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  • Disc Jockey Buissness - 1,221 words
    Disc Jockey Buissness I have been in the disc jockey business since I was fifteen years old, I own many different sets of equiptment and have been to conventions were the new lines are presented. I also work for Pioneer as a company dj representative so I know their line like the back of my hand. For my project I choose to shop around for new equiptment at two stores, with me I brought a friend who knew absolutly nothing about dj equiptment. I was amazed at my findings and it is becouse of this experiment that I will never shop at Sam Ash again. My friend and I went to Sam Ash music store in New Haven Connecticut, it is a chain music store that has been noted for their excellence in costomer ...
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  • Afriancan Americans Role Of Television - 1,114 words
    Afriancan American's Role Of Television The roles African Americans play on television are not satisfactory. Though the roles have changed during the development of television, the current relationship is not representative of true African American people or their lifestyles. The question is how do the past roles African Americans play in television sitcoms compare to the current roles? How does this affect society's perception of the African American in American culture? Throughout the history of television the roles and the representation of African Americans has developed with the changing cultural conditions. However, the representation of African American's has not fully simulated into ...
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  • Bb King - 426 words
    BB King B.B. King was a blues singer and guitarist. His full name is Riley B. King. He was born September 16, 1925, near Indianola, Mississippi. An important aspect in King's life was, of course, when he was first exposed to the blues. 'I guess the earliest sound of the blues that I can rremember was in the fields while people would be pickin' cotton or choppin' or somethin,' " he told Living Blues . " When I sing and play now I can hear those same sounds that I used to hear then as a kid." B.B. King's first musical influence came through religion. He was a member of the Church of God In Christ. He was forbidden to play blues at home. He sang in spiritual groups like the Elkhorn Singers and ...
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  • Beat Matching - 862 words
    Beat Matching Everyone has seen or heard a DJ perform at some point in their life. The type of disc jockey I am referring to isnt a radio DJ that just plays songs for people to listen to. I am referring to what is best know as a "club" DJ; one that uses two turntables and a mixer. Most people dont even pay attention to what exactly the DJ is doing behind the turntables; and to tell the truth most people dont care. The final product produced is good music that is blended together to make a continuous mix of music. It is not a very easy process to accomplish even though everyone thinks that it is easy and that anyone can do it. The process that a DJ goes through when they are mixing is a proce ...
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  • Ch Paul Whiteman A Classically Trained Violinist And Violist Who Adored Jazz But Lacked The Gift To Emulate The Uni - 1,031 words
    ... = a declamatory setting of a text, with rhythms and inflections related to those of speech. Aria = a songlike setting, musically expressive, accompanied by the orchestra. Da capo = from the beginning a three-part design. The composer writes the first section and a contrasting middle section of a da capo aria, and the performer repeats the first section with embellishments. Chorus = a large ensemble, with several voices on each part. Libretto = the words of an opera or other dramatic vocal work. Overture = in music theater, an introductory instrumental piece. George gershwin = ansombels. Ch. 18. Drone = a single tone, sounded continuously or repeated. Jimmie Rodgers(1897-1933) = from Mis ...
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  • Emperor Kanghsi Ruled China From 1661 To 1722 And His Reign Is Captured By Jonathan D Spences Book Emperor Of China The Diffe - 947 words
    Emperor Kang-hsi ruled China from 1661 to 1722 and his reign is captured by Jonathan D. Spences book Emperor of China. The different chapters of the book deal with certain aspects of the Emperors life. Aspects that the history books to normally deal with. The information in Spences book is based on Emperor Kang-hsis correspondence, his own writings. This writing maybe biased towards himself, but no other piece of information could provide insight into his mind. The book is divided into six parts; In motion, Ruling, Thinking, Growing Old, Sons, Valedictory. The book follows Emperor Kang-hsis life as Emperor in chronological order. In the first part, In Motion," the main emphasis was on Empero ...
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  • For Kicks - 766 words
    For Kicks Daniel Roke, an experienced Australian stud farmer, has been hired to investigate a series of horse dopings throughout Englands racing circuit. Dan, hoping to break free from his dull and tedious life in Australia, accepted the offer when it was presented to him by The Earl of October. Seeing as how October was one of the most respected and successful people in the business, Dan was offered 20,000 pounds for the completion of his job. With his family in mind Dan set off to Octobers stables where he first began the mission that would change his life forever. In Dick Franciss newest mystery novel, For Kicks, Daniel Roke discovers his true self by risking life and limb trying to expos ...
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  • Hip Hop - 364 words
    hip hop Hip-Hop is one of the newest forms of music. It has expanded and is now the most popular form of music for people ages 11-25. In the last 2 years, hip-hop is the most lucrative form of music. It has sold billions of records and has made record companies billions of dollars. Hip-Hop was started in New York City in the late 70s by the cities youth. Hip-Hop was more than just music, it was a culture. It involved many things such as style, of dress, break dancing (a new form of dancing) and the most contraversial, grafitti(a form of art ). All of these aspects are part of the hip-hop culture. Hip-Hop was influenced by many different forms of music such as Rhythm and blues, Rock-n-Roll an ...
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  • Old Mortality By Anne Porter - 1,657 words
    Old Mortality By Anne Porter Throughout Katherine Anne Porters Old Mortality, a variety of elements are present. Some of which consist of romance, memories and the illusions instilled upon the legendary status of Amy. All of these elements play a solid role towards the persuasion of Miranda. They persuaded her into acting on certain ideas that she pulled out of the stories about her Aunt Amy. Now even though Aunt Amy was portrayed in a very special light, the elements that surrounded the story did not exactly have a positive effect on Maria and Miranda. What this paper is going to do is explain that all the above mentioned characteristics play a positive and negative role on the lives of the ...
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  • Radio Station Research - 1,211 words
    Radio Station Research Radio Station Research Table of Contents Introduction 2 Scope of the Study 3 Methods Used 3 Results 5 Age 5 Time of Day 6 Location 8 Recommendations 10 Target Format 10 Target Location 11 Bibliography 12 Introduction Music is a general love of almost every college student. Many develop their personalities, profiles, and various other tastes based on their listening choices. In general, many college students acquire the same spectrum of listening values. If a radio station, one that wishes to target the college student population, can discover the musical preferences of the general population of students, they will be able to grow within the specific market. Since the t ...
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  • Radio Station Research - 1,159 words
    ... time of day the person listened mostly. The following results appeared (based on the mean of the students ratings):  Morning (5am-11am)- 2.23  Afternoon (11am-5pm)- 2.60  Evening (5pm-11pm)- 2.61  Late Night (11pm-5am)- 2.56 A heavy dose of morning listeners was revealed from the survey. While afternoon, evening, and late night was approximately the same, morning showed to be the most appealing. Thus, the radio should concentrate on heavy advertising in the morning. Also, the amount of time the student listens to the radio per day was viewed. The data was separated into four categories, less than one hour, one to three hours, three to five ...
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  • Rap History - 1,341 words
    Rap History Rap music as a musical form began among the youth of South Bronx, New York in the mid 1970s. Individuals such Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash were some of the early pioneers of this art form. Through their performances at clubs and promotion of the music, rap consistently gained in popularity throughout the rest of the 1970s. The first commercial success of the rap song "Rapper's Delight" by the Sugar Hill Gang in 1979 helped bring rap music into the national spotlight. The 1980s saw the continued success of rap music with many artists such as Run DMC (who had the first rap album to go gold in 1984), L.L. Cool J, Fat Boys, and west coast rappers Ice-T and N.W.A becoming popular. ...
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  • Raving Is A Lifestyle - 1,381 words
    Raving Is A Lifestyle Raving Is a Lifestyle. One of the most rapidly expanding scenes in the world is raving. The dictionary defines Rave as To utter in madness or frenzy; to say wildly; as, to rave nonsense, which makes you wonder why raves were ever called raves to begin with, unless of course you have been to one. I will never forget my first experience at a rave. Media portrays Raves as cesspools of filth, sex and drugs, so naturally I was very nervous about attending my first party. We sit in a circle inside the party with the lights and music assailing my senses and take out the pills. I stare at mine and sweat nervously. I have never really done drugs before, and I am going to put a p ...
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  • Reflex - 419 words
    Reflex Reading Log 1 Reflex is a classic book written by Dick Francis. This is his twenty-second book he has written. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of his novels he has written. When my mom's cousin who is a big fan of Dick Francis gave me this, I knew it would be a good book. This book is based on the life of a Photographer. The photographer's name is Philip Nore, the book deals with the trauma and a jockey has and how hectic his life is. In the first 50 pages of the book it deals with Philip being approached by his grandmother; (who he hates) and being asked by her to find her granddaughter. It also reveals that George Millace a recently passed away photographer has a secret black-mailing ...
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  • Reports Of Ww - 785 words
    Reports Of Ww2 Persuasive Paper The assigned reading was for the most part the telling of soldiers stories, whether they told of the stories they'd had or the story they were currently taking part in. As a whole they weren't looking to sway my opinion in any particular direction regarding the war, just describe the situation. The first piece of writing that I found persuasive came from I. F. Stone, a writer for The Nation who was stationed behind a desk in Washington instead of behind a bunker at the time of the war. I mention the fact that he was a desk jockey because it was something I took personally when reading of the heroics of the reporter writing from the front lines. I said to mysel ...
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  • Richard Wagner Wunderkind Or Monster - 1,889 words
    ... gner, with blinding clarity, saw as the woman. Lohengrin remains the German fairytale opera, in which Wagner used orchestral colors that had never been heard before. Tannhuser did quite well in Dresden in 1845 but Wagner's real troubles with the work began in 1861, at the Paris Opra. During the second performance members of the local Jockey Club, who used to arrive late at the opera house, started a riot because they had missed the splendors of the ballet at the beginning of the first act; they were joined by a large group who were opposed to Wagner. After the third performance, he withdrew the work. Lohengrin too had mixed reception. Wagner wrote it backwards starting with the third act ...
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  • Rock Music - 1,231 words
    Rock Music In this essay, Im going to introduce to the reader a topic not touched a lot because of its complexity and its avoidance by conservative adults. This topic is, of course, Rock Music. During one week, I looked for information in the library and at my house, and from the information I gathered and my one knowledge about the topic, Im going to lead the reader to a better understanding of Rock n Roll. I chose to do Rock music because I can identify myself with it. Rock music is very complex. In fact "Its stylistic scope is to broad to be encompassed by any single definition" ("Rock Music", Groliers, p.1). The nearest definition suggests a kind of music that represents and speaks for t ...
    Related: folk music, hard rock, latin music, music, punk rock, rock, rock music
  • Slipknot Band - 1,075 words
    ... he action wearing an old race car helmet crowned in nails. Number Five's diving helmet used to be a cheap plastic Sinclair (gas station) racing helmet to be exact. This sampler's work is most hearable in songs like Tattered and Torn. Craig usually leaves shows early to keep his anonymity. Sometimes when we're working our way up on stage, we'll shove our way through the crowd. When people see me coming they mostly get out of the way. But sometimes they don't... Metal Hammer quoted Craig. Until you hear the sound they create, having nine members in the band might seem ludicrous. Shawn claims it couldn't work any other way: We've maintained an excellent practice schedule for the last three ...
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  • Sport For Babies - 1,786 words
    Sport For Babies A baby is born and the doctor looks at the proud parents or parent and says three simple words: Its a boy, or Its a girl! Before a newborn child even takes his or her first breath of life outside the mothers womb, he or she is distinguishable and characterized by gender. The baby is brought home and dressed in clothes that help friends, family and even strangers identify the sex of the child. Baby boys are dressed in blue and baby girls are dressed in pink. The baby boy may be dressed in a blue jumpsuit with a football or a baseball glove on it. The baby girl may wear a bow in their hair and flowered pajamas. As the boy begins to grow, he is given a miniature basketball and ...
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  • Sport Of Kings Horse Racing - 2,007 words
    Sport Of Kings - Horse Racing Matthew W. Ketron Eng 291-23 Prof. McElfresh December 8, 1999 The Sport of Kings Horse Racing is a contest of speed between two or more horses, usually Thoroughbreds, which are driven or ridden over a special race course. It is technically termed flat racing. One of the oldest known sports, and still popular in most countries, horse racing is also one of the most highly organized and commercialized sports. Flat races are contests of speed between two or more saddle horses, generally Thoroughbreds, ridden by jockeys on specially built tracks over distances from 440 yards to 2 miles. The sport is termed flat racing to differentiate it from the steeplechase, which ...
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