV when it c ...
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