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  • All For Daddy - 1,110 words
    All For Daddy All for Daddy Henry Louis Gates, Jr. admired his father as a young boy, however he wished he could spend more time with him. Daddy worked all the time, every day but Sunday (78). This was similar to my fathers working habits. He would work all day from early in the morning until late at night. When he came home, he would put on the TV, eat dinner, watch the Laker game, and go to bed. So, during the week the only time I had with him was while he was watching his Laker game. In Gates home it was the same way, Evenings, we watched television together, all of us, after Id done my homework(78). My time with my dad and the Laker game meant more to him than I realized at the time. How ...
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  • Cay - 575 words
    Cay It has been may years since I; Phillip Enright was stranded on the tiny island, Devil's Mouth with my beloved friend Timothy, and our one comfort, Stew Cat. Its been 50 years to be exact and in all 61 years of my life, nothing has impacted me more than that time spent on the cay. As I sit hear in the comfort of my beautiful home, relaxing in my easy chair feeling the warmth of the glowing fire I am remembering. Happy yet sad, but I'll talk about that later. It's not every day that I afford myself the luxury of really pondering the time spent with timothy years ago, but since my wife Jule is visiting our son, Timothy, his wife and our firts grandbaby (another Timothy! we call him Tim) I c ...
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  • Colin Powell - 1,120 words
    Colin Powell My Written Report is a Short Biography of Colin Luther Powell. He was born on May 5, 1937 in Presbyterian Hospital. He was born, and grew up, in the South Bronx, New York. There was a big influence of drugs and gangs where Powell lived but, he seemed to steer away from all of that (source 1, page 23). Powell's parents were immigrants from Jamaica. His mother's name is Muad Ariel McKoy. In Jamaica the McKoy fammily watched over sugar plantations. She came to America with her mother (Colin's grandmother). Powell's father's name is Luther Theophilus Powell. In Jamaica the Powell families were peasant farmers. Muad and Luther while in New York not in Jamaica (source 1, page 20, 21). ...
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  • Commentary On The Poem Of The Cid - 1,711 words
    Commentary On The Poem Of The Cid Chris Irwin Commentary on Poem of the Cid Poetry played a vital role in the dissemination of information during the Crusade period. It provided a compact, easily memorized way of spreading news in a time bereft of the benefit of mass printing. According to Michael Routledge, who penned a chapter on Crusade songs and poetry in The Oxford Illustrated History of the Crusades, poetry was not only a way of recording and spreading news of current events, but also served to record and extoll the virtues and values of the ruling Medieval aristocracy. These values included commitment to one's lord, and an acceptance of the feudal duties of auxilium (armed help in tim ...
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  • God And Christian Life - 1,265 words
    ... longer to stay on the path." Thats all right. Take the longer way. Shortcuts are dangerous and often longer in the end. Gods way is the only way. III. Using Your Mind in Gods Service Like the parable of the talents, what we receive from God must be used in service to benefit others. Talents used will be talents multiplied. Any unused talents will be taken away or we will be as the Dead Sea in which nothing can survive. So it is that the law of service is the law of life. There is nothing in Gods creation that lives unto itself. Everything that God has created ministers to some other life. Every tree, shrub and leaf gives off oxygen so that man and animal could live. The flowers give out ...
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  • Imagery In The Red Badge Of Courage - 2,619 words
    ... ering upon it. He tried to mathematically prove to himself that he would not run from a battle. Previously he had never felt obliged to wrestle too seriously with this question. In his life he had taken certain things for granted, never challenging his belief in ultimate success, and bothering little about means and roads. But here he was confronted with a thing of moment. It had suddenly appeared to him that perhaps in a battle he might run. He was forced to admit that as far as war was concerned he knew nothing of himself. A sufficient time before he would have allowed the problem to kick its heels at the outer portals of his mind, but now he felt compelled to give serious attention to ...
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  • Maya Angelou Explains In Her Autobiography, Why The Caged Bird Sings, Why Her Religious Background And Church Upbringing Are - 829 words
    Maya Angelou explains ( in her autobiography, Why the Caged Bird Sings,) why her religious background and church upbringing are so important to her life and poetic writing. I came to know Jesus, as I was married and sad, I found in him a resting place, and He made me glad. (page 124). She also states The good Lord gave me another day and I'm thankful. (page 122). I know I am a witness for my Lord. (Page 124). The Bible says, he who can hear let them hear. Maya wants the world to hear her sing through her poetry. Understanding Maya Angelou's religious upbringing and faith in God is the key to understanding her as a bblack female poet and writer caged in the rascism of America. Her belief in G ...
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  • Much A Do About Nothing - 1,241 words
    Much a do about nothing Katharina and Beatrice are both similar characters. They each are plagued with unrequited love, and depressed by their own inability to woo the suitor of their choosing. Each of them are unable to accept the female role of passivity. Although both women seem to accept their roles of wives at the conclusion of the plays. Upon further examination, one will find that Beatrice is a much more complex character. One would have to agree with the critic who said, "Katharina is a character sketched in bold, rapid stokes, with none of Beatrice's sophistication, verbal brilliance, or emotional depth." In Taming of the Shrew, the first introduction to Katharina, by Gremio and Hor ...
    Related: sibling rivalry, taming of the shrew, free will, sophisticated, kate
  • Quality Interpersonal Relationships - 1,141 words
    QUALITY INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS A quality interpersonal relationship is a relationship which is built on understanding of self and others. A quality interpersonal relationship goes beyound just being casually aquainted with others to sharing with and gaining an understanding of one another. What I mean by sharing with is that you get a feeling for each other. I can empathize with you and see things through your eyes. When a quality interpersonal relationship is present there's certain amount of synergy that takes place between the persons involved in the relationship. A good example of a quality interpersonal relationship could be found within the strong family unit. If we were to study ...
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  • The Aztec Indians - 1,464 words
    ... , gossip there, old friends meet as do new ones. I can think of few places more exciting and pleasurable than the Texcoco market. As I buy my son a fish pie, two tlanecuilo approach me for help. As pochteca of the highest order it is our duty to oversee and pass judgment on market affairs (Smith,117). These two common merchants tell me of another commoner who has been passing off counterfeit cacao beans filled with sawdust. Though busy, it is my duty to investigate the matter. The merchant in question swears that he has never counterfeited beans and was unaware that they were filled with sawdust. I see that the old man is not lying and is a victim of some other culprit. I order him to re ...
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  • Who Created Evil - 1,051 words
    ... was evil. So God not only allowed evil to be created, so that He could give us free will that we might choose Him, but He also gave it definition. He brought it to our attention. Man had no knowledge of evil until God told us of it. Even in the Garden man didnt know evil. He did not know that eating from the one tree in the center of Eden was evil until God told him. So why would God put the tree there in the first place if He didnt want man to eat it? He knew that Adam and Eve would eat the fruit and He knew what would happen when they did. He had to know because He knows all. So what was His reason for putting evil with man, why was the tree placed in the Garden of Eden? It was put the ...
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