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  • Anit Gun Control - 671 words
    Anit Gun Control Should there be gun control? Do we the people need help from the government to set guidelines and bans out to keep us safe? If we did, would the prices we pay surmount the desired results. No, gun control is not a constitutionally sound device nor does it protect us. Gun control is not a new tool. In the past century it was used repeatedly by great rulers/dictators. However, these rulers used it as a tool to manipulate and de-power a nations people. Before Hitler took over and began his quest of racial cleansing, he banned guns from all citizens. Do you think that the stories of 2/3 of euro-jews being led to death like sheep would have been the same if they were armed? I do ...
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  • Gun Control - 865 words
    Gun Control The United States of America is the most heavily armed population in the world. There are 200 Million guns and 60 to 65 Million legal owners who have one or more guns. In the United States, more than half of the households have guns. In 1974, nearly two million guns were produced in the United States, and four hundred thousand guns were imported. In 1975, the House Judiciary Committee Report Number 94-1103 stated that there were about three hundred thousand actual or potential handgun deaths annually! Those figures are increasing rapidly, if we do not do anything to stop it, it will became a disaster in the future. The definition of a gun is a device that discharges a shot, shell ...
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  • Gun Control - 1,226 words
    Gun Control Gun Control People for Gun Control The recent events that has happened, such as the school shootings and all the violence seen on television, has without a doubt made many of us consider gun control as a possible solution to the violence that has spread across the nation. On the other hand there is other ways to reduce the violence besides using gun control to do that, which are teaching proper gun handling and making mandatory licensing to obtain a gun. With gun control laws the government is putting the average citizen in harms way by taking there gun away from them. More important that gun control is gun safety. People need to learn not only how, but also when to use a gun. Mo ...
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  • Gun Control - 1,603 words
    Gun Control On Monday two men shot an 18-year-old to death on a street corner in Las Vegas. Tuesday in Idaho, a state police officer was shot in the head and killed. The next day 28-year-old Damon Damar Ingram was gunned down while walking his dog in the nations capital. On Thursday officers arrested 49-year-old Frances Boice in rural South Dakota. Police say she shot and killed her 51-year-old husband in upstate New York before flee-ing to the heartland. Welcome to a week in the United States, one of the most free and violent countries in the world. Where people carry weapons to protect themselves from the other people who own somewhere between 200 and 250 million firearms according to PSR ...
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  • Gun Control - 1,160 words
    Gun Control In order to reduce gun vilolence in the U.S., there should be stricter gun regulation. By Don Sunberg U.S. Politics and Government Dr. M. Anderson September 13, 1999 Violence and crime in today's society is inevitable. Human nature is full of hatred, jealousy, and chaos. Throwing guns into the equation adds security for some, and vulnerability for others. Gun regulation is a topic of debate that has been going on for years and looks to be going on for many more to come. Although, each side of the issue seems to have a possibility of security for all, a healthy median of both sides proves to be hard to come by. On the side of no gun regulation, advocates explain that a concealed h ...
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  • Gun Control - 470 words
    Gun Control Gun Control Gun control is a law concerning firearms. A year ago, when it was just some obscure bill, and people were fighting it, I didn't know what it was. It seemed lots of people were fighting it so it must have been bad. I want to show people it is bad. That is what my essay is about. The government may have had good intentions of fighting crime by registering guns so that the police would know if a gun was involved in a crime, whose gun it was. The downside to this is, what criminals are going to register their guns? Imagine this: you are a criminal, and you are going to commit a crime with a gun. Are you going to register the gun that you are going to register the gun that ...
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  • Gun Control - 825 words
    Gun Control Gun Control In today's society, one of the major problems we face is the use, and misuse of guns. Guns are deadly weapons that can change a person's life physically and emotionally, mostly when it is not used properly. Many people possess at least one handgun either in purses or in homes for protection, while others own guns for their own pleasure. Despite the fact that a gun can protect a person during self-defense, it can also be dangerous because it can hurt and kill someone. If a gun is kept at home, the chance of a person harming a family member other than an intruder, is five times higher (Bender 140). Although it may serve as a protection to an individual, it can also be m ...
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  • Gun Control - 619 words
    Gun Control Everyone in the United States of America has an opinion on gun control regardless of their age, race, or religion. From within those opinions arguments are formed. People are arguing about gun control at their jobs, at their schools, and sometimes at their places of worship. On one side of things there are the people that support gun control like certain politicians or political organizations, teachers, police officers, and so on. On the other side of things there are the people that are against gun control, people such as hunters and various types of criminals. When it comes down to sensitive topics like gun control, there are very few people that do not choose a side. The Secon ...
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  • Gun Control - 1,244 words
    Gun Control annon AI say all guns are good guns. There are no bad guns. I say the whole nation should be an armed nation. Period.@ This rather bold statement was made by Joseph Foss. Former Governor Joseph Foss, a former fighter pilot for the US Air Force, is the current President of the NRA, or National Rifle Association (Lacayo 16). The NRA is a special interest group known by many. Its members are stereotyped to be a group of >truck-driving=, pompous, huntsmen. Indeed this is partially true, as 97% of all NRA members are suburban men. Because the organization is a more >Domestic Blend=, it is a surprising fact that the NRA is a powerful lobbyist organization. And skeptically viewed ...
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  • Gun Control - 1,645 words
    Gun Control The right to bear arms has been a part of this country's constitution since its conception in 1776. Guns we originally a commodity that almost every household had. Firearms were used for hunting and protection. As the modern era came upon us, there became a lesser need to own a firearm because of a controlled police force and a surplus in food. The surplus in food and modern law enforcement, along with rising firearm crimes prompted the government to start reviewing gun laws. Furthermore, over the past century the right to bear a firearm has been restricted by many laws. These laws are instated to help prevent accidental and planned deaths attributed by firearms. The question sti ...
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  • Gun Control - 1,040 words
    Gun Control AMERICAN VALUES MOTHERS DAY IN FEDERAL PRISON. Responsive reader questions 1-3. What would you include in capsule portraits or thumbnail sketches of the women inmates Coyne describes in her article? What kind of people are they? Included in a capsule filled with the portraits or thumbnail sketches of the women inmates, Coyne describes in her article, at Federal Prison Camp for women in Pekin, Illinois would be many personal items. One thing would be certain is that the Mothers Day flower given to the mothers would be included in the capsule. Next the dress made by the inmates would be included for two reasons. The first reason is to show that the inmates did not have to be in pri ...
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  • Gun Control - 696 words
    Gun Control I Introduction A The place is a New York. The time is late at night. A man is walking alone on the sidewalk. A car slows down next to the man. The drive opens the widow, pulls out a gun and open fires. B This is an all too similar scene in big cities across the US. People shooting people for absolutely no reason or some stupid reason that could have been easily discussed. Gun Control is a necessity in controlling crime. However normal people should be able to own guns II Explanation A What is gun control 1 government can/should regulate the sale, possession of any firearm. B Crime 1 crime can happen anywhere in the US. There are some things being done on this problem. Lets keep t ...
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  • Gun Control - 211 words
    Gun Control Because our constitution guarantees our citizens the right to bear arms, we cannot make gun ownership illegal. We can reduce the problem by doing the following two things. Require all gun owners to be licensed. Require all guns to be registered to licensed owners. All guns would be required to have a serial number. Guns without serial numbers would be given one. Any unregistered gun would be confiscated. The gun could be returned after the owner gets his/her license. Gun sales to unlicensed individuals would be prohibited. Whenever a gun is sold the previous owner would report the sale including the new owner's license number. A previous owner not reporting a gun sale could be li ...
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  • Gun Control - 1,158 words
    Gun Control "In order to reduce gun vilolence in the U.S., there should be stricter gun regulation." By Don Sunberg U.S. Politics and Government Dr. M. Anderson September 13, 1999 Violence and crime in today's society is inevitable. Human nature is full of hatred, jealousy, and chaos. Throwing guns into the equation adds security for some, and vulnerability for others. Gun regulation is a topic of debate that has been going on for years and looks to be going on for many more to come. Although, each side of the issue seems to have a possibility of security for all, a healthy median of both sides proves to be hard to come by. On the side of no gun regulation, advocates explain that a concealed ...
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  • Gun Control - 568 words
    Gun Control One in four households in the United States have a loaded handgun. This stunning fact is unbelievable yet true. Anyone in the household could gain access to this deadly firearm. Gun control is needed in todays society. Gun control would prove that guns arent a necessity of todays life. It would also lower the crime rate. Gun control is a large factor of safety. Gun control is essential since it will prove guns arent needed in todays world. Our society and our way of life have changed since the constitution was written. When the constitution was written, people did not live close together as people do today. People lived on huge farms and hunting was their main source of food. The ...
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  • Gun Control - 1,398 words
    Gun Control There has been considerable debate recently in Canada over the issue of gun control. The Canadian parliament enacted the Firearms Act to enforce gun control by requiring gun owners to register their firearms. Just recently, the government of Alberta lead in a charge, including five other provinces and numerous pro-gun groups, complaining that the law is unconstitutional and intrudes on provincial jurisdiction. They also claim that the act infringes on property and civil rights that are guaranteed in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Parliament contends that the government of Canada is within its rights to protect public safety. Pro-gun control organizations, police chi ...
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  • Gun Control - 1,614 words
    Gun Control In 1988, handguns killed 7 people in Great Britain 19 in Sweden 53 in Switzerland 25 in Israel 13 in Australia 8 in Canada And 8,915 in the United States The figures are shocking but what is the solution? Gun control is a problem that our country has faced for many years. In the past this issue has been placed on the back burner but the recent school, subway, and gang related shootings have pushed it to the forefront of political and social issues. There are basically three categories in the dispute for gun control. The extreme "right" which thinks anyone should have access to any weapon or ammunition. The extreme "left" who believe Government should have ultimate control of all ...
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  • Gun Control - 296 words
    Gun Control Are you ready to die? Whats more, are you ready to kill? When you hold a gun anywhere but the firing range youd better be ready and able to use it or die. Dont get me wrong; just because you carry a gun doesnt mean people automatically start being violent towards you but if you get in a fight and someone realizes you have a gun its more than likely that they will pull one and shoot you if they have it. Most people think that a gun will make them invincible but the truth is: Every bullet is another life and every gun is another instrument of death. The more people that carry guns, the more people that die. On the flip side, if nobody but the military carries guns then the people t ...
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  • Gun Control - 1,089 words
    ... from fear. We are not free when consumers are manipulated by profit-motivated industries. In the New England Journal of Medicine, an important study of 743 gunshot deaths done by Dr. Arthur Kellermann and Dr. Donald Reay, found that 398 of these deaths had taken place in a home where the handgun was kept. It was not a criminal stranger who shot them, but instead family or relatives, spouses, roommates, or themselves. Altercations within the home accounts for 84% of these homicides. Of all 743 gunshot deaths, there were only two that occurred in homes involving intruders killed while attempting to enter, and nine deaths justified through police and court analysis. (95) What really justif ...
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  • Gun Control - 1,211 words
    Gun Control The debate over gun control has developed into a very complicated issue. Several different groups have suggested limiting the use of guns and others have proposed to supporting free gun use. On one side, people who use some form of gun control imply that guns are responsible for too many deaths and injuries in the United States. They propose that laws be passed to make guns more difficult or impossible for ordinary citizens to own. On the other side are those people who oppose all or nearly all forms of gun control. This paper will propose three different issues to argue against the element of gun control. First, we need to control the people who use the guns, not the guns themse ...
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