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  • Combinatorial Chemistry - 784 words
    Combinatorial Chemistry And New Drugs The body fights disease by generating antibodies that bind to invading organisms. The body can make different antibodies by shuffling and reshuffling their constituent parts, but it can't make a special antibody each time it is faced with a new pathogen. So it uses only the antibodies that will work best and makes more of them. In the past few years, chemists have begun to follow this method to develop new drugs. Instead of looking for signs of a desired activity and then making modifications to the structure, they generate a large number of related compounds and then screen the collection for the ones that could have medicinal value in a process called ...
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  • It Technology - 2,318 words
    It Technology 1.0 INTRODUCTION A quote from a PC World magazine on "The Digital Future" said, "in the future, people will live twice as long, computers will die twice as fast" 1. As computer technology continues to accelerate at an unprecedented rate, information technology (IT) equipment waste is becoming an increasingly significant portion of the solid waste stream. Information Technology equipment waste is receiving increased attention for the following reasons: Rapid advances in technology result in IT equipment becoming obsolete at an increasingly rapid pace. This is resulting in an increase in the rate and quantity of IT equipment entering the waste stream; A piece of IT equipment wa ...
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  • It Technology - 2,321 words
    ... because it is in a soluble form (primarily lead oxide) that can leach 15, while the lead contained in the glass funnel and in the faceplate is in an insoluble form. Cadmium Cadmium is present in certain components, including chip resistors, infrared detectors, semiconductors, older CRTs and is sometimes present in plastics as a stabilizer. Cadmium represents approximately 0.009% of a PC by weight 16. Based on the total number of disposed PC's in Canada in 2000, this translates to 2.0 tons of cadmium. Based on the prediction that 47,821 tones of PCs and monitors will be disposed in 2005 and assuming that the average composition of this equipment will not change significantly by that year, ...
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  • Nyse - 760 words
    Nyse The NYSE was first housed at a rented room at 40 Wall Street in 1817. A 5-story building at 10 Broad Street opened in 1865.It was enlarged and remodeled during the 1870s and 1880s, then was demolished in 1901 to make way for the current building.The new Exchange building at 18 Broad Street opened in 1903.Styled in the classical-revival manner popular at the time, it was designed by George B. Post, a well-known architect and engineer.The sculptor John Quincy Adams Ward designed the pediment.The eleven figures in the pediment are emblems of American commerce and industry.The central figure symbolizes integrity, bordered by figures representing sources of wealth. Other figures personify ag ...
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  • The Technology Of Plasma Display Panels, Or Pdps, Is A Very New One The - 1,258 words
    The technology of Plasma display Panels, or PDPs, is a very new one. The release of these flat paneled televisions began around 1996. There isnt yet a company who has come out with a display panel with the contrast and/or color quality of the regular CRT displays. PDPs are hoped to obtain this quality through more advanced research, to allow them to lower prices and have them hang on the walls of all homes. This would eliminate the need for TV stands and the extremely heavy, large screen CRT TVs, thus also cutting down on shipping charges for mail order. PDPs have a somewhat similar function to that of the CRT with the process of exciting Phosphors, to glow and produce an image. Plasma Displ ...
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