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  • Video Games: Why The Gender Bias - 986 words
    Video Games: Why The Gender Bias? This Christmas, like millions of other parents, I bought my two children, a boy and a girl, a popular home video game system. I thought they could share it and when asked if this was OK with them, they replied, "Sure mom, that would be great." So, we planned on installing the little goody onto the TV in the family room, so that both kids would have an equal chance to play. So, "What then?" you may be asking is the problem. The problem arose when we went to shop for games for the system. They werent hard to find. They were in all the local toy stores and Walmart and Kmart too! But, there werent any for girls! I looked high and low and came up empty handed. Wh ...
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  • Anne Rice: A Fascinating Story - 1,576 words
    Anne Rice: A Fascinating Story Because of her fascination with the supernatural, her life in New Orleans, and her daughters death, Anne Rice exhibits powerful and dark emotions in her writings. Anne Rices family life was not always a happy one. Her family was one of the lower middle class, struggling to make it. Katherine, her mother, became stressed over keeping a household and took to drinking. (Ramsland, 41) Annes mom continued this habit throughout her life. I feel that this drinking had a major effect on Annes writing style. Annes books are full of vivid detail. They are written as if they were seen through the eyes of a drunk. Lamz 2 Annes mother continued drinking until the day of her ...
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  • Death Penalty - 1,054 words
    Death Penalty You have heard from the affirmative side and you may disagree or agree with some of their points, but the reality is that their plan will not and cannot succeed in todays society. True, on paper the plan looks very good, but it will not work. Todays present system, with the death penalty is much better off then without it. The negative side, which my partner and I represent, feels that the death penalty should not be abolished and that todays system, which allows states to choose if they want to impose the death penalty, should continue to be used. It is true that innocent people have been executed, but that number is miniscule compared to the amount of true criminals that are ...
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  • Feminist Backlash: The Unconscious - 1,368 words
    ... to the feelings of powerlessness. It is not productive to blame men for these barriers; however, no one is without blame. Many women, however, do not feel helpless. In one of Fox-Genoveses interviews with women, she writes of Maggie, who moved, with her husband, to a ranch in New Mexico. They split the work "traditionally" and Maggie was not enjoying her job. She discussed the situation with her husband who understood her dislike for the monotonous work. She joined him and the other male hands in the fields; she now loved her job. She stated she is not a feminist; that it "has nothing to with her life, and feminists... would not last two days on her ranch." How and when these battles be ...
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  • Flaws In Education - 1,130 words
    ... is a good idea for a child to start learning how to use a computer at an early age, but it is those students in the high schools who would receive the most benefit from having the computers. Older students need to gather information for research papers, write reports, and almost all homework has to be word-processed. While elementary school children are playing games, high school students are being deprived. Children should be given the option to learn at an early age. If a child has a head start on a concept, they will pick up on it quicker, and may not loose it. Most children learn at a faster rate when they are younger. Computers are necessary at the elementary school level because th ...
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  • Gender Inequities In The Classroom - 323 words
    Gender Inequities In The Classroom GENDER INEQUITIES MEDIA REVIEW WEB PAGE REVIEW The material on Gender Inequities that I found is a web page that discusses strategies to reduce or eliminate gender inequities in Science. It is basically a list of tactics discussing techniques on how to help girls overcome their anxieties in science. This web page came from the NCREL Internet site which stands for North Central Regional Educational Laboratory. This Internet site offers easy to find, concise, research-based information on school improvement. The Gender Inequities webpage gives good information on how to make girls feel equal when dealing with Science. This would be a good webpage for teachers ...
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  • Gender Roles - 1,106 words
    Gender Roles I have thought about many different ways to organize this paper and have come to the conclusion that the best way to approach the topic is on a book-by-book basis. My perceptions of the gender biases in these books vary greatly and I did not want to begin altering my views on each so that they would fit into certain contrived connections. What interests me most in these stories is how the authors utilize certain characters within their given environment. Their instincts and reactions are a wonderful window into how the authors perceive these "people" would interact with their surroundings and often are either rewarded or punished by the author through consequences in the plot fo ...
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  • Gender Roles - 1,068 words
    ... tly, as is evident in her writing. This image of perfection can be seen in Cammys description of Patty Ann, "Patty Ann had her special expression again, the kind that made folks say she was the best. That made people not notice the rest of her was just skin and bones. Her face was just perfect..." (Hamilton 93). This image of fragile perfection is what has kept women (especially those of beauty) from being perceived as equal or intelligent. I was surprised to see this image so obviously presented until I realized it was necessary for the character to function properly within the story. However it is still obvious that one of the oldest female stereotypes exists in full force within the c ...
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  • Gender Stereotypes In Advertising - 1,401 words
    Gender Stereotypes In Advertising Gender Stereotypes In Advertising Have you ever thought about the way that you feel after you see a really funny commercial, or a commercial that shocks you to the point where you know your going to think about it for the rest of the day? By simply stating the name of a specific company, is it possible for you to tell me their slogan is the place for the hardware man. Slogans like this are there to keep your attention, whether it be sexually, athletically, or by shock-value. These sexually-charged slogans are not by accident (such as the hardware man). They are put there for the very reason so you will think about them for the rest of the day. The perfect s ...
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  • Koran And Women - 1,834 words
    Koran And Women The Korans Attitude Towards Women The Koran is a book following the religion of the Muslim people. In it, many aspects of their ways of life and their attitudes towards different people are addressed. It mentions the strong feelings of the true believers towards Jews and Christians, however it gives a view of women that is taken two ways. A major part of their religion is the way women should be treated. This idea is a controversial topic as seen from a person that is not a true believer, or a Muslim. Conventional thinking brought out by the media have led non-Muslim people to perceive the treatment of women as suppressive. The Koran shows the reader both sides of the coin, a ...
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  • None Provided - 1,617 words
    None provided It is difficult for a child to grow up without experiencing some form of gender bias or stereotyping. When in school, many of their ideas and beliefs are reinforced by their friends, teachers, and other adults. For example, when teachers ask their students to form two lines, there is usually one line for boys and the other for girls. When children play, they avoid playing with the opposite sex because they prefer the company of their own kind. The result is a self-imposed segregation between boys and girls. Research has been done on this phenomenon. Many sociologists have been trying to explain gender roles and differences. Some say sex differences are biologically determined a ...
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  • Pakistan - 1,129 words
    ... ceed in registering complaints. However, reflecting the institutionalized gender bias that pervades the criminal justice system, women alleging rape are often disbelieved and treated with disrespect, indeed harassed outright, by officials at all levels. They must contend with abusive police, forensic doctors who focus on their virginity status instead of their injuries, untrained prosecutors, skeptical judges Human Rights activists in Pakistan have called for the criminalization of all forms of domestic and familial violence against women and the establishment of clear guidelines for police intervention and protection in such cases. There should also be a repeal of Pakistan's rape law, w ...
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  • Personal Communications - 994 words
    Personal Communications Improving personal communications is very important to today in the fast moving world. The communication process is very important, it is estmated that 80 percent of messages get deport For better results replace You statements with I statements. Say Im concerned...That will bring the person off of the defensive approch. Also discuss things as they happen with out waitng. When you wait things can be losted or forgotten. If you work them out early it will be much easier for you and the other person. Select the right ime and place to discuss something. Like and office away from co-workers or customers or busy phones. So that person has your full attention. Overwhelming ...
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  • Portfolios And Standardized Tests Pros And Cons - 1,158 words
    Portfolios And Standardized Tests - Pros And Cons Portfolios and standardized tests are two types of ways teachers can assess their students. There are many advantages and disadvantages to both assessments. Right now, whether teachers agree with standardized tests or not, all teachers have to give them to their students. Portfolios on the other hand, are not required in a classroom, because it is not a required assessment for all teachers to use. Portfolios are folders that hold students works in any or all subjects that teachers choose to use them for. They hold all different types of work a student creates. It has A work to work that needs more improvement on inside the folders. The studen ...
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  • The Story Of Me - 630 words
    The Story Of Me To continue our familys ethnic/cultural identity, our parents must teach us the core values of our Eastern Asian culture. The most fundamental of these values regard gender roles and datingwhich lead to a gender bias. Children of both sexes are more influenced by the mothers attitudes than fathers because mothers play the primary socializing agents in the Eastern Asian community. I am from a fairly strict Vietnamese family. I was born in a refugee camp in Thailand, but ten days after I was born, we came here to the U.S. So I basically grew up here in the States. Growing up, there was my oldest brother (who is 13 years older than me), me, my younger sister, and my youngest bro ...
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  • Tom Robinsons Trial And To Kill A Mocking Bird - 1,531 words
    ... rassment was a subject too mature for their age. The childrens innocence allows them to see through the artificial barrier of colour and to accept and individual for what they are. Harper Lee uses Atticus and his relationship with his children to integrate the themes of growing up and the law. Atticus raises his children according to his principles. His teachings to his children come back to reward him. For example he explains to his daughter Scout how the Cunningham family is poor but proud enough that they do not accept charity. This stimulates enough questions in her young mind that when the she is at the jail when the Lynch Mob arrives she effectively saves Tom Robinsons life by unne ...
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