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  • Willowgreen School District - 1,762 words
    1. Setting - This story took place in the Willowgreen School District, near a fictional town call Bleke in 1933. Characters - The main character of this story is the author, Max Braithwaite, but addition characters in this chapter are Dave McDougall, Mrs. McDougall, and their children Mary, Heather, Myron, and Charles. Antecedent Action - The antecedent action in this chapter is when Max outlines the events leading up to the moment when he left the train at Bleke. Those events included: borrowing money for Max to finish Normal School, the incessant job searching with the eternal job refusals, also when Max started training in motor mechanics and, finally, when Max received a letter from the ...
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  • Canada Did You Ever Stop And Wonder How Much We Take The Place We Live For Granted If You Were To Take The Time, You Would Di - 708 words
    CANADA Did you ever stop and wonder how much we take the place we live for granted? If you were to take the time, you would discover how diverse are Canada's history, geography, climate, economy, cultures and government. Did you know it is the largest country in the world now that U.S.S.R broke up. Specifically, Canada is 9,922,330 square km. Did you know that Canada used to be named "Kanata"? Yes, Kanata is an Indian word meaning village. It was not until July 1,1867 that Kanata was renamed Canada. Canada was originally discovered by Jacques Cartier an explorer from France who sailed down the St.Lawrence in 1534. Cartier we believe was the first to set foot on Canadian soil. He marked his p ...
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  • Henry James - 238 words
    Henry James Son of the religious philosopher Henry James, Sr., and brother of the psychologist and philosopher William, Henry James was born in New York City, April 15, 1843. His early life was spent in America; on and off he was taken to Europe, especially during the impressionable years from twelve to seventeen. After that he lived in Newport, went briefly to Harvard, and, in 1864, began to contribute both criticism and tales to the magazine. In 1869, and then in 1872-74, he paid visits to Europe and began Roderick Hudsen. Late in 1875 he settled in Paris, where he met Turgenev, Flaubert, and zola, and wrote The American (1877). In December 1876 he moved to London, where two years later he ...
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  • Ohio Senators - 861 words
    Ohio Senators Ohio, as does every other state in the U.S., has two senators. These two senators are Mike DeWine and George V. Voinovich. In the following, I will try to give some background and political information on thses fine gentalmen. Let's first begin with DeWine, shall we? Mike DeWine was born on January 5, 1947 in the town of Springfield, Ohio. He is a graduate of Yellow Springs High School and a college graduate He has also recieved many awards over the years including: Donald Santarelli Award for Public Policy for writing the Child Victims' Bill of Rights, presented by the National Organization of Victim Assistance. National Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Award for leadershi ...
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  • Princess Diana - 1,471 words
    Princess Diana Princess Diana was born The Honorable Diana Frances Spencer on July 1, 1961. She was the third female child to Viscount and Viscountess Althorp. Diana had two older sisters, Sarah and Jane and one younger brother, Charles. Her family was well off and Diana had a privileged childhood. The Spencers made their money as successful sheep traders in the 15th century. With their fortune they built Althorp House in Northamptonshire and acquired a family crest and motto God defend the right (Morton 10). The Spencers occupied various offices of State and Court. When Dianas was born her father was disappointed she was a girl. He was hoping for his third children to finally be a male hei ...
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  • Should Racist Speech Enjoy Protection Under The First Amendment - 1,496 words
    Should Racist Speech Enjoy Protection under the First Amendment Prejudice and racial stereotyping are two of this country's greatest problems today. Many people in our society have tried to find ways to eliminate or at least limit these types of behavior, but have met with very limited, if any, success. Because of the complex nature of racism and racist acts, coupled with the fact the first amendment prohibits the government from limiting the publics' right to free expression and speech, the Federal government has been ineffective in eliminating racist actions that pervade our society. State governments and institutions have attempted to set up their own laws condemning such actions, but hav ...
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  • Sir Frederick Grant Banting 18911941 - 1,415 words
    Sir Frederick Grant Banting (1891-1941) Life Description Sir Frederick Grant Banting was a Canadian physician, physiologist, and Nobel winner in 1923 for the discovery of the hormone insulin, used in treating diabetes. Early Life Banting was born November 14, 1891, on a farm near Alliston, Ontario. The death of his friend made him having the desire to be a doctor. However, his father was a devoutly religious man, and hoped that Frederick would become minister. After he graduated from high school, the conflicts with his parents begun. His parents finally persuaded him to enrol in the liberal art course at Victoria College, Ontario. In 1910, he and his cousin Fred Hipwell began their studies a ...
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  • The North Atlantic Run: The Submarine War And The Allied Response During Ww 2 - 1,368 words
    The North Atlantic Run: The Submarine War And The Allied Response During Ww 2 The North Atlantic Run: The Submarine war and the Allied Response in the Second World War In September 1939, with the beginning of World War II, German U-boat operations got under way against allied forces; the allies responded to the U-boat threat with a number of counter measures. The combined affect of protection of ships by convoys, harassment of U-boats by airplanes, and other anti-submarine warfare measures, reduced the ability of the U-boats to cut Britain off from her suppliers in North America. In order to assess the effectiveness of the allied response, it is first necessary to look at the U-boats. In loo ...
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  • Watergate - 1,264 words
    ... tant John Erlichman, and the president's lawyer John Dean. They were to say that the burglary was part of a CIA operative, vital to national security. On June 23, 1972, President Nixon authorized the cover-up, but the CIA refused to cooperate. So the Nixon administration successfully applied political pressure to delay several trials and investigations of the burglary until early 1973. Nixon ordered his aides to block any information to investigators. Magruder and others destroyed incriminating documents and testified falsely to official investigators. L. Patrick Gray, acting director of the FBI, destroyed documents given to him by Ehrlichman and Dean. Collapse of the Cover-up In January ...
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