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  • Apec - 1,566 words
    Apec The question is Can the Canadian government maintain its committment to globisation without comprimising its stand on human rights and why or why not? The answer is no. Canada's committment to globalization comprimises it's stands on human rights for different reasons. The main reason being APEC. The following paper will ague just that and how Apec is causing many problems in societies all over the world. APEC is a grouping of 18 economies which aims to impose a free trade zone in the Asia-Pacific region. Despite the rhetoric, there is nothing free about free trade. It is the forced changing of rules to benefit corporations at the expense of people, governments and the environment. As J ...
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  • Decline Of The American Empire - 2,367 words
    ... for the absentee superpower. This could be the opportunity for middle powers, such as Europe and China, to exercise their own military muscle, and in the process garner international credibility. The United States has further proven its failure to embrace multilateralism, most recently when it chose not to ascend to the World Trade Organisation (whose goal it is to liberalise trade). It has also receded from its previous intentions of brining Chile into the North American Free Trade Association, as well as other international agreementsvii. Not only do these moves deny American businesses new economic opportunities, they also threaten to sour relations between the United States and its a ...
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  • General Macarthur And The Emperor - 846 words
    General Macarthur And The Emperor General MacArthur and the Emperor "If ever a picture was worth a thousand words, it was the image of General MacArthur and Emperor Hirohito standing side by side during their historic first meeting on September 27, 1945. In it, a casually dressed MacArthur towers over the stiff, formally attired Emperor. What does it say? asks historian Carol Gluck. It says, I'm MacArthur, Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers, and I'm in charge. For millions of Japanese, it brought home in an entirely new way the notion that they had lost the war." General MacArthur and Emperor Hirohito were considered to be two of the most enigmatic figures of the 20th century. The ambigu ...
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  • Role Of The Emperor In Meiji Japan - 1,946 words
    Role of The Emperor in Meiji Japan Japan is a society whose culture is steeped in the traditions and symbols of the past: Mt. Fuji, the tea ceremony, and the sacred objects of nature revered in Shintoism. Two of the most important traditions and symbols in Japan; the Emperor and Confucianism have endured through Shogunates, restorations of imperial rule, and up to present day. The leaders of the Meiji Restoration used these traditions to gain control over Japan and further their goals of modernization. The Meiji leaders used the symbolism of the Emperor to add legitimacy to their government, by claiming that they were ruling under the "Imperial Will." They also used Confucianism to maintain ...
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  • Us Is On Its Way - 646 words
    U.S Is On It's Way U.S Is On It's Way The Asian financial crisis serves as a timely reminder of a fact too often overlooked: Merchant banking is the leading edge of shareholder activism. Indeed, one of the chief traits shared by hard-hit Pacific Rim economies is a decided lack of such activism. As a result, their companies are less prepared than they might be for global competition. To one degree or another, much the same holds true in other markets abroad. U.S. companies, in contrast, have seen their competitive ability markedly strengthened by shareholder activism. And much credit goes to merchant banking--that is, private investors managing their own capital. True investor activism as pra ...
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