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  • Canadian Fur Trade - 1,385 words
    ... upplies, more primitive implements disappeared and the methods of making them were forgotten This dependance was what destroyed the culture and freedom of the Natives of Canada involved in the fur trade. Once the Natives had forgotten their old ways they became dependent on European goods to survive. So long as the fur trade persisted, the Natives could survive, but by the mid nineteenth century the animals they hunted had almost disappeared. The Natives could not even rely on the fisheries for enough food to survive anymore: moose and deer had virtually been exterminated from the forest country, and fisheries were said to be unreliable . These starving Natives started drifting into colo ...
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  • Religions Spread Through Conquest - 1,191 words
    ... (with perhaps the exception of Aztec), are equally as violent as Islam, if not more so. Perhaps the religion that has perhaps shaped the world more than any other religion has been Christianity. This is not to deny the roles of the vast numbers of religions in many parts of the world, nor is it to say that Christianity has been particularly unique. Despite the fact that the Western world likes to set European man and Christians apart from the rest of the world. Their connection to imperialism, mercantilism, and social conquest is undeniably real. While Islam is seen by many as a violent religion because of its origins and the popularization of the term 'jihad,' they have never had far-re ...
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  • Rotator Cuff - 1,043 words
    Rotator Cuff It is often difficult to tell where concepts actually begin. It is certainly not obvious who first used the term rotator or musculotendinous cuff. Credit for first describing ruptures of this structure is often given to J. G. Smith, who in 1834 described the occurrence of tendon ruptures after shoulder injury in the London Medical Gazette. (Smith, 1834) In 1924 Meyer published his attrition theory of cuff ruptures. (Meyer, 1924) In his 1934 classic monograph, Codman summarized his 25 years of observations on the musculotendinous cuff and its components and discussed ruptures of the supraspinatus tendon. (Codman, 1934b) Beginning 10 years after the publication of Codman's book an ...
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  • The Color Bearer Tradition The War Between The States Was The Heyday Of American Battleflags And Their Bearers With Unusualhi - 1,964 words
    ... otomac to move southeast about 12 miles to the vicinity of Spotsylvania Court House (NPS Web Site), hoping to get between the Army of Northern Virginia and Richmond. General Robert E. Lee, however, was quicker, and elements of the Confederate First Corps arrived at Spotsylvania Court House just ahead of the Federals. Over the next few days a series of collisions in the area occurred as both sides took up positions and brought up additional units. The Army of Northern Virginia settled into a defensive line at Spotsylvania that bulged northward in the center to form a salient or "mule-shoe," with elements of Lieutenant General Richard Ewell's Second Corps defending the mule-shoe. At first ...
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  • The Regulators Of North Carolina Outraged Opressors - 1,399 words
    ... e speedy collection of small debts, and the creation of the counties of Wake, Guilford, Chatham, and Surry in the areas of the region where the Regulators were the most numerous. These laws were designed to meet the demands of the Regulators, but while the assembly was vigorously passing these laws word arrived that the Regulators had assembled in Cumberland County and were preparing to march to New Bern, the current capital of North Carolina and residence of Royal Governor William Tryon. A complete change came over the assembly and thoughts turned toward punishing measures (8). The assembly adopted the "Johnston Act" introduced by Samuel Johnston, who would later be a member of the Cont ...
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  • Thomas More - 912 words
    Thomas More G.D. Ramsay. A Saint in the City: Thomas More at Mercers Hall, English Historical Review. April, 1982. 267-288. Lawyer. Negotiator. Legislator. Humanist. Scholar. Sir Thomas More served the English people in each one of these capacities. Mores intellectual skill, when combined with his sharp personality, made him Englands most versatile public servant in the early sixteenth century. More was one of the most successful men in English history, as his efforts for various causes propelled him to the forefront of English society. The article, A Saint in the City: Thomas More at Mercers Hall, tells the story of Mores rise to power and his role in Englands trade policy. Born the son of ...
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  • Was John D Rockefeller A Robber Baron - 2,126 words
    Was John D. Rockefeller A Robber Baron? PART ONE - Issue #2: Was John D. Rockefeller a Robber Baron? A "robber baron" was someone who employed any means necessary to enrich themselves at the expense of their competitors. Did John D. Rockefeller fall into that category or was he one of the "captains of industry", whose shrewd and innovative leadership brought order out of industrial chaos and generated great fortunes that enriched the public welfare through the workings of various philanthropic agencies that these leaders established? In the early 1860s Rockefeller was the founder of the Standard Oil Company, who came to epitomize both the success and excess of corporate capitalism. His compa ...
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