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  • Agnostic I Believe That I Am Agnostic Because I Dont Know What To Think About Religion When It Comes To Saying Whether I Beli - 570 words
    Agnostic I believe that I am agnostic because I dont know what to think about religion. When it comes to saying whether I believe in God or not, I feel that I have not yet come to a complete understanding of Gods existence. This tends to be a vicious cycle which constantly runs through my head. Ever since I can remember, I was taught through my family and church that this being does exist, but as I grew older I began to question whether this almighty being really does exist. How can I believe that this being exists when every day I watch the news and hear of all the tragedy that is happening in the world. I have been taught through my family and church that God is the creator and supreme rul ...
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  • An Enemy Called Violence - 1,644 words
    An Enemy Called Violence An Enemy Called Violence Even though the Hebrews believe God to be loving, he is not found pleasant in all situations. God is helpful, rewarding, and caring in the Bible toward the people who have faith in him; and is also known to be devastating, and at times overwhelming to his opponents when God inflicts forces of violence. The force of violence plays a major roll in Genesis and Exodus. Three main events in Genesis/Exodus come to mind when discussing the privileges of Gods followers or the violence against Gods opponents. God regrets his creation of mankind and exercises force against the wicked and evil people by creating a flood to cover up his error. This error ...
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  • Are Science And Religion One - 2,121 words
    ... rature if there is only one thing that exists? By definition temperature is the speed and frequency of collisions between particles. Thus we find ourselves once more in a paradoxical situation. On the one hand the equations predict a specific temperature greater than zero but, on the other hand, the unified state must be at temperature zero because there are no particle interactions. This tendency to paradox displayed by the equations of cosmology and built into the foundations of mathematics, if looked at squarely and taken at face value, is telling us something profound about the structure of the world. Paradox is built into the fabric of the universe in a profound and interesting way. ...
    Related: religion, science, face value, moral implications, advent
  • Descartes On God - 1,068 words
    Descartes On God Upon cursory examination, one might assume that Rene Descartes is a"non-believer" in the existence of a heavenly being, a God that presides over humans and gives us faith. However, this is simply not the case Descartes is simply trying to destroy all of the uncertainties that have come about by the attempted scientific explanations of such a supreme being. For Rene Descartes and all of the other believers in the world, the existence of God provides a convenient answer to unexplained questions, while never providing answers to the questions about God himself. This is evidenced a great deal in the circular argument made by Descartes in the Meditations on First Philosophy. Wha ...
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  • Descartes Proof Of The Existence Of God - 1,280 words
    Descartes' Proof Of The Existence Of God The intention of this paper will be to examine Descartes argument for the existence of God. First, I will review Descartes proof for the existence of God. Then, I will discuss some consequences that appear as a result of Gods existence. Finally, I will point to some complications and problems that exist within the proof. Descartes proof of the existence of God occurs in the Third Meditation. He builds his entire argument upon his proof in the previous meditation that in order for him to think, he must exist. From this single observation, Descartes notices that the idea of his existence is very clear and distinct in his mind; based upon this clarity an ...
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  • Existence By Atheism - 1,467 words
    Existence By Atheism Since the dawn of human awareness, we have wondered how we have come to exist and for what purpose, yet no theory thus far has even been agreed upon, let alone proven. Philosophers, theologians, and scientists have argued back and forth about our origin for centuries, producing copious quantities of literature, and it continues to this day. The justification for my beliefs on the issue which am to present here may simply come to be seen as another log to throw on the growing stack, but I am inclined to think that it will have new merit since I will be attempting to appeal to both believers in faith, and to those who feel that Darwin said it all. I must begin by stating t ...
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  • For A Genuine Empiricist The Phrase God Exists Is Meaningless - 1,528 words
    ... ng of the question, a few key concepts must first be established. What is meant by the term Empiricism? To an empiricist, the occurrence of consciousness is simply the product of experience. It is assumed that all human knowledge is acquired from experience and observation alone. It is believed that we are born with an empty slate; it is through sense perception that our knowledge begins to form and shape our mind. Empiricism is against the idea of spontaneous or a priori thought (knowledge that is independent of all particular experience). They believe in a posteriori knowledge, which is derives from experience alone. The belief opposing Empiricism is that of Rationalism. In this philos ...
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  • God Existence - 881 words
    God Existence "...god is dead and no one cares drowning in his own hypocrisy and if there is a hell I will see you there burning with your god in humility..." Trent Reznor, from Heresy Does God exist? As you can see above, even the most vile human beings acknowledge him. But trying to argue for or against the idea that God exists is much more difficult than believing that he exists or even acknowledging that there is a "higher power". Even Charles Darwinthe British naturalist who developed the theory of evolution and natural selection in his book The Origin of Speciesseems to get confused with the argument. In his piece "Religious Belief," he fumbles with two distinct incongruencies. The fir ...
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  • God Existence - 1,569 words
    God Existence In my life on this planet I have come to question many things that many take on as blind faith. We all know that someday we will physically die, Yet, we continuously deny the forces working inside ourselves which want to search out the true outcome of what may or may not come after death. Its far easier for humanity to accept that they will go on to a safe haven and be forgiven for all, rather than to question the existence of a super omnipotent being. Fortunately, there are some of us who tend to question the whys and hows that come before us. We question the creation of humanity and the religious teachings received from our parents, our church and our society. This paper exam ...
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  • Night And Eliezer - 1,004 words
    Night And Eliezer Eliezer was a young boy when the Holocaust began. He saw his family, his friends, and his fellow Jews humiliated and murdered. This autobiography, Night, was written by Eliezer Wiesel. He wrote about what horrors he saw and went through during this dreadful period in time. The first part of the book is when he was very religious and prays with Moshe. When the German soldiers come into their town the townspeople fear them. But this is when he begins to become doubtful. For the rest of the novel, Eliezer starts to question his God. Eliezer Wiesel was twelve when he first met Moshe the Beadle. At this time in his life, he was a big believer in God. He studied the Talmud during ...
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  • Philosophy - 1,114 words
    Philosophy March 7, 1999 Descartes Extreme Philosophy The philosopher/scientist/mathematician Rene Descartes lived in a time of sweeping changes across all realms of knowledge. Descartes himself was responsible for many of these changes, one of which was a strong advancement in philosophy. Descartes Meditations on First Philosophy tackle, among many things, two difficult philosophical issues. The method in which these issues are dealt with, however, tends to be on the extreme side, since Descartes is determined to build upon ideas that are indubitable. Descartes meditations give a great deal to the field of philosophy, but they could have been composed in a more understandable way for people ...
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  • Self Of Damasio And Descartes - 1,005 words
    Self Of Damasio And Descartes 1. Explain Damasios view as to what Descartes error is, and why he thinks Descartes is "in error"? How do Descartes and Damasio differ as to what the"self" is? Damasio and Descartes differ greatly as to what the "self" is all about. They have different answers to the philosophical question of what makes up the self, and determines who a person is. A persons identity is more than just the body they both agree, but have different reasons why. Descartes is also known as " the founder of modern philosophy" he is most known for his cogito argument of "I think therefore I am". He thinks that one cannot doubt their own existence because something must be doing the doub ...
    Related: descartes, modern philosophy, ontological argument, free will, circular
  • The Existence Of God Has Been Questioned Since The Beginning Of Time Religions Thrived On Answering The Unanswerable Question - 1,006 words
    The existence of God has been questioned since the beginning of time. Religions thrived on answering the unanswerable questions of the universe and people were able to find solace in the answers. As science has expanded and been able to answer these questions with natural, as opposed to supernatural answers, many people stopped looking to God and religion for the causes of things and started looking towards science. God was dead, according to many scientists and people of all professions. Many philosophers, however, have different conclusions. In the article, "Science Finds God" (Newsweek 1998) it was recognized that although theologians and scientists differ sharply in their views and do no ...
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  • Was Socrates Wise About God - 1,630 words
    Was Socrates Wise About God? Mary Garofalo Fr. Mohr October 18, 2000 Socratess Wisdom of God In this paper I will attempt to define, for the reader, the true meaning of wisdom and all of its parts. I will try to explain knowledge and the knower versus the known. I will also, attempt to explain exactly how a person comes to be considered wise, as Socrates was. So, in truth, explain the Socratic method. Hopefully, by the time the reader has finished this paper, he/she will have a good grasp on my own opinion of Socrates and also, have a grasp on the definition of wisdom and how it applies to Socrates. I will accomplish theses tasks by using the works of Plato, the Apology, the Crito and the Ph ...
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