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  • Kei Urano - 1,405 words
    Kei Urano 9/16/99 Critical Essay #1 During the first four weeks of our class, we have been reading and discussing numerous essays on the study of culture. Each theorist we have read has questions and problems about the study of culture. They have suggested us solutions to the problems as well. I have decided to closely analyze the essays from Richard Johnson, James Clifford, and Clifford Geertz. In his essay, What is Cultural Studies Anyway? Richard Johnson goes into detail describing critique. Critique involves stealing away the more useful elements and rejecting the rest.(pg. 575). By comparison, Johnson defines cultural studies as a process of finding useful knowledge about different anal ...
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  • Modernization - 1,602 words
    Modernization Modernization can be interpreted as growth of a nation in all areas (i.e. social, economic, political), for example, the aim is development of national forms of polity, the objects of which are to increase the social product with fair shares for all. Successful models now include Japan and the Soviet Union (Apter 1965, Preface). Although this definition is outdated, as the inclusion of the Soviet Union (no longer in existence and with serious economic and social problems persisting in Russia) and Japan (also currently in a recession along with most of Asia) illustrates, the ideal of modernization is clear. Another approach to the term modernization is not to take it as an ideal ...
    Related: modernization, east asia, industrialized nations, oxford university, asia
  • Structures Of Resisitance - 1,325 words
    Structures Of Resisitance The nature of interaction between traditional agrarian society and the modern world has remained a controversial debate amongst anthropologists, sociologists and political theorists. It remains contentious as to whether the dominance of modern values over traditional is desirable; whether the arrival of the market and modern commerce betters or worsens the conditions of rural society and its relationship with the metropol; whether such change is received with apprehension or optimism by the members of rural society. Joel Migdal, for example, puts forth certain arguments proposing the concept of culture contactthat exposure and contact are the causes of change. Migda ...
    Related: structures, long term goals, term goals, social relations, absence
  • The Computer Underground - 4,409 words
    The Computer Underground THE BAUDY WORLD OF THE BYTE BANDIT: A POSTMODERNIST INTERPRETATION OF THE COMPUTER UNDERGROUND Gordon Meyer and Jim Thomas Department of Sociology Northern Illinois University DeKalb, IL 60115 (5 March, 1990) An earlier version of this paper was presented at the American Society of Criminology annual meetings, Reno (November 9, 1989). Authors are listed in alphabetical order. Address correspondence to Jim Thomas. We are indebted to the numerous anonymous computer underground participants who provided information. Special acknowledgement goes to Hatchet Molly, Jedi, The Mentor, Knight Lightning, and Taran King. ABSTRACT The criminalization of "deviant acts" transforms ...
    Related: computer crime, computer hacking, computer system, computer systems, computer technology, computer world, underground
  • The Raid - 512 words
    The Raid The Raid The way I approached dissecting Clifford Geertzs The Raid was by reading it carefully over a few times while taking notes on the side. The first time I read the piece, I was very confused because of Geertzs choice of word. He often used the singular word he to make reference to the people of Bali as a whole. I was not wary of this the first time I read and was totally lost. Another element of the reading that I thought made the reading more difficult was Geertzs usage of references that was unknown to me. A few times in the reading he borrowed terms and ideas from his contemporaries such as Gregory Bateson and Margaret Mead. I have never read the work of these people and ...
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