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  • A Introduction - 1,012 words
    ... shing areas were forced to close due to effects from increased river nutrients. Also, real estate values can be affected by high-density farming. If the residents near a farm can perceive an unpleasant odor, the value of their land may be reduced. Besides disagreeing about the level and extent of regulatory reform, people disagree about the level of technology that is necessary to treat livestock waste safely. Some say that when used properly, current waste treatment methods are adequate. Others say that livestock operators need to adopt new waste treatment technologies. The Sierra Clubs Holman would like livestock operations to use more advanced treatments such as those used for human w ...
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  • Birth Control Education - 2,076 words
    Birth Control Education Birth Control Education The issue of birth control being taught and/or distributed in public schools is one worth debating. In biology and health classes students are educated in reproduction and sexuality, but not about such birth control methods such as condoms and birth control pills. While parents may touch briefly on the topic, some feel too embarrassed to discuss it with their children or deem it unnecessary. This is a very bad course of action because the world is now teaming with hormonally driven teenagers lacking vital information about personal safety. They have a longing to practice the oldest instinct that humans possess, which is to procreate. The school ...
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  • Ethical Issues In Us Immigration Policies - 1,086 words
    ... e by the then 82 year-old humanitarian Katherine Dunham. Also, according to the article, an outcry erupted from U.S. Catholic bishops who said it was morally irresponsible and morally questionable (America, 1992, p.1). The article also quotes the Catholic Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy who said, It is only natural that the refugees experience should spawn well-founded suspicions that the treatment received by Haitians is the result of institutional racism. Only 55 out of 9,000 Haitians are granted political asylum, while there is no publicly recorded case of any one of some 10,000 predominantly white Cuban boat people being denied admission (America, 1992, p.1). Another author argues that ...
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  • How A Bill Becomes A Law - 463 words
    How A Bill Becomes A Law A delegate or senator has an idea for a bill, usually from a constituent. He or she presents the idea to the Division of Legislative Services and requests that it be drafted into a bill. The bill is signed by the patron, introduced, and printed. The bill is referred to an appropriate committee. The members of the committee consider the bill and decide what action to take. This is when the public may speak. First Reading: The bill title is printed in the Calendar or is read by the Clerk, and the bill advances to second reading. Second Reading: The next day the bill title appears in the printed Calendar on second reading. Bills are considered in the order in which they ...
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  • Immigration Problem In The Us - 1,111 words
    ... he problem. Faster citizens processing, helping illegals country's economy such as NAFTA which is already in affect. Some suggest tamper proof residency cards, computerize the I.N.S., increases the number of boarder patrol agents, and build a wall around the U.S. and problem countries. There has been many suggestions made in dealing with this problem. The Gallegly bill is one of them. If ever completed by House-Senate conferees, is likely to include several conditions already adopted in similar form by both chambers. As passed by the House and Senate, the bill would: Increase the number of border patrol agents by 1,000 each year between 1996 and 2000, roughly doubling the force to reach ...
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  • In Search Of The Real Bill Gates - 533 words
    In Search of the Real Bill Gates Bill Gates, the wealthiest man in North America. Readers Digest did a well brought out biography the most well know man in the business today, but doesnt go into his role in Microsoft itself, but rather in his home life and how he got so smart at what he does. Everything between him as a child dreaming of the perfect computer system (and making his own) to his early stages to making Microsoft, including his family lift, his marriage to his wife and having his first child, Jennifer. His life started out quite the same as every other kids life started out until the age of about when he became less aware of his parents needs as a family. Gates spent most of his ...
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  • Lewinsky Vs Clinton - 1,513 words
    Lewinsky Vs. Clinton Perhaps the biggest presidential scandal since the Nixon administration came to light in January 1998. This is when the now infamous Monica Lewinsky first appeared on our television sets. The American population did not know Ms. Lewinsky until the scandal broke. After the media was informed of the activities between President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky the little known woman was instantaneously the topic of conversation all over the world. The intention of this paper is not to figure out who was right or wrong in the scandal, the reasoning behind it is to show how the mass media shapes and implements our own ideas and opinions about people. Every opinion we have is some ...
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  • Medical Marijuana - 1,182 words
    Medical Marijuana Medical Marijuana Marijuana prohibition applies to everyone, including the sick and dying. Of all the negative consequences of prohibition, none is as tragic as the denial of medical marijuana to the tens of thousands of seriously ill patients who could benefit from its therapeutic use. It is clear from available studies and rapidly accumulating anecdotal evidence that marijuana is therapeutic in the treatment of a number of serious ailments and is less toxic and costly than many conventional medicines for which it may be substituted.1 Most recently, a federally commissioned report by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) determined that, Marijuanas active components are ...
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  • Software Copyright - 1,433 words
    ... ample is my web page. I had a link from my page (the Wierd Wide Web) to Archaic Ruins, which is a site regarding information on emulators of old video game systems. When the operator of Archiac Ruins got sued by a video game company (I think it was Konami), I too got questioned, and had my page had ANY questionable material on it, I would have been sued. Thankf! ully, I was too lazy to work on the page, as I had planned to put up a page that had really old videogames. Who said procrastination was bad? How can you prosecute someone for a crime that is undefined? Thats a question many people are asking. What is a copy of software? Is it a physical clone of the media it came on? Or is it th ...
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  • The Growing Threat Of Computer Crime - 1,550 words
    ... throughout a network. Cisco Secure IDS is an ideal solution for companies who need to know if their network us under attack from internal or external sources. Real Secure Manager is an intrusion detection system with capabilities within a familiar network and systems management environment. All RealSource management options include real-time views of suspicious activity, such as external and internal attacks or internal misuse, real-time alarm management through propagated display of network security activity, Realsecure online help for incident response and detailed information abut events, secured communications between the Realsecure manager and all Realsecure engines and agents, and ...
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  • The Haunting Effects Of Stanley Kubricks Eyes Wide Shut Can Be Identified As Creating Curiosity, Fear And Anxiety In The View - 1,260 words
    The haunting effects of Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut can be identified as creating curiosity, fear and anxiety in the viewer. They can be understood as painting a mosaic of symbolism in the viewer's eye, and as depositing fragments of concepts inside his mind. The film's slow pace seems to open wide gaps between the joints of the story's framework, causing the viewer to lose his secure sense of balance during the progression of the plot. Eyes Wide Shut is not a tale of terror nor one of mystery or of love; it is not a documentary about a married couple nor a psychological drama. It pretends to be all of these, and in so doing explores the filmic medium and secures the effects of its own ...
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  • The Haunting Effects Of Stanley Kubricks Eyes Wide Shut Can Be Identified As Creating Curiosity, Fear And Anxiety In The View - 1,261 words
    ... forting: he threatens to accuse the two men to the police and he is enraged with his daughter. However, in later scenes, Bill returns to the shop and sees the two transvestites closing a deal with Milich, who has evidently prostituted his daughter. The purpose of this subplot is to focus on Bill's confrontation with the ambiguousness with which such a resolution was reached. In other words, Milich's hidden transformation from being angered to being pleased by the situation points to Bill's ignorance of the rules of the game. Inside the House, Bill finds himself amidst a superbly choreographed and orchestrated orgy. He enters a room filled with people in black cloaks and extravagant masks ...
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  • Tigua Indians - 2,499 words
    ... uld not have been allowed to vote. Indians were denied voting rights by law on the basis that they were wards of the government. This was true despite the fact that the Tiguas had been Mexican citizens and should therefore in accordance with the Treaty of Hidalgo been made citizens of the United States. The act gave Ysleta the power to regulate "tippling houses, dram ships, and groceries." It also explained how land could be granted or sold by the town, " to any person or persons who may desire to become citizens of Ysleta." Indians, as you may have guessed, could not become citizens, and so even though the law was an illegal law since the patent that was granted by the Fifth Legislature ...
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  • Top 10 Percent Graduating - 1,118 words
    Top 10 Percent Graduating Top Ten Percent Graduating top ten percent is a hard road filled with four years of all nighters, study sessions, and countless hours at the library. To graduate with this honor not only brings pride to ones parents but it also gives the student a special privilege. The top ten percent rule passed in 1997 (House Bill 588) by the 75th legislator automatically accepts these students to any public Texas University. While this may seem like a noble idea on the surface, in retrospect this gives an unfair advantage to the rest of the graduating class. Texas government believes that the top ten percent rule will encourage students to work harder in high school and increase ...
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  • Uniforms In Public School - 1,561 words
    ... e of students has dropped rapidly and 600 students have been given detention and 200 suspended. This did exactly the opposite of what uniforms are "suppose" to accomplish. If policy makers are serious about finding solutions to the problem of school violence, maybe they should ask the real experts: the students themselves. The ACLU recently conducted a series of focus groups with high school students asking them what would help reduce violence in school. Uniforms did not make the list. Their suggestion: 1. Since school violence mimics that of society at large, schools should seriously confront and discuss issues of racism and cultural conflict. 2. School entrances should be secured. 3. M ...
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