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  • Hemingway,ernest Indian Camp: Literary Analysis - 576 words
    Hemingway,Ernest Indian Camp: Literary Analysis A Literary Analysis A careful examination of the short story Indian Camp by Ernest Hemingway reveals the usage of such literary devices as plot and theme to deliver both the unfolding story and the meaning behind it. The theme of the story is a powerful message about the realities of life and the plot is the canvas upon which the theme is painted. Clearly, both the plot and the theme are of equal importance in Indian Camp and are the most significant literary tools used throughout the story. Hemingway intended for the plot to be simple and not to be over analyzed. It is how the theme emerges and how the plot helps to reveal the story's true mea ...
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  • Indian Camp By Hemingway - 1,063 words
    Indian Camp By Hemingway Ernest Hemingway pulled from his past present experiences to develop his own thoughts concerning death, relationships, and lies. He then mixed these ideas, along with a familiar setting, to create a masterpiece. One such masterpiece written early in Hemingway's career is the short story, "Indian Camp." "Indian Camp" was originally published in the collection of "in Our Time" in 1925. A brief summary reveals that the main character, a teenager by the name of Nick, travels across a lake to an Indian village. While at the village Nick observes his father, who is a doctor, deliver a baby to an Indian by caesarian section. As the story continues, Nick's father discovers t ...
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  • Indian Camp By Hemingway - 1,040 words
    ... it he stated: The 227 wounds I got from the trench mortar didn't hurt a bit at the time, only my feet felt like I had rubber boots full of water on. Hot water. And my kneecap was acting queer. (Meyers 32) Hemingway survived a terrifying attack, which would serve as great material for A Farewell to Arms. In the novel, Henry suffers from an identical wound by a trench mortar. Henry states that: My legs felt warm and wet and my shoes were wet and warm inside. I knew that I was hit and leaned over and put my hand on my knee. My knee wasn't there. My hand went in and my kneed was down on my shin. (Hemingway 55) Hemingway recalled his war wound and wrote of the same experience in the novel. In ...
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  • Critical Themes In The Writings Of Hemingway - 1,697 words
    Critical Themes In The Writings Of Hemingway Critical Themes in the Writings of Hemingway: Life & Death, Fishing, War, Sex, Bullfighting, and the Mediterranean Region Hemingway brought a tremendous deal of what is middle class Americanism into literature, without very many people recognizing what he has done. He had nothing short of a writer's mind; a mind like a vacuum cleaner that swept his life experiences clean, picking up any little thing, technique, or possible subject that might be of use (Astro 3). From the beginning, Hemingway had made a careful and conscientious formula for the art of the novel (Hoffman 142). This preconceived formula contained certain themes that recur with great ...
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  • Londons Stories - 1,903 words
    London`s Stories Three of Jack London's most famous stories were The Call of the Wild , White Fang and To Build a Fire. Though they are completely unrelated stories they have many similarities unfolded were also similar. Both animals started their lives out in a very normal fashion but then they were brought into a different environment and forced to change. In To Build a Fire the man is the one being forced to change, without success. The introduction of characters was also similar the way they were led through life not knowing what there purpose was until they met their final character and then figured out what they had to do. Three of Jack London's most famous stories were The Call of the ...
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  • Treasure Of The Sierra Madre Movie Review - 841 words
    Treasure of the Sierra Madre - Movie Review In the movie Treasure of the Sierra Madre, two down and out American ex-patriots in Tampico, Mexico, team up with an old prospector to look for gold. Throughout the movie, these three men are faced with various challenges. They must fight off bandits, try to survive in the wilderness and learn to tolerate and trust each other. The movie opens on the hands of a scraggly looking bum, dirty and scrounging, holding a lottery ticket. This man is later introduced as Dobbs. He is begging for money from richer looking men until he is given some. He takes the money and goes to the barbershop for a shave and a haircut. Dobbs then accepts a job for eight Amer ...
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