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  • Ap European History - 495 words
    AP European History Expansion Essay December 5, 2000 Fifteenth Century Expansion and Exploration The move by European nations and empires beginning in the fifteenth centuries had many precursors leading up to it. The expansion was mostly the result of a quest for wealth however. New technology and new knowledge of the earth and ways to navigate it were a great assistant to mariners, and thus gave the success for riches a higher probability for success. Those reasons were only further enabled by the goal of spreading Christianity. Wealth has arguably been the motive behind most of man's efforts throughout time. European exploration is certainly no exception. The riches of Asian and Indian goo ...
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  • Colombia - 1,207 words
    Colombia La situacion de los derechos humanos en Colombia es, sin duda, la peor de America Latina. Las ejecuciones extra-judiciales, la tortura, las desapariciones, las violaciones contra ninos e indigenas han alcanzado en los ultimos anos en proporsiones epidemicas. Voy a hablar de los derechos humanos en respecto al conversaciones del presidente con las guerrillas, la libertad de expresion y de prensa y el Plan Colombia. Colombia es una democracia constitucional multipartidista en la cual los partidos liberales y conservadores han dominado la escena politica durante un largo tiempo. Los ciudadanos colombianos eligieron en 1998 al presidente Andres Pastrana del partido conservador y un cogr ...
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  • European Exploration And Expansion - 721 words
    European Exploration and Expansion The five European powers comprised of Portugal, Spain, England, France, and the United Providences had early projects of expansion. The Vikings in ninth and tenth century moved as bands of merchant pirates looting trade ships and discouraging trade on the seas. Because of threats from people like the Vikings, early trade was discouraged. However, the Crusades from eleventh to thirteenth century resurrected the desire to trade and explore. The systematic infiltration of the Middle East during the Crusades led countries to experience the joys of expansion. From fourteen-fifty to sixteen-fifty there was a new project of expansion. Instead of the Mediterranean ...
    Related: expansion, exploration, king henry, aztec empire, labor
  • History Of Portugal - 655 words
    History of Portugal History of Portugal Under King Emanuel, Portuguese power reached its height. From 1497 to 1499 Vasco da Gama made the first voyage to India following the route discovered by Dias, and inaugurated a lucrative trade in spices and other luxuries between Europe and South Asia. Led by Afonso de Albuquerque, the Portuguese occupied Goa, India, in 1510, Malacca (now Melaka, Malaysia) in 1511, the Moluccas (in present-day Indonesia) in 1512-14, and Hormuz Island in the Persian Gulf in 1515. During the same period they opened up trade with China and established relations with Ethiopia. As other Portuguese kings had done, Emanuel dreamed of uniting Portugal and Spain under his rule ...
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  • Internet - 1,833 words
    Internet Emanuel HALAPCIUC Ruxandra ICA Internet-ul si (r)evolutia comunicatiilor Fac. Management, anul II, gr.126 Cuprins:  Internetul aparitie, scurt istoric  E-business, afacerea sec. 21  Nevoia de viteza si noile tehnologii de comunicatie  Mobilitate maxima: cu Internetul la plimbare  Tendinte pentru viitorul apropiat  Bibliografie Acum 4 decenii se lansa cu mare pompa primul satelit de comunicatii, Echo 1. La acea vreme, evenimentul capta atentia intregii lumi. Azi, lansarea unui satelit e ceva banal. Anul trecut, IRIDIUM (reteaua globala de telefonie mobila) declara ca mai are de lansat doar citiva sateliti, pentru a fi operationala in o ...
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  • Machiavelli - 3,021 words
    ... eferring to the notorious but often also highly misunderstood cynical character of Machiavelli's analysis, I want to concentrate in the means, not in the legitimacy of the polities, or in the question of whether their goal is genesis, restoration, defence, or destruction of a polity's existence and liberty. The means, namely, ultimately reveal many relevant features of a polity's character: whether its power is built upon legitimacy and liberty, or upon coercion and terror. Those admirers of Machiavelli, who read his works in a selective way, or out of their historical context, tend to overemphasise the cynical character in the thinking of Machiavelli, who wanted to appear a worthy advis ...
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  • Maltratogeneral - 488 words
    Maltrato(General) Yo voy a empezar explicando sobre el tema del maltrato a nios y adolecentes. Hay muchos actos violentos cometidos en el hogar entre miembros de una familia. En la dcada de 1970 las feministas analizaron el alcance de la violencia intrafamiliar (considerada como un fenmeno exclusivamente masculino) y se crearon centros de acogida y de ayuda para las mujeres maltratadas y para sus hijos. El trmino maltrato infantil abarca una amplia gama de acciones que causan dao fsico, emocional o mental en nios de cualquier edad. Sin embargo, el tipo de maltrato infligido vara con la edad del nio. Los malos tratos en bebs y nios en edad preescolar suelen producir fracturas, quemaduras y he ...
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  • Martin Luther - 1,334 words
    Martin Luther The Reformation began in October 1517 when Martin Luther wrote his 95 theses. Luther was a well-educated son of a miner who earns the right as a middle class by working hard. Luther became a monk and while sitting in the tower outhouse he was inspired by Romans 1:17 The just shall live by faith alone. This encourages him to challenge the church by using this as his thesis for Luthers theology. In 1521 he was excommunicated but he became a national hero because even though his opinions were not new they gave people new hope. One of the first items he did was to say that the Roman Catholic Church was being an Italian church exploiting the Germans. Since Germany was eager to get r ...
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  • Renaissance Music - 1,306 words
    Renaissance Music The Renaissance was a period by which modern scholars consider as that between 1350 1600. Abundant in this new age was inventions and individualistic beliefs. Changes in music and cultural behavior were some of the most evident development from its predecessor of the Middle ages. Period of new inventions, belief, musical styles of freedom, and individuality. It was a period of exploration and adventure from 1492-1519, which saw the likes of Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, and Ferdinand Magellan. This was a drastic difference from the Middle Ages where the church held most of the power. The power was slowly transferring to the artist, musician, and people of high societ ...
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  • Terrorism And The International Court Of Justice - 2,676 words
    ... appropriate to impose sanctions upon the Taliban for the surrender of Osama Bin Laden to the proper authorities. At present, Bin Laden controls a comprehensive international terrorist network, all financed through Bin Laden's personal fortune. His headquarters are located in Afghanistan, and are protected by numerous Taliban soldiers. While tensions between Bin Laden and Taliban members have become strained since August 1998, he nonetheless has remained free from capture to this point. However, Security Council Resolution 1267 does indeed call for Afghanistan to turn him over to the proper international authorities. Bin Laden is officially a man without a country, as Saudi Arabia pulled ...
    Related: counter terrorism, court system, global terrorism, international community, international convention, international court, international court of justice
  • The Impact Of Infectious Disease In The New World - 1,185 words
    ... period was a long 10-14 days and because of this unsuspecting traders carried the virus all over the New World. "In general, the epidemics moved from east to west, loosely following the extent of European-American Indian contact:" (4) This was compounded by the high population densities of large Inca and Aztec cities and a more sedentary lifestyle for the Indians. By the time Pizarro and his conquistadors reached Peru in the 1520's, the Incas had already suffered from the ravages of smallpox. The epidemic left their leader dead with no clear successors which caused political unrest and the civilization was split into two easily defeated armies. One Spanish contemporary wrote at the time ...
    Related: infectious, infectious disease, old world, skeletal remains, penguin group
  • The Reasons Underlying European Expansion And Exploration - 1,240 words
    The Reasons Underlying European Expansion and Exploration The Reasons Underlying European Expansion and Exploration It remains unclear why humanity chose a relatively spontaneous moment to matriculate from the sheltered semicircle of Mediterranean lands, to expand to the farthest reaches of the earth, with an inchoate disregard for personal welfare. However, pretentious man feels the need to speculate and impart drivelous reason, vain though it be: What were the causes of European expansion? An anonymous author proffers this model conjecture, "Western Europes outward expansion in the 15th and 16th centuries was caused primarily by the unique brand of centralized governments which developed i ...
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  • The Threat Of Islamic Terrorism - 1,253 words
    ... ht place, at the right time. Another recent trend in terrorism is suicide bombing. Suicide bombings have emerged as a tactic used particularly by radical Islamic terrorists. Even though Islam prohibits suicide, these suicide bombers believe that death in a holy struggle assures them a faithful place in heaven; thus, by committing this act of war, they feel they are guaranteed to go to heaven. This method of terrorism is almost impossible to defend against, that is why the terrorists must be prevented, not deterred. Many radical Islamic terrorist organizations have developed in recent years, but the biggest organizations are the Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Al-Gama'a ai-Islamiyyah, and the Hizba ...
    Related: counter terrorism, global terrorism, international terrorism, islamic, islamic jihad, islamic state, terrorism
  • Trabajo Practico De Estudos - 2,804 words
    Trabajo Practico De Estudos Trabajo practico de Estudos Socciales Tema Brasil Introduccin Brasil, repblica de Sudamrica que constituye el pas ms grande del subcontinente, pues ocupa casi la mitad de su superficie. Est limitada al norte por Venezuela, Guyana, Surinam, Guayana Francesa y el ocano Atlntico; al este por el ocano Atlntico; al sur por Uruguay; al oeste por Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia y Per y al noroeste por Colombia. La repblica tiene frontera comn con todos los pases de Sudamrica excepto Chile y Ecuador. Brasil es el quinto pas ms grande del mundo (despus de Rusia, China, Canad y Estados Unidos). La superficie total de Brasil es de 8.547.403 km2, su distancia mxima de norte a su ...
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  • You Are The Owner Of A Large Ship You Sail Around The World And Trade Goods With Other Countries A French Investor Has Agreed - 1,702 words
    You are the owner of a large ship. You sail around the world and trade goods with other countries. A French investor has agreed to pay for your next trip if you can bring back a profit and, hopefully, goods that he can sell to local merchants. If for any reason you do not return with a profit, he has the right to back out of the deal, and you'll be stuck paying for everything. Before you sail from your homeport in Lisbon, Portugal, you will need to make several important decisions about how to prepare for your journey and what route to take. If you succeed, you will be extremely wealthy and will cement your reputation as a spice trader, ensuring that more rich investors come your way. But if ...
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