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  • Oriental Art - 810 words
    Oriental Art Oriental art is very distinct from other parts of the world. In their sculptures they still used such materials as clay, wood, and bronzes. However there art work promoted such things as goodness in nature, serenity, graceful balance, spiritual perfection, and a mystical harmony within themselves. There work avoided confusion, conflict and violent emotions at all costs. New or unprecedented experiments in their art work was never welcomed, and the expression of nobility and inner worth where demanded. Ultimately oriental art was said to be "a way of being", but to understand this you must look at the words of the great Chinese philosopher Confucius who said "Raise yourself to th ...
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  • Robert Browning - 1,025 words
    Robert Browning Robert Browning, one of the most talented poets of the Victorian period, is famous especially for his dramatic monologues. Often these long poems deal with such issues as love, death, and faith. Much of his work is directly reflective of his life and of those issues that were of direct concern to him. One conflict seen throughout Browning's poetry is one of spirituality. His poetry forms a spiritual timeline; it reveals his spiritual influences and opinions. It formed his own Bible of beliefs which he possessed. Because Browning's views on spirituality changed, his poetry also gives insight on the internal conflicts within his life. The paper will explore Robert Browning's sp ...
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  • Robert Browning - 1,144 words
    ... " God! Thou art mind!". He comes to the realization that through God, everything exists, and also through God, the poetic talent he possesses was given. He reveals that, "if all poets, god ever meant should save the world, and therefore lent great gifts to, but who, proud, refused to do his work." God is said to have "lent" great gifts to those talented; it is a connection between God and the world. By Paracelsus, Browning's reverence to Shelley is non existent. The next step in Browning's spiritual journey occurs about ten years later when he begins to develop a dislike for the church. Around 1845, Browning found himself focusing his anger on the church as an institution, especially the ...
    Related: browning, robert browning, present danger, inner peace, guilt
  • The Long March, Undertaken By The Red Army Of China, Is A Tale Of Extraordinary Adventure Against Impossible Odds Yet, It Was - 1,472 words
    ... as a rice bowl. At the head of the bridge was a stone slab bearing the lines: "Towering mountains flank the Lutingch'iao. Their summits rise a thousand li to the clouds." 6 Below the bridge were roaring torrents of water tumbling down horrible cliffs with ugly boulders rising from the river bed. On the other side of the bridge was the town of Lusting, which was half on the shore and half spreading up the slope on the opposite mountain. It was a walled town defended by two Kuomintang regiments. They had built forts along the slope with machine-gun emplacements close to the bridge. When the Red Army arrived on the small cliff edge they found that the Kuomintang troops had already heard ne ...
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