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  • Afriancan Americans Role Of Television - 1,114 words
    Afriancan American's Role Of Television The roles African Americans play on television are not satisfactory. Though the roles have changed during the development of television, the current relationship is not representative of true African American people or their lifestyles. The question is how do the past roles African Americans play in television sitcoms compare to the current roles? How does this affect society's perception of the African American in American culture? Throughout the history of television the roles and the representation of African Americans has developed with the changing cultural conditions. However, the representation of African American's has not fully simulated into ...
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  • Frederick Douglass - 663 words
    Frederick Douglass Frederick Douglass was a famous African American orator and author of the 19th century. He was born as a slave and became one of the most important figures of the abolitionist movement. Frederick Douglass believed that slavery was the great sin and shame of America, a country that he truly loved. Douglass was most famous for his fiery speeches addressed to white Americans and free black men, but was also an author of magazine and newspaper articles, books, and essays. He was also the editor of two periodicals. Frederick Douglass was basically self-educated. After learning that his learning to read and write was so strongly protested by his master, he started to believe tha ...
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  • Great Depression - 569 words
    Great Depression Cut wages, growing unemployment, poverty, and suffering were unforgettable experiences during the Great Depression of the thirties. Many people learned to face these hard times with the help of famous sports figures. They gave hope and to many people pride in what they stood for to them. One of these great sports figures who helped Americans was boxer Joe Louis. In 1936 he fought the world champion Max Schmeling and had his first lose. Max Schmeling was a German boxer and the Nazis equated his victory over Joe Louis as a Nazi superiority over American democracy. Once again the two boxers, Joe Louis and Max Schmeling, fought in 1938 and this time Joe Louis won in the first ro ...
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  • Paul The Great - 862 words
    Paul The Great Paul the Great The exhibit I viewed was a very interesting exhibit. It had lots of great information about Robeson and his accomplishments. When I walked in the museum I saw that there were other exhibits. They were interesting also. Paul Robeson was a famous African-American athlete, singer, actor, and advocate for the civil rights of people around the world. He was perhaps the best known and most widely respected black American of the 1930s and 1940s. As a young man, Robeson was virile, charismatic, eloquent, and powerful. He learned to speak more than 20 languages in order to break down the barriers of race and ignorance throughout the world, and yet, as pointed out in the ...
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  • What Would You Do If The Constitution Said You Were Just As Good As Everyone Else But Some People Still Acted As If You Were - 780 words
    What would you do if the Constitution said you were just as good as everyone else but some people still acted as if you were something they had just scraped off their shoe? This sort of thing happens to millions of people on a regular basis. Americans of African, Asian, or Mexican descent are all subject to this kind of treatment. Caucasians are as well, but it is not as publicly notarized as the aforementioned. Most of these feelings towards another of a different skin color are deeply rooted in our minds from previous generations. Many, many years ago, African-Americans were used as slaves. The slave owners treated them badly. The owners own children then grew up with the same ideals and p ...
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