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  • Effects Of Gambling - 1,717 words
    Effects Of Gambling Gambling is prominent in today's society. This can be seen especially through politics. Everywhere voters are electing people to office who are pro gambling. William Thompson of the University of Nevada (1994) describes politicians by stating, "It's part of the American landscape, they'll trade morality for dollars" (1). In North and South Carolina, for example, the last governor election showed that the people were for legal gambling by voting in governors who wanted a lottery. Now in the U.S., 47 states including the District of Columbia have legalized gambling. This increase in gambling is argued to be good for the economy, but there is further proof that it not only h ...
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  • Gloria Estefans Fame And Fortune Was Earned She Has Worked Hard To This Day, And Continues To Do So Not Only Is She A Great S - 1,707 words
    Gloria Estefan's fame and fortune was earned. She has worked hard to this day, and continues to do so. Not only is she a great singer, she is a great humanitarian, helping and donating her time and money to many good causes. Life was never easy for Gloria, and this is her story, in my words. Gloria Estefan was born Gloria Maria Fajardo on September 1st, 1957 to Jose Manuel and Gloria in the town of Havana, Cuba. When she was only 17 months old, her family fled to Miami from the regime of Fidel Castro. They were very poor, and found a small apartment behind the Orange Bowl in a Cuban ghetto, in which they called 'Home'. Jose Fajardo, took part in the failed Bay of Pigs invasion and was captur ...
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  • Hurricanes - 890 words
    Hurricanes Hurricane, what does it mean? What do hurricanes do? What kind of powers do they possess? Where regions of the world are mostly affected by these hurricanes? All these questions I plan to answer in the following paragraphs. One thing we do know for sure is that a hurricane is one of the most devastating storms that Mother Nature has to offer. We also know that hurricanes cause a lot of damage to homes, businesses, and peoples lives. The term "hurricane" is a regionally specific name for a strong "tropical cyclone." A hurricane is a powerful, whirling storm that measures 200 to 300 miles in diameter. The winds near the center of a hurricane blow at speeds of 74 miles per hour or mo ...
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  • Hurricanes - 928 words
    Hurricanes HURRICANES Of all of natures forces that exist hurricanes could be considered one of the most powerful of all these forces that can cause tremendous amounts of destruction is such a little amount of time. A hurricane is a powerful whirling storm of winds that measure 200-300 miles in diameter. Hurricanes are an area of low pressure that forms over the oceans in tropical regions in either the north Atlantic Ocean or eastern north Pacific Ocean. In the west Pacific Ocean hurricanes are called typhoons, and in the Indian Ocean they are called Cyclones. Hurricanes develop from easterly waves that over the oceans warm waters. These easterly waves are long narrow regions of low pressure ...
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  • Impact Of Hurricanes In Florida - 1,347 words
    Impact Of Hurricanes In Florida IMPACT OF HURRICANES IN FLORIDA INTRODUCTION According to the National Hurricane Center, a hurricane releases heat energy at a rate of 50 trillion to 200 trillion watts, which is equivalent to the energy from exploding 10 megaton bombs every 20 minutes. With such strength, it is no wonder why these natural disasters have such large destructive impacts on the environment. Furthermore, hurricanes are of extreme importance to Florida, since they have historically plagued the state, especially in 1992 with Hurricane Andrew. Since it is certain that hurricanes will hit Florida and equally certain that biological populations (including people) will exist in Florida, ...
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  • Labor Issues - 2,199 words
    ... e people asked felt that unions are no longer necessary in todays American society. Furthermore, one in five of the sample population taking part in this survey were union members, and of these, 25% agreed that unions are no longer important (American Labor, 1998). The disparity in conclusions between these reports only begins to show the uncertainty facing the labor movement. Who Benefits From Unions? Before accounting for the decline in union enrollment, it suffices to consider who is impacted by todays unions? Literature is consistent in that members of strong unions tend to make more money and receive better benefits than non-union workers in the same jobs (Dessler, 1997). While unio ...
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  • Psychics On Tv - 555 words
    Psychics On Tv These articles were very interesting. I have seen these psychics on t.v. and I always knew they were full of it. Alot of people spend millions of dollars a year on these folks , so it was cool to see how they did it. In the part where Ms. Coleman talks about going to the casino to practice, she showed us that it didn't really take that much to become a psychic. She said that she had prepared somewhat, but didn't really know that much about the whole charade of being a psychic. I know that the people who do this for a living have probably perfected the art of picking out things about clients and going with them, but it doesn't take supernatural powers to be a psychic, just a bi ...
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  • Wtc Bombing - 505 words
    Wtc Bombing Dear Cobras, As I came out of my Calculus class at exactly 9:10 A.M. on September 11, I witnessed an event that would change my life forever; the attack on the World Trade Center. I was standing on Broadway and 8th street approximately 10 blocks from the New York City Financial District. As I walked outside, I noticed that there were several people not being able to use their cell phones and by nature I proceeded to look around and see what had happened. As I looked up, I saw the second plane hit the south tower of the trade center. I couldn't believe my eyes; the beautiful silver towers of the world trade center were on fire. I stood there to see what else would happen. About te ...
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