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  • The Haunting Effects Of Stanley Kubricks Eyes Wide Shut Can Be Identified As Creating Curiosity, Fear And Anxiety In The View - 1,260 words
    The haunting effects of Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut can be identified as creating curiosity, fear and anxiety in the viewer. They can be understood as painting a mosaic of symbolism in the viewer's eye, and as depositing fragments of concepts inside his mind. The film's slow pace seems to open wide gaps between the joints of the story's framework, causing the viewer to lose his secure sense of balance during the progression of the plot. Eyes Wide Shut is not a tale of terror nor one of mystery or of love; it is not a documentary about a married couple nor a psychological drama. It pretends to be all of these, and in so doing explores the filmic medium and secures the effects of its own ...
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  • The Haunting Effects Of Stanley Kubricks Eyes Wide Shut Can Be Identified As Creating Curiosity, Fear And Anxiety In The View - 1,261 words
    ... forting: he threatens to accuse the two men to the police and he is enraged with his daughter. However, in later scenes, Bill returns to the shop and sees the two transvestites closing a deal with Milich, who has evidently prostituted his daughter. The purpose of this subplot is to focus on Bill's confrontation with the ambiguousness with which such a resolution was reached. In other words, Milich's hidden transformation from being angered to being pleased by the situation points to Bill's ignorance of the rules of the game. Inside the House, Bill finds himself amidst a superbly choreographed and orchestrated orgy. He enters a room filled with people in black cloaks and extravagant masks ...
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  • Disneys Effect On Society And Culture - 708 words
    Disney's Effect On Society And Culture Team Rodent For nearly seven decades Corporate Disney has dazzled its audiences; generation after generation have been entertained through avenues ranging from movies to elaborate theme parks. While many find this massive establishment to be a significant part of American culture and welcome the Disney spirit with open arms, one man in particular looks past the hype and into his own theory of the Disney Corporation. Carl Hiaasen, a journalist for the Miami Herald, paints a witty and sarcastic portrait in this nonfiction account of a company. Hiaasen critizises the company for manifesting evil, enveloping perfection to a sickening extent, and who's sole ...
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  • Kubrick Lives - 1,144 words
    Kubrick Lives Kubrick Lives The theory of authorship as applied to film directors is a subject that is argued extensively throughout the film world. The auteur theory was first introduced in the French film journal Cahiers du Cinema. Andrew Sarris who suggested that there are a group of filmmakers who fit into this category brought the theory to America. It states that in order for a director to be considered an auteur, there must be a consistency of style and theme across a number of films. Very few contemporary filmmakers fit into this category. One filmmaker, however, expanded his filmography over four and a half decades, and created a consistent theme and style. That director was Stanley ...
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