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  • Asian Financial Crisis - 1,304 words
    Asian Financial Crisis Introduction Many economists have said that the growth experienced by Southeastern Asian countries during the 1980s and early 1990s was a miracle. Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia and other countries in the region experienced annual growth rates of over 7 percent. Along with this rapid growth, these countries also saw very little unemployment and an almost invisible wealth gap between the different social and economic classes of citizens. Circumstances have dramatically changed, however. In the summer of 1997, Southeast Asia experienced a time of great financial and economic turmoil. At first, the economic crisis was isolated in Thailand's financial sector, but ...
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  • Business Analysis Of Mexico, Canada, Japan - 1,493 words
    Business Analysis Of Mexico, Canada, Japan SWOT Analysis Strengths Complete product line Good reputation Customer loyalty Employees creativity High quality products Excellent post-sale services Experienced management team Weaknesses Unfamiliarity with foreign markets Lack of exporting experience Lack of foreign trained employees Small market share in the U.S. Opportunities International Expansion Innovative R&D Penetrating unsaturated markets of Japan, Canada, and Mexico Developing online interactions with customers in Japan, Canada, and Mexico Threats Other major companies being price leaders ? Business and Corporate Strategy Business Strategy: Differentiation. Niching strategy. Becau ...
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  • College Essay - 207 words
    College Essay There's a lot of talking these days about what it will mean to live, work and prosper in the 21st century. In fact this century is being hailed as a kind of renaissance. Not the rebirth of classic art and culture, as in the 15th century, but a rebirth of what we understand to be knowledge, how to acquire it and how to use it productively. Chicago, one of the US major corporate industrial headquarters, not only serves as the natural environment for scientific engineering study, but also influences a major sector of Dow Jones Industrial Index. As a young multi-cultured child, I always had a dream that one day I'll suceed in international bio-medical business administration. To ac ...
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  • Home Depot: Annual Report Analysis - 1,094 words
    Home Depot: Annual Report Analysis Basic Company and Industry Information Bernie Marcus and Author Blank founded Home Depot in Georgia in 1978. The first few stores were attached to Treasure Island stores and stocked around 25,000 products. What started out as a small neighborhood hardware store soon sprouted as the largest home improvement store in the nation. It wasnt before long that Home Depot (HD) shares were being traded publicly on the New York Stock Exchange. Today, Home Depot is a member of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and is one of the Top Ten Most Admired Companies by Fortune magazine, which also ranked The Home Depot as Americas Most Admired Specialty Retailer for the seventh ...
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  • Inflation Evaluation - 1,589 words
    Inflation Evaluation Today it is almost impossible to pick up a financial journal without seeing news on the bull market that some consider to be overvalued. Overvalued or fairly valued, only the future will show the truth. Either way, this market is one that has shown greater run ups and returns, than any other market in history. (Reference Appendix #1a) Recently the Dow Jones Industrial Average has reached historical highs and then receded back to previous levels, leaving investors who are used to consistent and record setting gains month after month, baffled. Both the Dow Jones and the S & P 500 indices have seen modest and even flat performances over the past three months. (Reference #1b ...
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  • Slowing Us Economy - 1,647 words
    Slowing US Economy The article titled 'Fed Unlikely to Alter Course' by John M. Berry of the Washington Post takes an interesting look at actions that Alan Greenspan his colleges of the Federal Reserve have been taking over the last 9 months to slow the economic growth of United States. The astonishing growth rate of 7.3% is fueled by an economy that is in the midst of a "high tech revolution". The article also explores the contrasting view of other economists that say that the Fed has increased interest rates too much in its attempts to slow the economy. The means by which Alan Greenspan and the Federal Reserve have chose to slow the economy is through a monetary policy, or more specificall ...
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  • Star Appliances Inc 5 Year Plan - 4,463 words
    Star Appliances Inc. - 5 Year Plan Table of Contents Mission Statement Company Objectives Company Overview 1. Historical Outline 2. Products and Services 3. Financial Statements SWOT Analysis An analysis of companys strengths An analysis of companys weaknesses An analysis of companys opportunities An analysis of companys threats Business Strategy Marketing Mix Product Pricing Place Promotion Analysis of Major Competitors in the Field Kenmore Whirlpool Kirby Maytag GE International Expansion 1. Hungary External Environment Industry Analysis Recommended Entry Mode 2. Japan External Environment Industry Analysis Expansion Strategy for the Future Five Years 4. Canada External ...
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  • Stock Market - 1,046 words
    Stock Market The stock market plays a significant role in the health of the economy; the economy has to be strong for a country and its citizens to prosper. In 1929 over a period of two weeks 30 billion dollars disappeared from the U.S. economy, this was the event that started the greatest period of human hardship of the twentieth century known as the great depression. On October 19,1987 the Dow Jones industrial average plunged almost a third of its value. Many investors went completely bankrupt after one day of trading. Both of these crashes came without warning in booming markets are the currently booming markets heading for a collapse? The current market resembles both 1929 and1987 market ...
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  • Technology Impact On 1920 - 1,292 words
    ... ed to a national degree. The radios in thousands of homes linked people in simultaneous enjoyment and excitement (Stevenson 150). According to Stevenson: "... The mechanical inventions of the day were keeping up with the events. Radio not only reported the events but shaped them. Radio strengthened a tendency already working to make the people of the United States feel united and whole; for the first time, it seemed as if they could have thoughts and feelings simultaneously. For certain individuals this was comforting and strengthening. It had the effect of making people wish to have simultaneous sensations. ..." (114) "... There was a tendency upon the part of a whole population to beco ...
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  • The Asain Finacial Crisis - 1,349 words
    The Asain Finacial Crisis The Asain Finacial Crisis The beginning of the Asian financial crisis can be traced back to 2 July 1997. That was the day the Thai Government announced a managed float of the Baht and called on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for 'technical assistance'. That day the Baht fell around 20 per cent against the $US. This became the trigger for the Asian currency crisis. Within the week the Philippines and Malaysian Governments were heavily intervening to defend their currencies. While Indonesia intervened and also allowed the currency to move in a widened trading range a sort of a float but with a floor below which the monetary authority acts to defend the currency ...
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  • The Current Oil Crisis And How It Is Affecting The Economy - 2,534 words
    ... ce in itself would not make a country vulnerable (Aaron, 2000). The problem that arises in situations that involve dependence is that no matter the degree of dependence, sudden disruptions of supply can occur. Furthermore, a country that is heavily dependent upon a good or service is extremely vulnerable to economic catastrophe. Because of the market for oil and the countries that produce it locally, some degree of dependence is inevitable. To combat this vulnerability, a country must minimize its vulnerability at any moment of time. Diversity of supply has to be front and center (Aaron, 2000). For the United States, oil must be acquired from as many sources as possible. The most secure ...
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  • The Great Depression Was The Worst Economic Slump Ever In Us - 1,795 words
    ... d and grow themselves. By 1930, 40% of American families had radios(end note 28). In 1926 major broadcasting companies started appearing, such as the National Broadcasting Company. The advertising industry was also becoming heavily reliant upon the radio both as a product to be advertised, and as a method of advertising. Several factors lead to the concentration of wealth and prosperity into the automotive and radio industries. First, during World War I both the automobile and the radio were significantly improved upon. Both had existed before, but radio had been mostly experimental. Due to the demands of the war, by 1920 automobiles, radios, and the parts necessary to build these things ...
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  • The Stock Market Crashes Of 1929 And 1987 - 469 words
    The Stock Market Crashes of 1929 and 1987 The Stock Market Crashes of 1929 and 1987 The stock market crash of 1929 occurred over a period of time that was the beginning of what is called the Great Depression. Everyone wanted to invest their money in the stock market. People thought that the stock market was the perfect place to make money. The Stock Market Crash began on Oct. 24,1929 as stock prices were already dropping. On this day approximately $15 billion dollars was lost and many lost their life savings. Companies stocks prices dropped and banks also lost all their money because it was loaned to buy stocks and the people were unable to repay the banks. The Stock Market Crash was a disas ...
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