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  • Cambodia - 1,983 words
    Cambodia The Impact of the Past on the Present Cambodia, then, like so many other nations in the developing world, is an agricultural country, and, in terms of the cash incomes of its people, desperately poor. In the past, Cambodia was able to earn foreign exchange to pay for imported goods by selling agricultural surpluses-of rice and corn, for example-or plant crops, such as pepper, rubber, and cotton. Its normal patterns of trade were broken up in the wars of the 1970's. When the fighting died down, Cambodian trade became lively again, but more informal, which benefited many individual traders but deprived the government of money it needed to pay for essential services, like electricity, ...
    Related: cambodia, prime minister, khmer rouge, peace process, reject
  • Chaucers Use Of Clothing: And Effective Rhetorical Device - 1,831 words
    Chaucer's Use Of Clothing: And Effective Rhetorical Device Chaucer's Use of Clothing: an Effective Rhetorical Device In Literature, as in real life, characters are sometimes judged by their appearance. The description of clothing provides detail and comment on those wearing them. Chaucer's uses of artifice in The Canterbury Tales function as gauges of the social status and economic wealth, and emotional condition of each pilgrim. Artifice effectively provides a badge of humanity, symbolic of each character's fallibility. Yet clothing simultaneously imposes upon the characters literary stereotypes, which they consequentially adopt. Unable to transcend these ascribed roles, the pilgrims someti ...
    Related: device, rhetorical, general prologue, divine intervention, armor
  • Democratic Ecohumanism, Market Civilization - 1,363 words
    ... ntal/ humanistic dichotomy in order to realize the essential interconnectedness of these two arenas, so that when Shiva describes the over fishing of the shrimp beds off of the coast of India, we are reminded that the costs are equally felt in the environment and the dissolution of local fishing cultures. (Shiva, 37-54) Because the priorities of the market, (namely continuous development and wealth generation for the small minority which sits atop the neo-liberal hierarchy), are radically opposed to eco-humanistic ideal which we can assume are basically shared by the resource-poor majority of the world, the neo-liberal system is forced to manufacture consent in a manner that Gill finds e ...
    Related: civilization, market, market economy, money supply, american system
  • Friendships Books - 900 words
    Friendships Books In the short stories, "Separate Ways," by Higuchi Ichiyo, and "Uncanny Stories from the Scholars Studio," by SongLing, the two pieces both demonstrate the limits, high and low, of friendship. Mrs. Chu and Mrs. Heng have a loving friendship, but not being able to trust is their downfall. Okyo and Kichizo also have a very loving and caring friendship, but money and riches overpowers their friendship in the end. Mrs. Chu, and Mrs. Heng, in "Uncanny Stories..." show a most admirable fulfilling friendship. Mrs. Chu was driven into the arms of a friend, after feeling deprived of her husband who spent most his days with his concubine. Mrs. Chu took a liking to Mrs. Heng, a neighbo ...
    Related: time passes, real life, short story, caring, trusting
  • In Chaucers Day Women Were Thought Of In Lesser Regard Than Men - 1,490 words
    In Chaucers day women were thought of in lesser regard than men. Their positions in the community were less noble and often displeasing. The Canterbury Tales, written by Chaucer, is about a pilgrimage to Canterbury. Along with the narrator (Chaucer), there are 29 other Canterbury pilgrims. Not surprisingly, only three of them are women: the Prioress, the associate of the Prioress, and the Wife of Bath. Each traveler is to tell two tales to make the journey to Canterbury and back more enjoyable. The Host, Harry Bailey, is in charge of the group and will decide what is in the best interest of them all. Thus, the journey begins as do the tales. Even though the times suggest women are weak and p ...
    Related: lesser, regard, the knight, the narrator, prioress
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