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  • A Cry In The Night - 696 words
    A Cry In The Night A Cry in the Night 1. The title of my book is A Cry in the Night by Mary Higgins Clark. 2. The place settings of my book are Granite Place, Minnesota and New York City. The time setting is over a period of a year. 3. The main characters in A Cry in the Night are: Erich Krueger-Erich is a 34-year-old man that is a very good artist. Erich is a very rich man whos mother died when he was a little boy. Jenny- Jenny is one of the main characters in my book. Jenny looks just like Caroline who is Erichs mother. Jenny was married to Kevin, but is know married to Erich. Jenny has two girls named Beth and Tina. Jenny was very busy until she married Erich. Kevin-Kevin is Jennys ex-hus ...
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  • I Recently Read The Book Bonfire Of The Vanities By Tom Wolfe Mr Wolfe Holds A - 786 words
    I recently read the book Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe. Mr. Wolfe holds a doctorate in American Studies from Yale University and is the author of many non fiction books such as The Right Stuff, In Our Time, and Clutter and Vine. Bonfire of the Vanities was his first fiction work. This book was published by Bantam Books Inc. and was copyrighted in 1987. I believe the theme of this book to be true to oneself and trust no one but oneself. It is show many times in this book that people will go below their morals simply for personal advancement. It is also shown that human nature allows for many changes of heart, in short, double crossing. The main character in this book is Sherman McCoy. ...
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  • Pretend You Dont See Her - 1,762 words
    Pretend You Don't See Her Melinda Title: Pretend You Dont See Her Author: Mary Higgins Clark Number of Pages: 318 Publication Date: 1997 Summary Pretend You Dont See Her is one of my favorite murder mysteries that I have ever read. My favorite part of this novel is that the ending is very unpredictable. This story started out when a real estate agent in New York, Lacy Farrell, who was assigned to a new client, Isabelle Waring. Isabelle's daughter, Heather Landi, had died in the previous year and it was Heather's apartment she decided to put on the market. Isabelle would have never sold it, but her ex-husband, Jimmy Landi, said that it was time for them to move on. Ever since Heather's death ...
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  • You Belong To Me Is Mary Higgins Clarks Fifteenth Novel It Is About A Young Clinical Psychologist Named Dr Susan Chandler Who - 488 words
    You Belong to Me is Mary Higgins Clark's fifteenth novel. It is about a young clinical psychologist named Dr. Susan Chandler who hosts a radio talk show. One day the topic of the show is lonely women who disappear and who are later discovered dead. She brings up one specific case of a lady named Regina Clausen. Another lady calls in the show and says she might have some information that might be useful to the case, but she wants to remain anonymous. Dr. Chandler tries to arrage a meeting with her, and she says she will probably not be able to come. That woman is shoved into a bus the next day and is seriously injured. The only witness that saw her get pushed is killed the next day. Dr. Chand ...
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