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  • All Quiet On The Western Front Report On Historical Fiction - 883 words
    All Quiet On The Western Front Report On Historical Fiction Name of Book: All Quiet on the Western Front Author: Erich Maria Remarque Publisher: Ballantine Books Date you started book: Date you completed book: 1. In what period of history did the story take place? The story told in All Quiet on the Western Front occurs during the two years just before the Armistice ended World War I in November 1918. 2. Who was the hero in the book? Paul Baumer 3. Name One Problem that the hero experienced: When Baumer visits his home town he realizes that he can not communicate with the people on the home front because of his military experiences and their limited, or nonexistent, understanding of the war ...
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  • 1984 - 1,073 words
    1984 COSHE.COM : Book Reports : 1984 critical review Click Here to Search COSHE's Database Again 1984 The title of the book is 1984 by George Orwell. George Orwell is a pen name for Eric Blair, his real name. The classification of this book is a combination between a historical fiction and a science fiction book. The authors purpose in writing this book was to sort of predict the future or what will happen in the upcoming years. The copyright date of the book was 1949. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Inc. of New York published the book. The overall purpose of this paper is to write a critical essay on 1984. The main setting of the book was in 1984, but it was written in the late 1940s. The story t ...
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  • A Tale Of Two Cities Charles Dickens 18121870 - 1,809 words
    A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens (1812-1870) A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens (1812-1870) Type of Work: Historical fiction Setting London and Paris during the French Revolution (1789-1799) Principal Characters Dr. Manette, a French physician, wrongfully imprisoned for 18 years Lucie Manette, his daughter Charles Darnay, a former French aristocrat who has repudiated his title and left France to live in England Jarvis Lorry, the able representative of Tellson & Co., a banking house Sydney Carton, a law clerk Madame Defarge, a French peasant and longtime revolutionary Story Overveiw (In the year 1775, King George III sat on the throne of England, preoccupied with his rebellious colo ...
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  • Across Five Aprils - 792 words
    Across Five Aprils Across Five Aprils This Newberry award nominated book, written by Irene Hunt, tells the story of the "home life" of her grandfather, Jethro, during the Civil War. Not only does it give a sense of what it is like to be in the war but also it really tells you exactly what the men leave behind. Jethro is forced to make hard decisions, and face many hardships a boy his age shouldn't have to undergo. This is an admirable historical fiction book that leaves it up to the reader to decide if being at home was the superior choice or if being a soldier in the war was. The setting of this book was especially essential to the plot. The story takes place in Southern Illinois during the ...
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  • An Occurence At The Owl Creek Bridge - 908 words
    An Occurence At The Owl Creek Bridge Ambrose Bierce The Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge is an incredible powerful and suspense story; told of all fears of a young father coming to light as his life swings in and out of reality. Ambrose Bierce writes this story during the turn of the nineteenth to twentieth century. During this time period the two writing styles of romanticism, and realism were coming together. This melding of styles was a result of the romantic period of writing and art coming to an end, just at realism was beginning to gain popularity. The Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge is a perfect example of this transition of styles as it combines elements of both romanticism and realism ...
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  • Daniel Defoe - 1,037 words
    ... fictitious exploits of Carleton in the wars of Flanders, Defoe incorporates in the narrative a large proportion of authentic happenings; if he had no, he would lay open to immediate detection as a writer of fiction. "Where does he get those facts? He borrows them from histories and newspapers. In the invention of action the writer of historical fiction is always limited more or less to matters in which he will not seriously conflict with the statements of history (Tucker 47). What Arthur Secord means by this is, if Defoe wanted pass his stories as being authentic, then he should have used more real life geographical and historical facts in doing so. His works are based on a factual event ...
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  • Jaclyn Parker - 1,089 words
    Jaclyn Parker Amistad book review Topics in U.S. History 1 Prof. Davidson March 25, 1998 The novel Amistad is one that discusses a group of slaves that were originally transported from Africa by Spanish traders employed by Queen Isabella II. These traders, however, claimed that these slaves came from Havanna, Cuba. The book reveals that these slaves were not unaccustomed to slavery in their own country. Cinque said at one point that there were some people who were enslaved because of debts or other such problems. He knew that he did not want to be a slave in America because of the way that he would be treated, and he was somewhat ashamed to say that in his country, his people had been enslav ...
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  • Joan Of Arc - 1,042 words
    Joan Of Arc The historical novel is one of those flexible inventions which can he fitted to the mood or genius of any writer, and can be either story or history in the proportion he prefers. Walter Scott, who contrived it, tested its elasticity as fully as any of the long line of romancers who have followed him in every land and language. It has been a favorite form with readers from the first, and it will be to the last, because it gives them the feeling that to read so much about people who once lived and figured in human events is not such a waste of time as to read of people who never lived at all, or figured in anything but the author's fancy. With a race like ours, which always desires ...
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  • The Good Earth - 496 words
    The Good Earth The Good Earth Pearl S. Buck / Historical Fiction The Good Earth is a saga about the life and death of Wang Lung. The story starts out on his wedding day as he gets ready to be marries. He is having a traditional farmer wedding in which his father has chosen his wife which he is to have many children with. In the later years in the midst of a famon they are forced to move south which was not much better than the north. A revolution broke out and during it O-lan and Wang Lung Both rummaged through the great housewhere O-lan stumbles upon a pouch of jewels. After being let go by the soldiers they are able to back to the land where there is now rain. O-lan being the loyal wife sh ...
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  • The Lady Of The Lake By Sir Walter Scott 1771 1832 - 1,779 words
    The Lady of the Lake by Sir Walter Scott (1771 - 1832) The Lady of the Lake by Sir Walter Scott (1771 - 1832) Type of Work: Romantic metrical poem Setting Sixteenth-century Scotland Principal Characters James Douglas, outlawed uncle of the Earl of Angus Ellen Douglas, his daughter (The Lady of the Lake) Roderick Dhu, a rebel Highland chief of Clan Alpine, and protector of the Douglas's Allan-bane, the Douglas' minstrel and devoted servant James Fitz-James, a Saxon Lowlander Knight Malcolm Graeme, Ellen's young love Story Overveiw James Fitz-James, a Saxon knight from Stirling Castle, became lost as he hunted in the Highlands. Sounding his horn, he was rescued - not by his comrades, but by El ...
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  • Time Of The Butterflies - 568 words
    Time of the Butterflies In the world of historical fiction, there are few new and innovative writers, and not often are new styles developed. In the styles of Leon Uris and James Michener, two prolific modern historical fiction novelists, usually the main characters are chronicled over a short period of time in their lives, and their feelings are used only to outline the political matters they are surrounded by. In the Time of the Butterflies is a new breed of this genre, in that it closely follows the four Mirabal sisters from their early childhood up until the very end, and how the tyranny of the Dominican dictator Ral Trujillo affected their family. Julia Alvarez, an American of Dominican ...
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