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  • A Myriad Of Mysteries Is Contained In The Pages Of The Old Testament For Centuries, Scholars Of Theology, Archeology And Anth - 1,419 words
    A myriad of mysteries is contained in the pages of the Old Testament. For centuries, scholars of theology, archeology and anthropology have labored to produce some explanation of the contradictions and impossibilities put forth in these texts. The ancient ruins of lost cities reveal evidence that some writings may be incorrectly dated, or even that they may be false. Faith and tradition give way to speculation that the Bible may be nothing more than a collection of ancient Israelite mythology. Some things, however, prove tantalizingly true. Temple Judaism and its monarchy, for example, are historical fact; the records of surrounding civilizations corroborate the chronicling of their place in ...
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  • Reemy Reem Anth 307 - 744 words
    Reemy Reem Anth. 307 The Roots of Dependency 1. The Navajos, Pawnees, and Choctaws all had to endure European, political, economical, and environmental threats to their own culture. When the life and subsistence system (hunting and gathering) of an Indian Nation is affected; in one way or another it has an affect on an Indian population as a hole. The trials and tribulations that these three tribal nations have experienced is proof of that. Gradually the Indian community would go through a period of destruction and enormous amounts of prejudice that consequently would be the North American Indians downfall. The reliability of the Navajos to the government to maintain their everyday Navajo cu ...
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  • Anthropolgy - 1,276 words
    Anthropolgy Anthropology- the study of humankind everywhere, through time, seeks to produce reliable knowledge about people and their behavior, both about what makes them different and what they have in common. What They Do- Physical anth- study humans as biological organisms, tracing there evolutionary development of the human animal and looking at biological variations within the species, past and present (human evol, Primates, Human diversity. Cultural Anth- is concerned with human cultures, or the ways of life in societies. Culture bound- Theories about the world and reality based on the assumptions and values of ones own culture. Within the field of cultural anth are Archaeologist- Is t ...
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  • Potlatch The Sharing And Shaming - 449 words
    Potlatch - The Sharing And Shaming Anth 166 Potlatch- The Sharing and Shaming A potlatch is defined by Barbara Miller as A grand feast in which guests are invited to eat and to receive gifts from the hosts. This is shown in the last film we saw, Ongkas Big Moka. Ongka had been the receiving end at a potlatch in the past, and it was his turn to provide the feast. However, Later, when it is the guests turn to hold a potlatch, they will try to give away as much as - or more than - their host did, thus shaming him into giving the next potlatch. We see this in the way Ongka feels compelled to provide almost 200 more pigs than his hosts did when he was their guest. Ongkas people did not have any k ...
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