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  • Appraising Gods Property - 1,016 words
    Appraising God's Property Young women face so many challenges in their lifetime, and the book Audios, Barbie displays several of the trials and tribulations that each individual young lady might encounter. The bulk of the stories deal with body image and self-identity, and I chose to focus on a particular story titled, "Appraising God's Property", by Keesa Schreane. She works out in her essay a backward situation of being part of the "in" crowd or the "out" crowd. To emphasize a problem in this area I also located an article to contrast and compare to Keesa's essay, which was written by Fiona Stewart, of Deakin University, concerning the "Implications of Reputation for Young Women's Sexual H ...
    Related: appraising, body image, young people, high school, bulk
  • Brigadoon - 1,095 words
    Brigadoon I recently attended the play, Brigadoon by loewe and lerner, at my local college theater. Through all of the plays mystical events and songs, I noticed some very important details. I chose to compare the ideas in the play to some specific ideas held by a group of people in Italy. The mounted their ideas together to form a period in our history called the Renaissance. This was the first thing that came to my mind when I was thinking about my comparison. A play acts as its own time period as it resembles a mere image of real life. A play could relate to almost any person, place, or thing. The first comparison I would like to talk about deals with themes. The Renaissance period is oft ...
    Related: domestic life, great artists, black death, deeply, fiona
  • English Architecture During Medeival Times - 1,103 words
    English Architecture During Medeival Times English Architecture During Medieval Times Corey Frentress English IV November 15, 200 Architecture is the practice of building design and the technology applied in constructing a building. Medieval or, English architecture is very appealing in the variety of castles and cathedrals throughout England. Each structure has its own feature and aspects in reflecting the Gothic style of architecture. English architecture is based on the Gothic principal of architecture that has designed the vast castles and cathedrals from early to the late Gothic structures. The most popular form of architecture in England, early Gothic style is referred to as the Bay De ...
    Related: architecture, gothic architecture, medieval times, free will, medieval period
  • Exploring The Novel Sula By Toni Morrison - 1,550 words
    Exploring The Novel Sula By Toni Morrison A Strong Woman is Outcast Melody Carter Women in 20th Cen. Lit. Prof. Fiona Paton Paper 2- Nov 10, 2000 In the novel Sula, by Toni Morrison we follow the life of Sula Peace through out her childhood in the twenties until her death in 1941. The novel surrounds the black community in Medallion, specifically the bottom. By reading the story of Sulas life, and the life of the community in the bottom, Morrison shows us the important ways in which families and communities can shape a childs identity. Sula not only portrays the way children are shaped, but also the way that a community receives an adult who challenges the very environment that molded them. ...
    Related: exploring, morrison, sula, sula peace, toni, toni morrison
  • Giver By Lois Lowry - 878 words
    Giver By Lois Lowry The Giver is a fiction novel about a boy named Jonas and his life in a perfect world of "Sameness". In this world there were no colors, feelings, or choices. In this world everything was decided by the Commitee of Elders and took place in a ceremonious way. There was the Matching of Spouses and the Naming and Placement of new children. There was also a ceremony of Nines where all the Nines received their bikes and the Ceremony of Twelves where they received their life long occupations. In the beginning of the story, Jonas was a normal boy who was nervous about the upcoming Ceremony of Twelves. He was anxious to find out what job he would be performing for the rest of his ...
    Related: giver, lois, lowry, the giver, assistant director
  • Macbeth - 514 words
    MacBeth Macbeth Historical MacBeth compared to Shakespeare's MacBeth Although most of Shakespeare's play " MacBeth " is not historically accurate, MacBeth's life is the subject of the tragedy. There are characters and events that are based on true events and real persons but, Shakespeare's "MacBeth " differs significantly from history's MacBeth. The first example of a difference between the Shakespeare "MacBeth" and historical MacBeth is the death of Duncan I. In Shakespeare's " MacBeth ", Duncan I was murdered by MacBeth. A prophecy said to MacBeth by one of the three witches "All hail, MacBeth, that shalt be King hereafter1 ." was what prompted Gruoch, MacBeth's wife to plot the murder of ...
    Related: macbeth, historical facts, king james, real life, regard
  • Soap Operas - 1,112 words
    Soap Operas What forms of pleasure can be found in viewing the continuous serial on TV? The continuous serial is more commonly known as the soap opera, and is peculiar in that each episode cannot be watched and understood on its own; the viewer must watch the episodes before and after to understand what is happening. According to Brown the soap opera has 8 typical characteristics (see appendix 1). Television is becoming an increasingly important part of society. We have more televisions in our homes, and on those televisions there are more soap operas for the viewing public e.g. EastEnders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Neighbours, Home and Away, Brookside, London Bridge, and HollyOaks. Indi ...
    Related: soap, soap operas, london bridge, best actress, ordinary
  • Thorn Birds - 1,413 words
    Thorn Birds The novel, The Thorn Birds, is a very well written story about a family living in a poorer section of New Zealand whose livelihood is shearing sheep. The money for the family depends almost solely on the sheep. In the family, there is Padraic Cleary (Paddy), the father of the clan. He is a likable man who commands respect from his children and from those who know him. His wife, Fiona Cleary (Fee), is a woman with a past who loves her children, respects her husband but is living in a world that she did not want, but accepted it as her only possible way of life. Then there are Fee and Paddy's children, Frank, Meghann (Meggie), Hughie, Jack, Stuart (Stu), Bob, and the twins, Jims an ...
    Related: second world, new south wales, south wales, cane, desert
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