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  • Child Development: Amazing Power Of Baby Love And A Year To Cheer - 1,382 words
    Child Development: Amazing Power Of Baby Love And A Year To Cheer The articles The Amazing Power of Baby Love and A Year to Cheer (written by Dr. Stanley Greenspan and Emily Abedon, respectively) advocate intense coexistence between the child and the caregiver. These articles (taken from parenting magazine) are, in essence, guidelines to be used by the parents or caregiver to ensure proper development of their child up to the second year. The article also educates the reader that every child develops at their own pace, and there is no exact time table that one can easily look at to see how well their child is doing. Either way the two articles overly support deep mutual interaction between b ...
    Related: amazing, first year, stage theory, everyday use, intelligence
  • Greek Grave Steles - 1,742 words
    Greek Grave Steles To us who live in modern times the melancholic look that we find in the sculpture of cemeteries throughout the world is something we take for granted. Although its authenticity has been lost to us, this so-called look can be traced back to 5th century Greek funerary sculpture. For us it is only natural to associate such a look with death. However, as the above verse elaborates, the Greeks viewed death somewhat differently from the way we do. To them death freed their souls and brought true happiness: then why does their grave sculpture look so pensive and thoughtful? It is because unlike today where the dead are only represented figuratively in a sobbing angel or mournful ...
    Related: grave, greek, greek art, greek sculpture, archaic period
  • Review Of A Child In Time By Ian Mcewan - 529 words
    Review Of A Child In Time By Ian Mcewan Although most remembered for his earlier work, The Cement Garden, McEwan's more recent work of fiction, A Child In Time, offers a very different perspective into the theme of childhood - this time an adult's understanding of a juvenile world. The novel has been highly critically acclaimed since its first publication, and despite its disjointed prose style and at times ambiguous thread of McEwan's plot, it consistently proves a popular literary work nearly five years later. The book offers insight into one man's progress through the stages of grief, as he mourns the loss of his only child, an eight-year old named Kate. As the protagonist, Stephen seeks ...
    Related: different perspective, dysfunctional family, family life, newer, stephen
  • The Garden Of Love - 1,322 words
    The Garden Of Love The Garden of Love is, quite obviously, a poem about life and the pursuit of happiness. It is also about the effects that negativity can have on love. Blake uses religion to convey the idea that negativity pervades and corrupts all life(51 n.9), further supporting it with his use of rhyme scheme and imagery. In searching for love people often times emerge scarred and hostile from their fruitless efforts. Some continue to have faith in the idea of love and its possibilities, others do not. These folk sometimes seek refuge from their pain in a variety of houses. It is just as often that these refugees project their negative attitudes onto others that search for love and happ ...
    Related: garden, rhyme scheme, poor people, natural environment, searching
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