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  • Dolphins Talking - 1,134 words
    ... nguistic communications are, by definition, intentional. Dolphins have been observed to have some of these intentional communication characteristics, as their behaviors have shown in captivity. For example, dolphins have been observed to squirt or splash water at strangers who come near their tank. After squirting the water the dolphin will raise itself out of the water to curiously observe what effect their behavior had on the stranger. Although this behavior is not communitive, nonetheless, it seems to suggest that the dolphin is aware of the effect of its behavior on others, showing that it has the cognitive ability for intentional communication (Erickson, 1993). Communication between ...
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  • Effect Of Sleep On Memory - 724 words
    Effect Of Sleep On Memory Effect of Sleep on Memory This article is from The Journal of Experimental Psychology, and was written on an experiment performed by psychologist Bruce R. Ekstrand, from the University of Colorado. He experimented on the effects that sleep has on one's memory, after learning a particular bit of knowledge, in this case a certain list of twelve three-letter words. There were several different ways Ekstrand went about discovering whether sleep would facilitate memory or not. Out of the entire group of people who he experimented on, some of them were given nothing but a simple list to memorize, some were given a pro-active interfering list, and some were given a retroac ...
    Related: different ways, experimental psychology, inhibition, discovering
  • Gender Differences In Visual And Tactile Line Bisection - 1,124 words
    ... in subjects on different conditions (VA, VB, TA, TB), as well as between subjects (mean line bisection error and gender differences). The independent variables are thus, position and type of stimulus (VA, VB, TA, TB), and gender (male, female). The dependent variable is mean line bisection error. Each subject bisected 12 radial lines presented along the midsagittal plane. The visual and tactile above and below eye level stimuli were presented 30cm from the participants (following most other studies in this area, Geldmacher et al., 1994, Jeerakathil et al., 1994, Kageyama et al., 1994). The tactile stimuli were presented with the subject's eyes closed. Each task was preluded by the resear ...
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  • History Of Psychology - 1,737 words
    History of Psychology History of Psychology Academics have always been interested in how the mind works and indeed psychology has existed in one form or another for many years, but other subjects, especially philosophy, have often overshadowed it. Often it was seen as not scientific and philosophical in the sense that there seemed to be no concrete answers within the subject. Now it is one of the most popular subjects to study and has a firm place within the sciences. It is interesting to consider how this formulation of psychology as a science arose and how this new psychology and the old psychology have been merged together. The aim of this essay is to consider Wundt and James's involvemen ...
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  • Levels Of Processing And Memory 1 - 1,200 words
    Levels of Processing and Memory 1 Abstract: Craik and Lockhart (1972) developed a theory in which they discussed the levels of processing. The theory states, the more a word is processed, due to its meaning, the better the word is retained. In our experiment we presented subjects with a yes or no question pertaining to the meaning of a word or the appearance of a word and then measured their reaction time. Subjects were then asked to recall as many words that they could remember, results showed that there was a significant difference in reaction times and the number of words that were recalled. Introduction: According to Dewey Rundus (1971) the more an item is rehearsed, the higher the proba ...
    Related: processing, short-term memory, verbal behavior, college students, stimulus
  • Mary Whiton Calkins - 1,247 words
    Mary Whiton Calkins INTRODUCTION Mary Whiton Calkins, is best known for two things: becoming the first woman president of The American Psychological Association and being denied her doctorate from Harvard. However, these two aspects only make up a small portion of what she accomplished in her life. Her entire life was dedicated to her work, especially the development of her Psychology of selves. She founded an early psychology laboratory and invented the paired-associate technique. She passionately dove into the new field of Psychology but also was highly active in the field of Philosophy. She was not deterred by being a woman and used her struggles to gain a voice to speak out against women ...
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  • Massed Practice And Dictributive Practice - 1,680 words
    Massed Practice And Dictributive Practice Running head: MASSED PRACTICE AND DICTRIBUTIVE PRACTICE The Effects of Massed Practice and Distributive Practice on Motor Skill Task. Evelyn Delgado Queens College/ City University of New York Abstract Over a century scientist have wonder if massed practice conditions are superior to distributive practice conditions or visa versa. According to a mete-analytic review scientists have researched this very phenomenon and have concluded that distributive practices conditions are superior to those of massed practice conditions in a variety of situations. These results are supported by Maureen Bergondys experiment on team practice schedules as well as Willi ...
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  • Next Of Kin - 1,446 words
    Next Of Kin The next of kin a documentation of mind matter and love. This book was very inspirational it gives you a whole new outlook on the experience and the feelings of animals. Trying to relate with how much Roger Fouts has accomplished in his life is unbearable he has had so many experiences that have been recorded in this book. It was the type of book that was hard to put down from the beginning. In the next few pages I will discuss parts of the book that really moved me and left an impression on me. There are so many great parts it was hard to pick just a few to look into. I read this book in the first few weeks of school and re-read in the last two weeks, also I have bought a copy f ...
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  • Perceptual Illusions - 1,260 words
    Perceptual Illusions Many of us take our vision for granted. We seem to accurately use our properties of vision with little effort or thinking at all. At times we often see things with our eyes and wonder how can this be possible? Physicist Richard Feyman once wrote, "It's quite wonderful that we can see or figure it out so easily. Someone who's standing at my left can see somebody who's standing at my right - that is the light can be going this way across or that way across, or this way up, or that way down; it's a complete network. Some quantity is shaking about, in a combination of motions so elaborate and complicated the net result is to produce an influence which makes me see you, compl ...
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  • Proposed Study To Determine The Effects Of Heat On Immediate Recall Of Videotaped Lecture In College Students, Age 18 25 - 1,776 words
    Proposed Study To Determine The Effects Of Heat On Immediate Recall Of Videotaped Lecture In College Students, Age 18 - 25 Proposed Study to Determine the Effects of Heat on Immediate Recall of Videotaped Lecture in College Students, Age 18 - 25 Dana Serrata The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College PSYC 3301.01 December 3, 1996 Dr. D. Freeberg Proposed Study to Determine the Effects of Heat on Immediate Recall of Videotaped Lecture in College Students, Age 18 - 25 Researchers have studied many aspects of temperature effects on human perception and cognition. Thermal stress, in the form of extreme heat, has been studied by examining the human response under this envi ...
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  • Rulers And Reaction Times - 1,369 words
    Rulers And Reaction Times Rulers and Reaction Times Abstract The reaction time of ten subjects was measured. The subjects were asked to catch a ruler ten times under five different conditions. The first condition measured the subject's simple reaction time. Each further condition added an additional stimulus and the reaction times were measured. There was a clear increase in reaction time with the addition of further stimulus, however the expected result of a steady increase in response time with the addition of each condition did not occur. The third condition displayed the highest response time where as the final condition displayed the second lowest (after condition 1). Assuming that no d ...
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  • Running Head: Duration Of Icon - 1,833 words
    Running head: DURATION OF ICON How Much Information Will an Individual Store in His or Her Iconic Memory? Evelyn Delgado Queens College/ CUNY How much information will an individual store in his or her iconic memory? In a given time, individuals are able to perceive more information than they can verbally encode. This is the process by which a visual stimulus is transformed to neurons to enable the brain to store information in the immediate memory. The rate of transfer is how fast an individual can encode something in a given time, which is stored in the immediate or short-term memory. It is stated that visual input can be stored in some medium, that later will be recalled. When the duratio ...
    Related: duration, icon, running head, standard deviation, experimental psychology
  • Short Time Recall As A Function Of Type Of Stimulus And Length Of Delay Interval - 1,687 words
    Short Time Recall As A Function Of Type Of Stimulus And Length Of Delay Interval Abstract We were interested in examining patterns of short-term information recall. We used the Brown-Peterson distractor technique to investigate the effects of stimuli type and delay interval on recall for 17 Ss. Each S was tested under 4 conditions, combined of word triads or nonsense syllables triads, with a short (10-sec) or long (45-Sec) delay interval. S read aloud the visually presented stimulus items, and aurally recalled them after the delay interval, in which S was engaged in counting backwards in threes from a presented 3-digit number. Measures were taken only for recall proportion. Results suggest a ...
    Related: delay, interval, length, recall, short term, stimulus
  • The History Of Psychology - 352 words
    The History Of Psychology The History of psychology Roots of modern psychology remain in the past at the time of ancient Greece, yet the beginning of psychology has been around for nearly a century. Its exact date is 1879, in Leipzig, Germany. Leipzig was the first laboratory for experimental psychology. Wilhelm Wundt was really the first person to actually call himself a psychologist. He was the first person to have an experimental laboratory for psychology. Hermann Von Helmholtz was psychologist in mathematics and experimental mathematical physics. His works are connected with the eye, the ear, and the nervous system. Another person was a German as well, his name was Gustav Fechner, he stu ...
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  • Violence: Does It Have An Effect - 1,835 words
    Violence: Does It Have An Effect? Watching violence in movies increases the risk of some people's acting aggressively. Many people have problems linking media violence with violence in real-life. Only small percentages that watch violence are responsible for violent acts. Most people unaffected by it. Even though doctors, lawyers, juries, and judges cannot establish a direct link between media violence with violence in society, they still can make conclusions from data. Media violence is one thing that causes people to do violence. Since media violence is much more vicious than that which children normally experience, real-life aggression appears bland by comparison. Children do not always r ...
    Related: sexual assault, private ryan, television violence, brad, defendant
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