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  • Intrinsic Motivation Is Ideal - 1,846 words
    Intrinsic Motivation Is Ideal Inquisitive and self-directed learning is a natural behavior for young children. They marvel at each new discovery and strive to understand the meaning behind every question in their world. However, older children seem to be resistant to learning unless directed by teachers or parents with various forms of external recognition (Deci and Ryan, 1981). Their enthusiasm and inner desire for understanding has diminished. Learning, to older children has become directly connected to demands, controls, and rewards. In order to understand why this attitude toward learning develops, the concept of motivation in education must be defined and examined in a theoretical sense ...
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  • Recognizing And Nurturing Intrinsic Motivation - 563 words
    Recognizing And Nurturing Intrinsic Motivation Running head: RECOGNIZING AND NURTURING INTRINSIC MOTIVATION Recognizing and Nurturing Intrinsic Motivation: A Cautionary Tale Article Critique Recognizing and Nurturing Intrinsic Motivation: A Cautionary Tale This article related to the pre-teaching experiences of educators and the necessity for training in the identification of intrinsic motivation in the gifted learner. For far too many years, gifted learners were only thought to be the achievers in the group. Those students that were able to excel in whatever assignment was given or any task at hand were generally those identified as the gifted and talented in the group. This paper implies t ...
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  • Brain Lateralization - 287 words
    Brain Lateralization Language comes naturally to human and is one of the attributes that distinguish us from animals. It is an innate trait, which enables a child to master a language at an early age. Researches showed that the critical age and the cognitive specialization of the brain might have played a part in this. However language needs nurturing in a way of proper exposure to ensure its smooth progress. Whatever it is, the knowledge of the factors above does register some significance to me personally. I am now planning to expose my children to more than one language before they reach the schooling age. Probably Malay and English, which of course will involve my husband and I conversin ...
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  • There Are People Out There In The Workforce That Believe They Are Obligated To Do Their Best At Their Job Simply Because That - 1,312 words
    There are people out there in the workforce that believe they are obligated to do their best at their job simply because that is what is expected from all of us as humans. On the other hand there are those out there that want to only do as much as they can get away with doing. No matter which one of these employees you are or are working with companies and employers need to understand the concept of motivation. Motivation comes in many forms such as money, benefits, or simple recognition within. Motivation also leads to higher productivity and profit and that is what we are all looking for in business. The key to unlocking peak performance from your work force is the concept of human motivat ...
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