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  • Audit Risk Model - 1,892 words
    Audit Risk Model This is defined in AUS 402 as the susceptibility of an account balance ... to misstatement that could be material ... assuming there were no related internal controls (AUS 402.09). Estimating the inherent risk (IR) for each account balance or class of transactions requires the auditor to take into account such factors as the level of complexity involved in determining the correct balance of an account, the complexity of transactions involving the particular account(s) and the portability of the assets involved. The estimation of IR is done as though no internal controls exist it looks only at the nature of the account being evaluated. Control Risk AUS 402 defines this as th ...
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  • Australias Current Account Defict - 753 words
    Australia's Current account defict Australias Current Account Deficit and foreign debt problem is a complicated and difficult one to fix. For a long time now Australia has had a Current Account Deficit. The balance of payments must be looked at to show where the Current Account Deficit came from. The Balance of Payments Accounts record the nation's transactions with the rest of the world. The Balance of Payments is Australias GDP measures the flow of economic activity that occurs within Australia over a given period. To account for the dealings with other countries, we need to track all international transactions. The Balance of Payments records and links all the separate international trans ...
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  • Brazilian Economy - 1,016 words
    ... mption, although this will lag behind the other drivers of growth. Industrial production grew in February for the fifth time in seven months, the first time Brazil has posted such a broad expansion since late 1997 (LaitnFocus) Public debt growth accelerated after mid-1995 due to the need to stabilize short-term capital inflows drawn by high domestic interest rates. This policy together with the need to extend central bank credit to the financial sector to help troubled banks has also led to a growing quasi-fiscal deficit. The Real's value has held well below its weakest point early in 1999 (around R2: $1), ending 1999 at R1.79: $1. Although debt repayments are forecast to be higher in th ...
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  • Canadian Gdp - 541 words
    Canadian GDP Canadian GDP The output or GDP of Canada has increased from 1995 to 1999. This means that more people became employed or productivity has risen. With the GDP on the rise, Canada is able to buy more because people will have more money from work. This would appreciate the dollar because Canadians need the U.S. dollar to purchase our goods. Demand, on the other hand, has somewhat stayed the same. There were periods when it was up and periods when it was down. When the demand for passenger cars was falling, Canadians were looking elsewhere to buy their cars. This factor would, most likely appreciate the dollar because, one again, the Canadians would need the U.S. dollar to buy our c ...
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  • Chinas Economics - 2,554 words
    ... will continue for some time (Table 4). Table 4. Urban per capita income Year Average Income (RMB) Growth Rate 1992 1,826.1 18.3% 1993 2,336.5 28.0% 1994 3,179.4 36.1% Source: Internet article: "How to Benefit from the Booming Retail Market in China" China has now developed large shopping centres and department stores in many provinces in order to bring up the standard of living, as well as to encourage consumer spending (Table 5). Table 5. Consumer spending in different provinces. Rank Area 1994 ( RMB billion ) 1993 ( RMB billion ) Rate 1 Guangdong 175.67 131.40 +33.7% 2 Jiangsu 124.73 93.50 +33.4% 3 Shandong 113.24 84.23 +34.4% 4 Zhejiang 96.37 67.44 +42.9% 5 Sichuan 93.33 71.79 +30.0% ...
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  • Depreciation - 911 words
    ... loss. 4 The proceeds from issuing 3,000 shares of common stock was $15,000. 5- The $16,000 gain on retirement of bonds resulted from paying $18,000 to retire bonds with a book value of $34,000. 6- Cash dividends of $14,000 were declared and paid. GROVER COMPANY Balance sheet December 31, 1990 and 1989 1990 1989 Assets Current Assets: Cash $ 17,000 $ 12,000 Accounts Receivable 60,000 40,000 Merchandise Inventory 84,000 70,000 Prepaid Expenses 6,000 4,000 Total Current Assets $ 167,000 $ 126,000 Long Term Assets: Plant Assets $250,000 $210,000 Less: accumulated depreciation 60,000 190,000 48,000 162,000 Total Assets: $357,000 $288,000 Liabilities Current Liabilities: Accounts Payable $ 35 ...
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  • Electronic Commerce - 1,165 words
    ... tion key can gain access to your information. Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape come standard with 40-bit encryption. With your data encrypted, even with a 40-bit encryption, it is safer to transmit that data around the world than to call in your number over the telephone. When you are talking about online banking, you most likely will have to upgrade your browser to support 128-bit encryption. The majority of online banking companies will not let you use the basic 40-bit encryption because it is not quite as safe as the 128-bit version. It is assumed that you need more protection for your bank accounts than you do for a basic online purchase. In all cases you should be using some ...
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  • Portrait Of A Companies Success - 2,857 words
    ... Kellys emphasize team planning. By involving those affected by the plan, they build an organization-wide understanding and commitment to the strategic plan (participants acquire an ownership of it). Strategic planning requires a significant investment of time and energy. As Helmut Jordan who is in the position of the production director said: Kelly's will have to overcome barriers raised by comments such as: a lack of time, things are changing too fast, we're doing OK now, etc. A visible commitment from top leadership is required for effective strategic planning. Strategic Planning Model The strategic planning process is shown by the model below. Note that the arrows indicate a continuo ...
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  • Private Pension Plan - 694 words
    Private Pension Plan Private Pension System The Current Social Security system should be replaced by a mandatory Private Pension plan. There are different types of investment plans one could choose before or even after they retire. Social Security is what everyone depends on once they retire at 65. Some people may even need to work beyond the age of 65 due to the lack of money they receive from Social Security. With a Pension plan you are insured to receive the money you worked hard for and maybe even a little more, Most pension plans are insured, but some of the smaller pension plans are not covered.(PBGC 1) One disadvantage about Social Security is that there is a limit on how much you can ...
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  • Russian Economy - 1,231 words
    Russian Economy The global economy has been brought about through innovation, technology and de-regulation. To the extent the government prints more Rubles than the equivalent of the hard currencies earned on exports, it will lower the real exchange rate value of the Ruble. In effect the government makes itself a forced partner of anyone with Rubles, whenever it prints Rubles for which there was no corresponding production of goods. By laws and policies it transfer this money from the poor to the rich. Printing Rubles is the same thing as collecting a tax. But it is a tax on possession of money not production of money and is therefore parasitical. If a country runs a current account deficit ...
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  • The Risk Management Of Asset And Liabilities By Developing Countries - 1,154 words
    ... in the foreign currency value of its revenues. In addition to the potential capital losses that a government may incur on its debt portfolio, its ability to access international markets to refinance its maturing debt is likely to be hindered. Taking the above mentioned issues into consideration it will be advantageous for the lender as well as the borrower, which often is a sovereign nation to be knowledgeable on the risks involved, and commitment by parties in order to understand their obligations, since both could end up as losers.On the other hand the O.E.C.D also believes that risks associated with a large net currency exposure and the existence of deep and liquid domestic capital m ...
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  • Us Economy Expansion - 1,580 words
    ... sonal Consumption Expenditures. The Retail Sales economic indicator measures the sales of retail establishments, adjusted for normal seasonal variation, holidays and trading-day differences, and are not annualized. In recent months retail sales have increased faster than expected. February saw an 11.1 percent increase where a 0.9 percent increase was expected, marking the third strong gain in the last four months. The recent beating that the American public is taking in gasoline prices is undoubtedly the cause for a 4.3 percent increase in service station sales and one reason there has been a strong over all retail sales gains. February sales reached $265.7 billion, an increase of 9.4 pe ...
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