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  • The Character Of The Pardoner In Chaucers Canterbury Tales - 940 words
    The Character Of The Pardoner In Chaucer's Canterbury Tales The Pardoner's Tale is arguably the finest short narrative in Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. The tale of three men that attempt to kill Death, but instead die themselves is a story of exceptional intellect, moral, and humour. These three qualities are quite unsurprising considering the actual author of these tales. What is surprising though is that the character that tells this fantastic story is the Pardoner. There have been many studies on Chaucer's characterisation of the Pardoner, most of which have concentrated on his amoral attitude or on his sexuality. However, in this essay a different side of the Pardoner will be expl ...
    Related: canterbury, canterbury tales, geoffrey chaucer, pardoner, the pardoner
  • The Civil War - 1,983 words
    ... ts. After dark, Lee ordered the battered Army of Northern Virginia to withdraw across the Potomac into the Shenandoah Valley. Another battle is the Battle of Fredricksburg. On November 14, 1862 Burnside, now in command of the Army of the Potomac, sent a corps to occupy the vicinity of Falmouth near Fredericksburg. The rest of the army soon followed. Lee reacted by positioning his army on the heights behind the town. On December 11, Union engineers laid five pontoon bridges across the Rappahannock under fire. On the 12th, the Federal army crossed over, and on December 13, Burnside mounted a series of assaults on Prospect Hill and Marye's Heights that resulted in a lot of casualties. Meade ...
    Related: civil war, robert e. lee, army corps, general john, ship
  • The Developement Of Free Jazz - 1,037 words
    The developement of Free Jazz The Development of Free Jazz All music has to develop into something new and by the late 1950's jazz was ready for a slight turn. A musical style called free jazz emerged with slight differences that has influenced most improvised music to this day. Some people despised this music's lack of set form. They found it difficult to listen to because of the missing order and lack of pre-planed notes. Others embraced the new music and it's emphasis on random feelings of emotion. For the men that developed free jazz it was a journey to find the "ultimate" expression in music. There is no set definition for free jazz. "In free jazz, musicians improvise freely without adh ...
    Related: developement, free jazz, jazz, jazz music, dizzy gillespie
  • The Horror - 1,437 words
    The Horror! The Horror! In Heart of Darkness it is the white invaders for instance, who are, almost without exception, embodiments of blindness, selfishness, and cruelty; and even in the cognitive domain, where such positive phrases as "to enlighten," for instance, are conventionally opposed to negative ones such as "to be in the dark," the traditional expectations are reversed. In Kurtz's painting, as we have seen, "the effect of the torch light on the face was sinister" (Watt 332). Ian Watt, author of "Impressionism and Symbolism in Heart of Darkness," discusses about the destruction set upon the Congo by Europeans. The destruction set upon the Congo by Europeans led to the cry of Kurtz's ...
    Related: horror, human soul, different aspects, free state, brass
  • The Korean War - 1,262 words
    The Korean War A cry rang out, June 24, 1950, from a small country half way around the world and America listened. Korea was engaged in a civil war as an attempt to keep North Korea from thrusting its influence on South Korea. Communist Russia and China were strong supporters of the North, and to keep Communism contained the United States sent troops to the South. Our troops spent years fighting and dying for a country some had never heard of. The irony of this war is that no one really paid attention and its memory withered as well as the memory of the men who fought there. You may ask how this couldve happened or how it all came about, and ,yes, there is an answer it just may be a little d ...
    Related: korean, korean war, south korean, william morrow, harcourt brace
  • The Making Of Automobiles Started In The Year 1770 In 1770 A Man Named Nicholas - 997 words
    The making of automobiles started in the year 1770. In 1770 a man named Nicholas Joseph Cungnot from France built a large steam-driven vehicle. The vehicle didnt last long because the vehicle could only be driven for 12 to 15 minutes before running out of steam and the vehicle was too heavy and had poor balance and made it difficult to steer. Nothing more had been done until in the 1784. In 1784 James Watt made a patent on a steam carriage, but nothing became of it. Then in 1785 John Fitch invented a steam-propelled boat in New Jersey. And then in 1786 he organized a company to build the steam engines and then even built a model of a road vehicle with an engine but committed suicide before a ...
    Related: nicholas, solar power, american government, york city, busy
  • The Model Society - 1,801 words
    The Model Society Lisa Pepper Professor Black CES Final Summary of the Model Society Goals of the Model Society Chart comparing aspects of different countries Comparisons between the Model Society and other major societies and theories Triangle Graph Comparisons Survey Bibliographic Information A Utopian society does not exist in any country in the world. The perfect system has not yet been developed. Certainly the United States and the Soviet Union have been two of the most admired systems OF the past, but they to are far from an ideal model of a just society which has been desired by many persons throughout the ages. This just society, is hard to define, nevertheless, this is what I propos ...
    Related: industrial society, society today, utopian society, national income, full employment
  • The Moon Is Down - 452 words
    The Moon Is Down BASIC STRATEGIES FOR EFFECTIVE STUDIES Effective learning depends upon good study habits. Efficient study skills do not simply occur; they must first be learned and then applied consistently. Good study strategies include a preset time for study, a desirable place to study, and a well-designed study plan. A Time to study All of us think we have more things to do than we have time to do, and studying gets shortchanged. It is important to prepare a schedule of daily activities that includes time slots for doing the studying we have to do. Within each study slot, write in the specific study activity; for example, Read Unit 6 of accounting; do Problems 1-5. Keep the schedule fle ...
    Related: moon, publishing company, study skills, academic performance, studying
  • The Next Day, Higgins And Pickering Are Just Resting From A Full Morning Of - 1,182 words
    The next day, Higgins and Pickering are just resting from a full morning of discussion when Eliza Doolittle shows up at the door, to the tremendous doubt of the discerning housekeeper Mrs. Pearce, and the surprise of the two gentlemen. Prompted by his careless brag about making her into a duchess the night before, she has come to take lessons from Higgins, so that she may sound genteel enough to work in a flower shop rather than sell at the corner of Tottenham Court Road. As the conversation progresses, Higgins alternates between making fun of the poor girl and threatening her with a broomstick beating, which only causes her to howl and holler, upsetting Higgins' civilized company to a consi ...
    Related: higgins, pickering, resting, garden party, scientific study
  • The Odyssey Is An Epic Poem, Which Revolves Around Odysseus And His Journey Home From The War At Troy Throughout His Travels - 1,065 words
    The Odyssey is an epic poem, which revolves around Odysseus and his journey home from the war at Troy. Throughout his travels he is met with many obstacles and adventures. There are times when he thinks he will never make it home. But through perseverance, faith, maturation and heroics, he manages to survive and reach his homeland of Ithaca as a changed man. In The Odyssey, Odysseus, the main character must journey from Troy to his homeland of Ithaca. Throughout this journey he learns many lessons, faces obstacles testing his physical and mental strength and grows from an arrogant, self-centered hero into a humble, respectful survivor. With the help of the Gods he is finally able to return t ...
    Related: epic, odysseus, odyssey, odyssey odysseus, the odyssey, troy
  • The Purpose Of This Paper Is To Offer An Analysis Of The Women Characters In The Works Of John Steinbeck, With A Special Emph - 1,247 words
    The purpose of this paper is to offer an analysis of the women characters in the works of John Steinbeck, with a special emphasis placed on Elisa Allen, the main character in his short story, "The Chrysanthemums." Most of Steinbecks fiction is concerned with his native California, with the Great Depression and how people endured it, and with the deprivation that farm workers in the west suffered generally (Beegel et al. 54). Many of his novels and short stories take place in the Salinas area, and his characters often reflect the values of the working people--a people willing to work hard, required to endure adversity, and simple in their needs and lifestyles. Steinbecks Pulitzer Prize-winnin ...
    Related: john steinbeck, main character, elisa allen, short story, farther
  • The Romantic Poets: And The Role Of Nature - 1,515 words
    The Romantic Poets: And The Role Of Nature The Romantic Poets: and the role of Nature Craig Williamson The poetry of the English Romantic period (1800-1832), often contain many descriptions, and ideas of nature, not found in most writing. The Romantic poets share several charecteristics in common, certainly one of the most significant of these is their respective views on nature.Which seems to range from a more spiritual, if not pantheistic view, as seen in the works of William Wordsworth, to the much more realistic outlook of John Keats. All of these authors discuss, in varrying degreess, the role of nature in acquiring meaningful insight into the human condition. These writers all make app ...
    Related: english romantic, romantic, romantic period, romantic poets, religious experience
  • Ufo Kinds - 3,416 words
    ... ember 2012 . This type of prediction is abundant throughout most religions and is one of the most powerful mythologies throughout the human race but when examining the alien abduction phenomena, one of the most common traits to emerge, is the conveying of a similar apocalyptic type message by the alien beings "Scenes of the earth devastated by a nuclear holocaust, vast panoramas of lifeless polluted landscapes and waters and images of giant earthquakes, firestorms and floods even fractures of the planet are shown by the aliens" (Mack. Dr. J.E, 1994, P.40). This unnerving message of mass destruction is a dominating factor conveyed by the alleged alien beings and echoes the prophesy set ou ...
    Related: second world, root cause, secret life, electricity, history
  • Understanding Jazz - 1,548 words
    Understanding Jazz Understanding Jazz A mellow vibration lingers throughout a smoke-filled room, as eloquent music escapes the callused fingers of relaxed musicians. The tempo speeds up and grows into a fusion of spontaneous and uneven chords, exploding with rhythmic soul and life. The sound of jazz embraces the room. Jazz is primarily a dazzling, spellbinding, introspective beauty. The musician and the listener find they can derive meaning from the music. The music exists first, and its meaning is defined later. When a jazz musician is improvising, he is spontaneously composing, and at that moment his music is completely subjective. He must imagine the future in his music. He cannot transce ...
    Related: jazz, african american music, white america, the bluest eye, chicago
  • Urban Dwellers In Plainsfield, Pennsylvania - 607 words
    Urban Dwellers In Plainsfield, Pennsylvania Urban Dwellers in Plainfield, Philadelphia Plainfield's earliest settlers, like many others who pioneered this country, were seeking religious and political freedoms denied them in their own countries. By 1685, seven families (whose name identify them as all good Scots) established farms along the Cedar Brook. But long before the arrival of the first settlers, Indians had frequented the area in their travels between the Hudson and Delaware rivers. Those living in the Plainfield area were the Watchungs, part of the Lenni-Lenape tribe. They encamped along the Green Brook and in the areas of the Watchung and Park avenues, and Grant and Clinton avenues ...
    Related: dwellers, pennsylvania, urban, post office, methodist church
  • Waiting For Godot By Beckett - 662 words
    Waiting For Godot By Beckett Authors use different techniques in their wittings. Samuel Beckett uses allusions and references to characters to help the reader understand what the characters represent. In his drama Waiting for Godot, Becketts two main characters, Estragon and Vladimir, are symbolized as man. Separate they are two different sides of man, but together they represent man as a whole. In Waiting for Godot, Beckett uses Estragon and Vladimir to symbolize mans physical and mental state. Estragon represents the physical side of man, while Vladimir represents the intellectual side of man. In each way these two look for answers shows their side of man. Estragon has his shoes. Vladimir ...
    Related: beckett, godot, samuel beckett, waiting for godot, modern critical interpretations
  • Waiting For Godot: Samuel Becketts Theatre Of The Absurd - 1,082 words
    ... the expectation of Estragon and Vladimir (SGSB, 44). Characterization is another tool implemented to the end of absurdism. The quarreling couple, Vladimir and Estragon have complementary personalities. Vladimir is more masculine or Apollonian: practical, persistent, serious and strong. Estragon is more feminine or Dionysian: a poet, volatile, dreaming, skeptical and weak. At times, through their incessant bickering, it is suggested that they disunite. Yet it is the differences in their natures that make them highly compatible, to the point that one is incomplete without the other. Beaten up by mysterious strangers every night, Estragon is protected by Vladimir who sings him to sleep with ...
    Related: absurd, samuel, samuel beckett, theatre, waiting for godot
  • When People Think Of Oranges They See Beautiful Pieces Of Fruit, Sweet And Filled To Its Rind With A Gratifying Nectar That S - 1,046 words
    When people think of oranges they see beautiful pieces of fruit, sweet and filled to its rind with a gratifying nectar that sprays into your mouth with the first bite. Its distinct and citrus fragrance can be smelled from across the room once its soft rind has been cut. The oranges smell is juicy and sweet, and can be noticed with little effort once the oranges peel has been sliced. In this photo, Have One, the orange in the picture being held has been peeled halfway, spraying its beautiful citrus smell into the air, persuading people to buy it. It is a paper label used for a crate to promote the fruit they ship across the United States. But, underneath the initial meaning of this picture li ...
    Related: sweet, different views, second half, weekend, ship
  • Youth Protest In Vietnam War - 1,021 words
    ... ctober 17, 1967, a group of 3,000 protesters were gathered around an induction center in Oakland, California. When they refused to leave, 25 of them were arrested and 20 were injured by the police. Three days later, 10,000 protesters showed up at the induction center because they were angry with what happened a few days earlier. For once the large group felt like it was in power as it blocked the streets with whatever they could find (Kaiser 42). Antidraft actions took place in 15 other cities. In Washington, 75,000 protesters came to rally against the government at the Pentagon (Dougan and Weiss 89-90). The people represented every area of America with young and old, men and women, and ...
    Related: protest, vietnam, vietnam war, youth culture, york oxford university press
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