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  • My American Journey - 1,947 words
    My American Journey Book Report on Colin Powells My American Journey Introduction Retired General Colin Powell is the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He spent a career in the United States Army lasting 35 years. He retired at the rank of four star general. He started his military education and career at the City College of New York in 1954. He was the son of Luther and Arie Powell of New York, born on the 5th of April 1937. His parents were meager people and he lived in a rented apartment until the age of 4 when he moved to the South Bronx where he finished his lower education and received his high school diploma. Upon graduating high school he applied to two universities, New ...
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  • Causes Of The American Revolution - 1,484 words
    Causes Of The American Revolution CHAPTER 2, Q1: What are the decisive events and arguments that produced the American Revolution? It was the best of times, it was the worst of times (Charles Dickens). This best describes the Americas in the 1700s. The settlers went through the best of times from obtaining religious freedom, to becoming prosperous merchants, and finally to establishing a more democratic government. However, it was the worst of times in the sense that the settlers in the Americas were taken advantage of my their mother country, England. The hatred of being under anothers control was one of the main reasons that led to the American Revolution. In the 1600s, England began to co ...
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  • Nato - 1,317 words
    ... e to Western Europe. NATO members tried to keep a positive perspective, but several events caused a sense of dissatisfaction of its worth by the end of the sixties. To begin the decade off the USSR officially blockaded their side of Berlin by erecting the wall. At first the Berlin Wall consisted only of barbed wire, but people were escaping to East Germany, so an actual concrete wall was constructed with all the bells and whistles, like checkpoints with armed guards and minefields. The people of East Germany were prisoners in their own country and were not allowed to contact or visit family. In addition, the withdrawal of France, one of the founding members, in 1966 by President Charles ...
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  • Politics And Panama Canal - 1,028 words
    Politics And Panama Canal During the Spanish-American War the warship Oregon was summoned from the West Coast. The trip took two months to travel 14,000 miles around Cape Horn to the Atlantic. (The American Journey 741) How was the United States supposed to defend it shores if it took ships that long to get between them? The United State had to build a canal through Central America; national security depended on it. The Politics of the Panama Canal are confusing. This confusion includes the building, the economics and the operation of this facility. The canal, began in 1881 and finished in 1914(Dolan 55), has caused one country to fail, another to triumph, and another to gain its independenc ...
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  • The Iroquois And The Us Constitution - 1,011 words
    ... le at the end of the American Revolution. However, the consequent peace was to create even more devastation then the war had done. Land was taken indiscriminately from former allies such as the Onedas and Tuscaroras, as well as from the tribes that had supported the British. It is interesting that the ideas of the Iroquois confederacy serve as examples both far the democratic societies as well as for the communist both of the world's major ideology seem to attempting to recapture, through theories and various institution, the spirit of the Iroquois confederacy. America tries to gain liberty through political institutions, while the communist countries are trying to accomplish their goal ...
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