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  • Atrocity And The American People - 818 words
    Atrocity And The American People An atrocity is defined as "An act of cruelty and violence inflicted by an enemy-armed force upon civilians or prisoners." Some believe this war in Kosovo is about politics. However, upon examination of the specifics of this conflict it is apparent that this is about religion. People must then decide whom, if anyone is committing these atrocities. Should the United States be involved in the dispute, and is it truly in the best interest of the American people? In the area once covered by the country of Yugoslavia, there has been a series of struggles for independence during the 1990's. These confrontations started in 1990 in Slovenia, 1991 in Croatia, and 1992 ...
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  • Kosovo: Was An Intervention Needed - 1,633 words
    Kosovo: Was An Intervention Needed? Was an Intervention Needed? If you asked somebody about Kosova three years ago, they would hardly even know where it is. They would maybe respond with an attitude that Kosova should be somewhere in Asia or Africa. Today, however, people in all continents have at least some information about the conflict. The year 1999 brought Kosova conflict to the television screens all over the world. Daily images of fleeing refugees or the ones of the NATO air raids could be heartbreaking for everyone who had prejudices about the sides of the conflict, or for a person living far away from the region and knowing nothing about it. To correctly approach the causes and effe ...
    Related: intervention, military intervention, secretary general, ethnic cleansing, institutions
  • Nato - 1,317 words
    ... e to Western Europe. NATO members tried to keep a positive perspective, but several events caused a sense of dissatisfaction of its worth by the end of the sixties. To begin the decade off the USSR officially blockaded their side of Berlin by erecting the wall. At first the Berlin Wall consisted only of barbed wire, but people were escaping to East Germany, so an actual concrete wall was constructed with all the bells and whistles, like checkpoints with armed guards and minefields. The people of East Germany were prisoners in their own country and were not allowed to contact or visit family. In addition, the withdrawal of France, one of the founding members, in 1966 by President Charles ...
    Related: nato, warsaw pact, czech republic, western europe, korea
  • The Conflict In The Former Portuguese Southeast Asian Colony Of East Timor, Illegally Invaded And Annexed By Indonesia In Sep - 911 words
    The conflict in the former Portuguese Southeast Asian colony of East Timor, illegally invaded and annexed by Indonesia in September 1975, continues to fester away. Indonesia's suppression of legitimate East Timorese aspirations for respect of their human rights, including the right of self-determination, has been a cause for continued international tensions. The death toll in East Timor is approximately 250,000. The size of the death toll, combined with Indonesian policies that seem to be explicitly aimed at lowering and diluting the Timorese population have led to accusations stating that this is intentional genocide by the Indonesian regime. The Indonesian military has established an inten ...
    Related: asian, colony, east timor, illegally, indonesia, invaded, portuguese
  • The Nationstate Is An Outmoded Concept Discuss - 1,539 words
    The Nation-State Is An Outmoded Concept. Discuss. So deeply ingrained is the tendency to funnel society into the mold prepared for it by the nation-state that we cannot conceive of societies except as thoroughly congruent with the state, as if the teleology of all social entities were the state. (Said 1994: 350) This truism constitutes a succinct expression of the pre-eminence of the nation-state in global societal organisations. The world is largely divided up into these unitary, enclosed identities whose legitimacy is derived the nation or the people as the sole source of sovereignty. Obviously, the degree to which the state can claim such legitimacy varies a great deal, but at the very le ...
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