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  • Assisted Suicide - 756 words
    Assisted Suicide People are probaly confused at the fact that society approving people to be euthanized. Obviously, if it was stated in a letter to the editor in the Detroit Free Press entitled, "Death, Dignity." The writer is simply saying it's okay to end lives. It also states that John Engler, our state government, is supporting two important projects that assist in these suicides. Engler is trying to establish Michigan to be a national leader in death with dignity (Death, Dignity). That doesn't sound like dying with dignity to me. I think assisted suicide is wrong and we should take an account that killing yourself isn't dignified. First of all the writer self-contradicts him/her self. T ...
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  • Irvings American Progeny - 1,410 words
    Irving's American Progeny Irving's American Progeny Washington Irving had the unique opportunity of helping a new nation forge its own identity. America, fresh out of the revolution, looked for an author to take charge and create something that seemed to be missing from the newly born nation. He took this responsibility seriously and made a mythology that founded an American literary tradition. He took bits and pieces from the Old World and incorporated them into the New in such a manner that what he wrote appeared original, and yet tied into a tradition that was centuries old. He did this in a manner that astonished many Europeans who believed an American could never produce literature with ...
    Related: american, american culture, american folklore, american history, american identity, american literary, american revolution
  • Irvings American Progeny - 1,375 words
    ... cause whoever wins her also wins the treasures of her father. Crane recognized this fact as well as Brom Van Brunt, the story's symbol of the American people. Crane wished to take Katrina, as well as their children and possessions, and travel to new territory, away from Sleepy Hollow, where she was born and raised, much as England had taken America's resources away from her people in order to replenish depleted funds. Van Brunt recognized Crane's self-interest and therefore fought to keep the treasure where it rightfully belonged. Ichabod's destructive tendencies were shown through Irving's description of him riding to the party. "He rode with short stirrups, which brought his knees near ...
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  • Original Writing - 1,912 words
    Original Writing Just calm down would you. For a few moments at least. You have got ages to think about what you are taking with you, 20 minutes before you have to be out of that door. Pausing to listen to my mothers unhelpful words has cost me yet another few precious seconds, seconds that I dont have to waste, not now anyway. I wont snap at her mind, she is the sole reason that I have the opportunity to be going where I am. You see, she has agreed to lie, to my somewhat over protective father, about my whereabouts, I owe her big time. These were my thoughts as I realised, after having overslept by no less than 2 hours, that I had precisely 18 minutes to get a whole four days worth of neces ...
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  • Parallel Editing - 507 words
    Parallel Editing Parallel editing, or the ability to make two separate actions happen at the same time, was innovated by D.W. Griffith and is exclusive to films. Action films are a good source for these, as they give the impression of tensely reaching a climax in the film. In Vampires, by John Carpenter (1998), there are two sequences which include parallel editing. The first example happens rather early in the movie. At this point, a team of vampire slayers commissioned by the Catholic Church are having a party at a motel. this occurs after they slayed all the vampires in a nearby nest, losing the head vampire, Valek. The parallel action begins when the three survivors come back to the mote ...
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  • Sunjata And Fredrick Dougalss - 497 words
    Sunjata And Fredrick Dougalss KATRINA GRIFFIN 10/12/99 HUM 2011.4 PRO CHAMBERS RESPONDS ON SUNJATA AND FREDRICK DOUGLASS READINGS In the story The Guardian of the Word, it shows how Africans Americans and modern post-colonial Africans are a like in rejection of history and traditional culture. The griot in the story was trying to explain the history and lineage to a young African boy when his teacher came and deliberately interrupted the lesson. The teacher regarded the griots lesson as meaningless and trivial compared to modern day teachings. The teacher did not understand or want to understand the old traditional way and culture from whence he came. The teacher represents the African Ameri ...
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  • The Life Of A Poet - 903 words
    The Life Of A Poet ! John Keats The life of a poet! Katrina Bartlett English per.2 May, 31 2000 pg. 1 He started at the pacific. All his men/looked at each other with a wild surmise--/silent, upon a peak in Darien; Beauty is truth, truth Beauty, --that is all/ ye know on earth, and all ye need to know; The author of these and many other lines fixed permanently in the shared consciousness of those who speak English, John Keats was an extremely unlikely candidate for poetic immortality. Born into a working-class family two centuries ago. Orphaned in childhood, his work was subjected to vicious attacks by established literary critics, dead in his mid-twenties from tuberculosis, he overcame all ...
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  • William Faulkner - 1,665 words
    William Faulkner William Faulkner is viewed by many as Americas greatest writer of prose fiction. He was born in New Albany, Mississippi where he lived a life filled with good times and bad times. However, despite bad times he would become known as a poet, a short story writer, and finally one of the greatest contemporary novelist of his time. William Faulkners accomplishments resulted not only from his love and devotion of writing, but also from family, friends, and certain uncontrollable events. William Faulkners life is an astonishing accomplishment; however, it is crucial to explore his life prior to his fixated writing career. In 1905, Faulkner entered the first grade at a tender age o ...
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